How Long Does It Take To Walk A Mile – You Have The Best Answers Now!

Are you contemplating about walking a mile, but are not sure how fast you should go? It's hard to estimate the standard times in completing a walk of that distance; depending on the amount of training, your mindset and speed during the adventure, walk times can significantly vary.

That is why we are here to assist you: in this piece, we shall answer common queries on "how long does it take to walk a mile?", as well as offer guidance on how to go about preparations for the walk. In addition to improving, you will also get motivated to realize your personal best for future walks. Let’s get started!

How Long Does It Take To Walk A Mile

How Many Minutes Should I Take To Walk a Mile?

How Long Does It Take To Walk A Mile

There is no specific amount of time in which you should walk a mile. From professional athletes to novice walkers, one mile walk times can differ among individuals. Besides, it also depends on the difficulty of the course (i.e. flat surface, hills, uneven ground, etc.).

With that said; some of the quickest athletes can walk a mile under seven minutes while others might take their sweet time and walk in thirteen, sometimes even twenty minutes.

How Long Does It Take To Walk A Mile

However, this disparity does not imply that one’s a better walker than the other; numerous aspects such as the training intensity and setting objectives influence athletes when it comes to preparing for and competing in the event. If your objective is to better your speed, though, you will need to train harder!

How Hard Should I Train?

How Long Does It Take To Walk A Mile

Depending on where your walking ability is at the moment, as well as the target time you want to meet for the upcoming walk, your training intensity will differ significantly.

Whether you are a seasoned athlete or a beginner, here are some training tips that you should take into account when preparing for a walk, small or big:

Proper Equipment

Before commencing your training, you will need to have a pair of solid walking shoes for practice. Be sure to confirm that they are the right size and support your heels well to prevent induced injuries from occurring while training.

Besides having a solid pair of walking shoes, it is equally important that you have a sports watch since you can use it to time yourself, calculate your heart rate, and even record splits.

Types of Workouts

How Long Does It Take To Walk A Mile

While it’s perfect for endurance, walking several miles daily and at the same pace will not help you better your walking time, if that is your objective. Instead, you will need to spice up your workouts with a mixture of pacing and slow distance.

With slow distance workouts, walk at a comfortable pace with which you can easily carry on a conversation. Pace yourself appropriately, know when to slow down and speed up at particular distance marks.


How Long Does It Take To Walk A Mile

Ask yourself how many times you’d like to train per week, and adhere to that. If you are a novice who wants to improve for the one-mile walk, then more practice is the way to go.

Then again, this does not mean that professional, faster walkers do not need to train just as much as their beginner counterparts; aiming to prepare as much as you can without getting burnt out is hugely rewarding when it comes to achieving a good finish time for the walk.

Take Breaks, Cross train

How Long Does It Take To Walk A Mile

While performing intense workouts on a daily basis will no doubt result in changes in your mind and body, it is crucial to know when to take a break from the workouts to allow the body to recuperate and prevent any exercise-induced injuries from happening before the walk. Allocate one or two days of rest between every exercise session.

In the meantime, keep your body active by doing cross training workouts such as doing yoga or lifting weights. These activities will keep your muscles on while also not exerting too much stress on walking.

How Fast Should I Go During The Walk?

How Long Does It Take To Walk A Mile

Similar to the interval training, you have a fast pace during the walk, but also strive to maintain a solid pace throughout as well. Divide your walk into three sections; the first and last should be your quicker times while your second is slower, so as to conserve energy for the finish line.

While pacing yourself might not work as intended because of the walking conditions and your competitors’ conditions, doing your best to make it work will go a long way in helping you get one mile walk time close to what you desire.

Conclusion (Take Away Message)

How Long Does It Take To Walk A Mile

Overall, it greatly depends on your walking ability and other walking aspects that’ll determine how long and fast your one mile walk times will be. However, here is a reiteration of elements that will affect your walking time:

  • How much you have trained beforehand
  • The quality of your racing flats and walking shoes
  • The consistency of your pace.

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Amazing article! Thank you so much. It takes me around 8-9 minutes to run a mile on regular terrain. But that’s really different when it comes to hiking. Hiking that one mile takes me around 13-15 minutes, depending. I actually have an article about it that you can check out plus all the benefits of walking a mile a day.


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