Hanging Ab Straps: A One-of-a-Kind Tool to Get Ripped Abs

Getting rid of stubborn fat around your belly is one of the biggest challenges. While women despise a separate flab of fat hanging from the lower abdominal in a tight fitted dress, men always desire a herculean core. Overall, well-sculpted abs are the definition of insane core strength and premium physique.

Excessive belly fat compromises your physical appeal and causes a great risk to your health. AARP warns that people with higher belly fat are more likely to be susceptible to diabetes, heart disease, stroke, and some types of cancers.

This belly fat can result from unhealthy eating, genetics, or inflammation; however, getting rid of these fat deposits can be a daunting task. To get rid of it, you must follow a good diet and make work out the focal point of your life.

Isolating your abdominal and oblique muscles with utmost consistency and dedication should be your foremost priority. While most bodyweight exercises are suitable for burning belly fat, practicing them alone might take forever to show desired results. Likewise, adding ab straps to your routine would aggravate the intensity of your workout and yield quicker results.

If you want to sculpt your core muscles and get a faster six-pack, ab straps can become your ultimate saviour. Since this is a lightweight and portable piece of equipment, you can easily use them within the comfort of your home. There is no need to invest in expensive fitness gear to tone your core. These affordable hanging ab straps work exceptionally well to attain your fitness goals.

Here are some amazing abdominal workouts to try at home:

Exercises for Abdominal Workout

1. Hanging Leg Raises

How to Do it?

  • This is a hanging ab straps workout, so your first step would be to tie up the ab straps to an anchor point.
  • Use a higher platform for step and secure your arms with the ab strap.
  • Let your legs hang towards the floor. Make sure to keep your core squeezed in towards your spine and upper body tight.
  • Contracting your lower abdominal muscles, lift your legs towards your chest and shoulders.
  • Pause for a second, then descend them back to the hanging position.
  • Repeat for the desired number of reps.

Hanging Leg Raises Tips:

  • Make sure not to shrug your shoulders.
  • Keep your legs straight and together while lifting them to enhance the intensity.

2. Bicycle Crunches

How to Do it?

  • Lie flat on the ground keeping your face up, legs straight, with your feet on the floor.
  • You should slightly raise your head and shoulders off the ground.
  • Place both of your hands behind your head but do not interlock your fingers.
  • Engage your core with a neutral spine and pelvis 
  • Keep your chin tucked throughout the movement.
  • Raise the knees upward. Your shins should be parallel to the floor.
  • Engage your abs and curl the right side of your upper body off the floor to move your right elbow towards your left knee.
  • Pause for a second at the end of the movement, squeezing your abs and sides.
  •  The left side of your upper body must remain stagnant with your right leg straight.
  • Rotate the left side of your upper body to move your left elbow toward your right knee while simultaneously bringing the right side of your upper body and left leg back toward the floor.
  • Repeat the desired number of reps.

Tips on Bicycle Crunch 

3. Hanging Trunk Rotations

How to Do it?

  • Use the hanging straps for abs for this exercise. Step on a higher platform to insert your arm in the arm strap.
  • Let your legs dangle towards the floor.
  • Ensure to keep your legs firm, straight, and together. Then circle them around to your right, ceiling, left, and floor.
  • One circle is equal to one rep. Complete the desired number of reps.

Hanging Trunk Rotations Tips

  • Make sure your body does not swing unnecessarily.
  • If you feel any strain or pain in your back, stop immediately.

4. Crossbody Mountain Climbers

How to Do it?

  • Take a stance of a high plank position with your entire body in one straight line.
  • Your hands should be slightly wider than shoulder-width apart.
  • Your core should remain tight and engaged throughout the exercise.
  • Now bring your one knee forward and touch it to the opposite side.
  • Take it back and at the same time bring the other knee forward to touch the opposite side.

Crossbody Climber Tips

  • Be mindful of keeping your body in a straight line throughout the exercise.
  • Your hips should not be bouncing, and your back should be in a straight line.
  • Remember to breathe throughout the exercise.

5. Side Plank

How to Do it?

You can choose to use a mat for this exercise

  • Begin by lying on your back, one hand on the ground and one on top of the other.
  • You can also rest your hand on your elbow if you wish.
  • Keep your hips lifted until you are straight.
  • For as long as you can, keep this position. You should feel this exercise in your abdominals and obliques. 
  • Do the same on the other side.

