How Many Calories Does Planking Burn? All You Need To Know

Strengthening the core is a vital aspect of any workout program. We all know that very few people get excited about planking, but those who cherish this exercise boast of a good-looking, strong and solid core.

How many calories does planking burn seems to be a hard question to many people and it is not easy to find the answer. They forget that this exercise helps strengthen the whole body – it builds your shoulders, strengthens the lower back and makes your core pop.

What’s even more exciting is that you do not need any fancy equipment, and you can increase the intensity by increasing your stance and supporting yourself with your arms instead of your elbows and forearms.

How Many Calories Does a Plank Burn?

For many people, the aim of performing the plank exercise is not to burn calories but rather strengthen the lower abdomen muscles. Doing exercises that engage more body muscles will significantly increase your calorie burn, and the plank exercise is one of them.

It is highly unlikely that someone would hold this position for a time long enough to get a huge calorie burn.

All the same, the number of calories you can burn by planking depends upon your body weight and the length of time you stick in the plank position.

So how many calories does a 60 second plank burn? Typically, an individual weighing 150 pounds will burn 3 calories a minute holding in the plank position.

How Will You Benefit From Doing The Plank Exercise?

There are several reasons why fitness trainers cite planking as one of the best way to maintain optimal body fitness. The posture is simple, functional and yet practical. You can perform this exercise just about anywhere. Better yet, variety abounds.

Whether you perform it on your palms, forearms, or on your side, the plank is just among the best exercises for core conditioning and it helps tone your midsection and enhance overall movement, just to mention but a few. Here is what you get from doing the plank exercise:

Planking Safely Strengthens Your Core

Planking alone will not give you the much coveted six pack, but when paired with total body strength exercises, cardio and a quality diet, planks help you develop definition in your midsection.

Planks train your inner core muscles, thus laying a foundation for developing stronger and more defined abs. For individuals with existing back pain or disc issues, planks are much safer than crunches since they do not require flexion of the spine.

Strengthening the core is a vital aspect of any workout program. We all know that very few people get excited about planking, but those who cherish this exercise boast of a good-looking, strong and solid core. This can be done either on a mat, or using advanced techniques by balancing on a vibration plate.

Better Body Movement and Coordination

The plank position, and all its variations, train the body to utilize the abdominal muscles for stabilization – which is what they are meant to do. When you swim, run, cycle or hike, the strong abs you have developed from abs mean that you are more efficient overall.

This implies that your legs and arms don’t have to do all the work, meaning you can last longer and resist injuries that arise from the overuse of one muscle group.

Planks train the body muscles to work as a unit, whereas plank variations, like the one-legged version, hones balance.

Better Posture

Plank exercises create a functional midsection because they work your entire core, from the shoulder girdle to the pelvic girdle. When the muscles in the midsection trunk are strong, you will naturally stand straighter.

Good body posture implies that you are maintaining proper alignment of your bones, facilitating breathing and boosting nervous system function. Besides, good posture lengthens you out so that you appear taller and thinner, even without dropping an ounce on the scale.

How Can I Increase My Plank Time?

The longer you can hold the plank, the more resilient your lower back becomes to injury, and the better your abs will look.

Here are tips to follow for longer plank times:


Perform planks several times every day and strive to maintain the position a bit longer with every attempt. With time, you’ll realize that you endurance to perform planks has grown immensely.

Perform Body-Weight Exercises:

Pull-ups and push-ups will greatly increase your core strength and as a result, you’ll hold on the plank position for a longer time.

Deadlift and squat:

Individuals who are strong in these particular lifts find it easy to hold on the plank position, so be sure to include them in your gym schedule.

In Conclusion

Overall, your body weight and the amount of time spent in the plank position determine how many calories you’ll burn in a minute. Besides strengthening your core, here is what plank exercises do for you: improve your posture, help power the body during any activity and reduce stress on the joints. Moreover, to help in building endurance and muscle strength, pre-workout supplements are great addition to every fitness enthusiast. They enhance workout focus and performance - also preventing early fatigue. Check out some best pre-workout supplements.

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