Is Golf a Viable Weight Loss Venture?

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More often than not, we rely on physical activities, such as sports, in our quest to lose weight. It is a vital part of our efforts to maintain a certain level of fitness, all while shedding significant pounds in the process. Indeed, when it comes to the specifics, the first physical pursuits that come to mind are combat sports such as boxing and mixed martial arts, and team sports like basketball and football.

But what about the other people who are not inclined or are not exactly capable for these kinds of intense activities? Here is where golf enters the picture.

Why Golf?

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According to Tom Kelso of Breaking Muscle, weight loss is about creating a calorie deficit. This means that those with higher percentages of body fat will drop more pounds and retain more muscle, while those with lower body fat percentages will lose more muscle and retain more fat. The calories you burn while playing golf will help you reach a specific point of caloric deficit, which in turn, forces our bodies to burn and convert stored fat into energy.

How Much Calories Can You Burn While Playing Golf?

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Even though it is not as intense physically as say boxing or basketball, golf does burn a significant amount of calories. In Bill Pennington’s article for The New York Times, he states that walking a nine-hole course while carrying a bag gets rid of about 721 calories, while doing it with a push cart will burn around 718 calories. For those who prefer having a caddy and/or a golf cart, the former, still based on the aforementioned article, helps players lose 621 calories, while the latter 411 calories on average.

The Fittest Golfer on Tour

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Part of the process of losing weight is also building muscle. The days of golfers looking like average Joes are gone. Nowadays, the likes of Dustin Johnson dominate tournaments with massive drives that somewhat put others to shame.

In one of his blogs that was published on golfing website Play Your Course, US sports pundit Ren Gates claims that Dustin Johnson has the longest, most powerful strokes in the game today, proving that keeping fit has numerous benefits both on the golf course and in life in general.

What are the Health Benefits of Golf?

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Aside from shedding a few excess pounds, playing golf regularly, has a lot of health benefits. Adults who get in two and a half hours of moderate physical activity every week decrease the chances of cardiovascular diseases and diabetes, as well as metabolic syndromes, even cancer. Golf Gurls suggest that the sport also stimulates blood circulation, improves eyesight, and even allows for a better night’s sleep.

How a Typical Diet Should Look

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In order to achieve positive results you have to supplement our weight loss routine with a balanced diet. If some fad diets and lifestyles prove to be too much for you, it is good to know that food substitution is a good alternative. The key is to replace regular food and beverages with healthier ones.

For instance, since cafés in golf courses normally offer clubhouse sandwiches, why not go for light meals such as egg omelette with vegetables. The same principle goes for snacks and drinks, so instead of pretzels you can opt for something healthier like peanuts, or banana as a substitute for sports drinks.

Golf presents every player with the opportunity to take part in a less intense physical activity that is also a viable endeavor to achieve health and wellness. Yes, it is not the most ideal form of weight loss exercise for those who prefer a fast-paced, high-octane challenge, but at the end of the day, the sport gets the job done. In addition, golf caters to everyone, young and old, amateurs and professionals, and their mission to live a long and healthy life, all while enjoying the benefits of sports.

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