  Side Plank Tips

  •  Don’t let your midsection slide. Keep your spine straight.
  •  To ensure that your technique is tight, do the side plank in front of the mirror!
  •  Hold the plank for at least one minute. For greater intensity, hold the plank longer.

6. Sit-Ups

How to Do it?

  • Place your hands on your chest and place your head in a relaxed, supine position.
  • Inhale, squeeze your abs, and lift your upper body off the floor.
  • Gradually recede to the starting position once your torso has been perpendicular to it.
  • Completion of the number of repetitions required.

Sit up Tips

  • To improve your mind-muscle connection, exhale as if you are blowing out candles.
  • You can choose to do more anti-extension or anti-rotation movements if your lower back is bothering you.
  • Refrain from placing your hands behind your head, as this can cause strain to the neck.

7. High Plank to Push-up

How to Do it?

  • Begin with a stance of getting down on all fours in a forearm plank. This is a standard plank position with your elbows dropped to the mat.
  • Brace your core to keep your hips as stationary as possible. Push your body up onto one hand, placing it where your elbow just was.
  • Push up onto your other hand. You should be at the top of a push-up with your legs extended and engaged behind you. Squeeze your buttocks for stability.
  • Lower your body back down to your elbows, one arm at a time.
  • Repeat with alternating arms. Change which arm is leading to ensure equal work on both sides.

Tips on Plank to Push Up

  • Keeping your back straight does the trick for you in this exercise.
  • Control is the key that opens the way to muscle size and strength.
  • Do not try to go beyond your limits; maintain your posture, and that’s all.

8. V-sit Holds

How to Do it?

  • Contract your abs and core slowly and lift your legs to a 45-degree angle with your torso.
  • Extend your arms straight forward or reach up toward your shins as you are able. Again, it’s crucial to maintain good core posture and a strong spine, and static shoulders throughout the movement.
  • Hold this V-shaped position for a couple of seconds to begin. Then, as you get stronger, hold the position longer.
  • Return to your starting position slowly while keeping your abs engaged and tight.
  • Before reaching the floor, stop and hold the position for a few seconds.
  • Repeat this entire movement several times.

Tips on V-Sit Holds

  • Don’t hold your breath — continue to breathe deeply during the movement.
  • Do not bend your shoulders during the performance of this exercise.
  • Hold the V shape as long as you can.

9. Hanging Knee Raises

How to Do It?

  • This is one of the best hanging ab strap exercises that more target your side waist muscles. Start by inserting your arms in the ab strap.
  • Keep your legs hanging straight to the floor.
  • Bend your knees to lift them towards your right shoulder.
  • Pause for a second, then release them back towards the floor.
  • Now bend your knees again, lifting them towards your left shoulder.
  • Pause for a second, then release them back towards the floor.
  • Repeat for the desired number of reps.

Hanging Knee Raises Tips

  • Controlled movement is the key.
  • Make sure your upper body stays stiff throughout the movement.

10. Wood Chops

How to Do It?

  • Stand upright with your feet as apart as your shoulders, holding a dumbbell with both hands.
  • Rotate your torso to the right and raise the dumbbell until it’s over the right shoulder (diagonally)
  • Squat and rotate your torso to your left and bring the dumbbell diagonally across the body until it’s close to your left hip.
  • Repeat and switch sides.

Tips on Wood Chop

  • Engage your core during the exercise.
  • Point your feet and knees in the same direction.
  • Keep your arms straight and exhale as you twist your upper body (torso).

If you’re looking for top-quality ab straps that can help you get a chiselled core, then ab straps by DMOOSE would be a perfect choice. It’s lightweight, provides excellent stability, and places minimum pressure on your back to avoid the risk of injury. These ab straps work exceptionally to show quick results, whether you want to build more strength or better definition in your core and obliques.

The Bottom Line

Toning, defining, and strengthening your abdominals is one of the top priorities for every fitness freak. It doesn’t only give you a better physique but also prevents several diseases. To get to your fitness objective, you must work out with utmost consistency and keep a strict check on your diet. Exercises like hanging leg raises, bicycle crunches, and mountain climbers can help you tuck your belly rolls in within no time.

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