How Does Cannabis Affect Your Sexual Life?

Sex, drugs, and rock'n'roll… While rock'n'roll does not evoke a lot of concerns, many people wonder whether sex and drugs are a good mixture. Cannabis is the only drug legal in many countries; therefore, we will talk about it today.

Due to the fact that the governments of many countries do not create the most favourable circumstances for leading enough research regarding cannabis, the majority of data is based on questionnaires and surveys, says

What Do People Say About It?

The direct correlation between cannabis consumption and the quality of one's orgasm is not defined; however, it is known that marijuana frequently helps combat anxiety and relieve stress. 

For instance, many doctors prescribe medical marijuana for those who suffer from long-lasting depressions, eating disorders, or stress. One of the most common reasons for sex dissatisfaction in males and females are stress and depression.

Indeed, one feels less arousal of sexual desire while being stressed, anxious, and haunted by negative thoughts. If, in many cases, marijuana helps to ditch these issues, it will also help to achieve more satisfaction during sex.

Secondly, medical marijuana is also prescribed as an alternative to traditional pain-relieving medications. Due to its ability to activate the brain's reward system, the substance indeed can reduce pain level.

For instance, a 2015 research conducted by Kevin P. Hill MD, proved the fact that marijuana relieves chronic pain, neuropathic pain, and spasticity. According to the studies, many patients can benefit from the usage of cannabis.

When it comes to sex, another common reason for the lack of orgasm and arousal is the pain caused during or after it. Indeed, especially for women, but also for men, the onset of sexual life can be very hurting.

The unpleasant feeling might be caused both by physical or psychological reasons. However, if cannabis helps to relieve the pain caused by intercourse, it will make it more pleasant and satisfying for both partners. 

Thirdly, in spite of the fact that the effect of marijuana on different people is not the same, most of those who consumed it claim that it helps them relax. The inability to relax at the moment of interaction is the third reason for the lack of satisfaction during it.

Indeed, in the anonymous surveys, many people report that they suffer from so-called 'sexual-anxiety' or the inability to relax during intercourse. Marijuana could help get rid of this issue and make one's sexual life brighter.

In Theory But Not In Practice Yet

Our organisms release their own version of cannabinoids, the elements marijuana consists of. They are called endocannabinoids. The areas of the brain that are responsible for reproductive function, sexual arousal, and pleasure have a numerous amount of the receptors that are sensitive to these compounds.

But what will happen when apart from the natural cannabinoids we add marijuana? Many studies suggest that being a vasodilator, and opening blood vessels, cannabis also improves one's level of orgasm and sexual performance.

The studies using fMRI have shown that the areas of the human brain responsible for sex are even more activated after the consumption of marijuana. However, these studies haven't given a precise answer regarding one's libido and sexual arousal.

Therefore, more research needs to be conducted in order to give a precise answer to the question and make the suggestion become proven facts. However, the topic of the usage of marijuana in medicine becomes more and more popular, and the number of research is growing.

Hopefully, in the nearest future, people will have a clear answer to all their questions regarding this substance. 

What About The Negative Effects?

The conclusions of the research regarding marijuana and sexual performance are different. Some people report having low testosterone and estrogen levels caused by cannabis abuse. Indeed, the lack of these hormones in the human organism drastically lowers the level of sexual arousal in men and women. 

Many people also say that frequent consumption of marijuana creates difficulties when it comes to achieving an orgasm. The problems with ejaculation can also be found in the surveys of those who overuse cannabis.

As in the list of positive effects of marijuana on sexual life, the drawbacks of it also need in-depth investigation and research. For the time being, there is not enough data regarding this issue.

What You Should Always Remember

Every person is different, and your organism may react in a different way to a certain substance than the one of the people you know. Due to the fact that home-remedies might harm your health, never try to use them without a doctor's recommendation,

Use the proven methods commonly practiced by medicine, while the research regarding the other ones is still being conducted. Never put your health at stake.

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