5 Hidden Benefits of Delta 9 THC Edibles You Never Knew

You might think pot brownies were humanity’s first foray into edibles, but people have been infusing cannabis into food since 1000 BC. So next time you eat a delta 9 THC-infused cookie, gummy, or chocolate, know that you’re carrying on a tradition stretching back over a millennium. 

Today delta 9 THC edibles are more mainstream than ever and one of the unique cannabis consumption methods. Among their advantages, edibles protect your lungs from harsh smoke and offer a tasty alternative with long-lasting effects. Here we discuss five edibles benefits you might not know that will keep you coming back for more. 

Safe and discreet

Cannabis offers many potential health benefits, but smoking anything can take a toll on your lungs. Since there’s no smoking or carcinogens involved with edibles, they’re safe for your respiratory health. 

Edibles also leave no trace of cannabis as far as smell or taste, an added benefit if you’re looking for a discreet way to consume it without others catching your drift. This is particularly important if you live in a smoke-free environment. Additionally, edibles look nothing like the plant itself. So you can chow down on fruit strips, candies, and chocolate bars, where it’s not obvious to the people around you. 

Longer-lasting effects

Eating cannabis delivers longer-lasting effects than the old-fashioned inhalation method because your body processes it differently. When you smoke cannabis, your body absorbs the THC directly through the bloodstream via your lungs. It then goes to your brain and quickly circulates throughout the rest of your body. You typically feel the effects within minutes and the entire experience lasts one to three hours. 

On the other hand, when you eat a delta 9 THC-infused edible, your body metabolizes it through your liver and digestive tract before it enters your bloodstream. Processing the THC out of the system takes time, resulting in a longer-lasting experience. Edibles typically kick in within 30 to 60 minutes, and the effects last six to eight hours. That said, onset and duration are different for everyone. Edibles can take hours to kick in if you just ate a huge meal beforehand. And in extreme cases, the effects can last for 24 hours!

The longer-lasting effects of edibles are especially beneficial if you take cannabis to help manage pain or anxiety, and why medical patients anecdotally seek out edibles for muscle and joint relief. 

Additionally, studies show cannabis can help you sleep better, and the THC in edibles is known to have a more drowsy, soothing effect on the brain than smoking or vaping, leaving you more relaxed. Because the effects last throughout the night, taking edibles before bed can help ensure you get a full night of rest. 

Consistent dosing

Whether you consume cannabis for medical or personal reasons, getting the correct dose of THC is crucial. But it can be challenging to estimate how much THC will get into your bloodstream through vaping or smoking–especially if you’re less experienced. Edibles dosages are much clearer when you buy them from a licensed dispensary because the label will tell you precisely how many milligrams they contain. Knowing each gummy in a package has 2.5, 5, or 10 mg of THC makes it easier to experiment and dial in on the dosage that works for you. 

Delicious, diverse, and sometimes legal. 

Did I mention delta 9 THC edibles are delicious? You’re probably familiar with baking marijuana into brownies. But THC edibles are so much more diverse than baked goods. You can add delta 9 THC to various fan favorites like pizza, granola, butter, syrups, and candies. The most significant benefit is that you no longer need to live in a weed-friendly state to access mouthwatering delta 9 edibles. Edibles made from hemp-derived delta 9, like Sweetlife’s Delta 9 Taffys online collection, are legally available across the country. 

Stronger high

Edibles are notoriously more potent than joints and vapes because of what happens to THC after your body digests it. When you eat infused goods, the THC travels to your stomach, where the liver processes it. Your liver then converts THC into a stronger form, producing a metabolic byproduct called 11-hydroxy-THC–five times more psychoactive than delta 9 THC. Your body also produces 11-hydroxy-THC from smoking–but significantly less than oral administration. Once the 11-hydroxy-THC works its magic, you’ll notice an intense body and mental high with soothing and euphoric effects that far exceed smoking. 

Edibles are a fantastic alternative to smoking for enjoying the effects of Delta 9 THC. They are discreet, so you can take and use them virtually anywhere without the lingering “I just smoked” smell. Edibles’ effects also differ from smoking and vaping, lasting longer and giving you a more robust mental and physical high. Whether you want to relax and sleep longer or just laugh a little harder while Netflix surfing, delta 9 THC edibles offer a delicious route to your final destination.

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