How Long Do Cannabis Edibles Stay in Your System?

The legalization of Marijuana is still quite a controversial topic. In spite of the fact that many countries have weed permission, people still run many drug tests for THC. The question is how long do cannabis edibles stay in your system?

Well, there is no specific answer for that, it depends on many factors, like your metabolism and the regularity of your consumption. It’s good for you to know that there is no difference between ingesting or inhaling cannabis because THC goes to your body anyway and stays there for a while. If you want to estimate the approximate result, you need to ask yourself how often you take cannabis edibles. There are three stages of consumption of THC.

On average, the THC content in urine lasts for:

  • 7 days for the occasional consumption,
  • 10-18 days  for regular consumption,
  • 30-67 days for extreme consumption.

If you are one of the regular users, you should probably think of fake urine kits in case you get tested pretty soon. THC is metabolized in a different period of time for every person. The quality and quantity of weed are significant for the length of time the substance is remaining in your body. 

Urine drug tests are undoubtedly the most popular ones but not the only ones. There are also different types of testing which are able to detect THC with different time interval than the urine method. 

Blood Tests

Blood tests can detect the presence of weed in a short amount of time. It usually stays in your bloodstream for maximum a week. If you are a social smoker or you barely consume edibles, you may need just 2 to 3 days to flush THC out from your blood. This is why this method becomes less and less popular. 

Hair tests

The hair test is pretty exact because THC can be detected from just a single hair sample, taken 1.5 inches from the scalp. This makes the method really accurate. On the other hand, hair testing is rarely used due to the ability for contamination because of the high possibility of any contact with THC. Imagine being around someone who smoked or talked with someone with THC on them. For this small reason, you can test positive for cannabis.  

Salvia test

It’s quick and easy and, used commonly in a big corporation or as a roadside car driver testing. Weed can be detected in your body after an hour from the consumption and usually, it stays detectable for another 24h. If you are a heavy smoker, you can get tested positive even after 3 days from the usage. 

Where Exactly Does the Cannabis Stay in my system?

There is a different road THC goes through your body depending on if you inhale it or you eat it. Smoked cannabis gets first to your lungs where THC gets absorbed and transferred into the bloodstream. From there, the substance reaches the brain and the nerves which give you the feeling of being high. After that, THC goes back to the blood and from there it goes mainly to the fat cells. Edible cannabis goes into a different direction. Firstly it gets digested in your stomach, then it goes to the blood, then to the brain and finally it ends up in the same place - fat cells. The difference between smoked high and edibles high is the time you need to get affected. Because of a long process of digesting, edibles need more time to make you feel the effect but they stay much longer than smoked marijuana.

Smoked Cannabis VS Edibles

Lots of people consider edible cannabis healthier than the smoked one mostly because there is no affection on the lungs. Eaten weed has no tar, nether tobacco and carcinogens. Another advantage is that when in many places smoking is prohibited, you can easily take edibles. Some people do not tolerate smoking, so edibles seem to be the best alternative for them. 

How to Get Rid of THC from My System?

If you are afraid of having some leftovers in your body and want to get rid of it faster, there are some ways to speed up the process. First things you have to do is to drink a lot of water. It is essential that you stay hydrated in general but in the case of the weed flushing, water is a great detoxication. It also keeps your urine clear. 

Another step is your diet. As I mentioned before, THC stays in the fat cells, so it is essential for you not to eat any fast food or sugar bombs that will definitely lower your metabolism. You should eat a lot of food rich in fibre and antioxidants - fruits and vegetable should become your best friends. Drink a lot of lemonade - electrolytes have the superpower of detoxicating your body faster. 

Last but not least - workout! If THC lives in your fat cells. Cario burns the fat which realises THC metabolites into your bloodstream. From there, the substance needs just a couple of days to be totally flushed out of your body. Remember to work out your body but also to rest it. Good sleep is the best natural recovery for the whole organism. 

The Bottom Line

If you are one of the regular consumers of edibles, you can be detected up to even 3 months after the last use. The length of time THC is detectable varies according to the several factors. If you are about to get tested any time soon, I can highly recommend not touching any edibles for several weeks and drink lots of water. The second suggestion is to look for some detoxicating drinks and synthetic urine. 

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