Full Body Calisthenics Workout – Top 8 To Shape Your Body

Are you bored with your workout routine? Want to shake things up a bit?

Then the full body calisthenics workout might be the best solution for you.

Today we’re sharing the intermediate full body calisthenics workout which can bring you many benefits. First of all, you’ll move away from the gym a bit and enjoy the fresh air. 

Second, you won’t have to wait for the machines to be available, since there is a ton of outdoor gyms out there, and they aren’t populated as indoor gyms.

Third, your muscles will get a solid activation and proper stress session from this one, since you’ll engage your whole body in almost every exercise.

Small note: Take care of yourself and adjust the workout intensity, the number of reps, and perform the exercises in proper form to avoid injury. This goes especially for people who are used to lifting weights more acontrary to bodyweight exercises. Make sure you’re well prepared, hydrated, and stretched before commiting to this workout.

Full Body Calisthenics Workout

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For this workout, you’ll need a bench and a bar for pull ups, standard equipment on millions of outdoor gyms in parks, sidewalks, etc. Get your workout clothing, a bottle of water, and go to the nearest one you can find, or if you have a pull-up bar in your house, you are all set, since a simple chair will work as a bench.

Full Body Calisthenics Workout – Top 8 To Shape Your Body

Warm Up Your Body, get your heart rate up, boost the blood flow in your body

Warm up your entire body, preferably by doing some jumping jacks, dynamic stretching. Get your heart rate up, boost the blood flow in your body. If possible, jog to the outdoor gym or around your house before the workout. Take at least 10 minutes to prepare for the workout.

Bench Dips

Full Body Calisthenics Workout – Top 8 To Shape Your Body

The first exercise is bench dips. Sit on the bench comfortably and place your hands next to your hips (you can even tuck a finger or two below your butt, for a perfect distance between the palms).

Straighten your legs and take a small step forward so your butt can go away from the bench, leaving your weight entirely on your arms and shoulders.

Start lowering yourself until your triceps are parallel to the floor, or your elbows hit 90 degrees angle. Perform a set of 25 reps, and proceed to the next exercise without rest. Inhale on the way down and exhale on your way up.


Full Body Calisthenics Workout – Top 8 To Shape Your Body

Hang on the pull-up bar, with your arms fully extended ready for knee-ups. Start raising your knees to your chest while maintaining the stability of your core and prevent swinging on the bar. Perform 20 repetitions and move on. Variations with knees to the side are welcome here.


Full Body Calisthenics Workout – Top 8 To Shape Your Body

Pull-ups are the next exercise in this series. Perform 15 repetitions of standard pull-ups (hands wider than your shoulder, gripping the bar outward. If they are too hard for you, do negative pull-ups. Mind your breathing: inhale on your way up and exhale on your way down (this is the standard breathing pattern for all pulling exercises).

Air Squats

Full Body Calisthenics Workout – Top 8 To Shape Your Body

Now, it’s time for air squats. Perform 25 reps of standard air squats with your hands in front and lowering yourself below 90 degrees in your knees. Inhale on your way down and exhale on your way up. Make sure your knees don’t go ahead of your toes while going down.


Full Body Calisthenics Workout – Top 8 To Shape Your Body

When you complete your squat reps, it’s time for your first rest. Take 45 seconds to rest, walk a bit and calm down. You’ll need it to prepare for the next four exercises.

The first exercise in the second part of the workout is push-ups. Put yourself in a standard pushup position, with arms a bit wider than shoulders, straighten your body to a line (pay attention to your head, don’t lower it down), and perform 20 push-ups. Inhale while going down and exhale on your way up.

Pike Presses With Elevated Feet

You’ll need your bench (or chair) for the next exercise, the pike presses with elevated feet. To perform this exercise, put yourself in front of the chair and lower yourself down to a pushup position. Set your feet on the chair now, putting yourself into elevated pushup position.

From here, start going towards the chair on your hands while bending your hips to form almost 90-degree angle. The breathing pattern is the same as of every pushing exercise, but it goes the opposite way during this exercise; inhale on the way down, exhale while pushing yourself up.

Make sure to breathe vigorously, because this exercise is not easy. This video demonstrates the pike press with elevated feet:

Calf Raises

Full Body Calisthenics Workout – Top 8 To Shape Your Body

After 15 successful reps of pike presses with elevated feet, move on to calf raises. This one will serve as a rest from the intense upper-body stress and work your calves at the same time. Just grab something to hold on to and bend one leg in the knee backward.

It’s advisable to stand on a ledge, or small high ground so you can "sink“ deeper while performing reps. Go through 25 reps on a single leg slowly, inhaling on the way down and exhaling on the way up. Switch the legs, and repeat the process and this section of the workout is complete.​

Close Grip Chin-Ups

Full Body Calisthenics Workout – Top 8 To Shape Your Body

Next, it’s time for the set finisher, the close grip chin-ups. The goal here is to maintain the tight grip and lower yourself to the point where your hands are almost straight and then pulling yourself up with a vigorous inhale.

Perform 15 reps of this exercise, paying attention to the balance and swinging, maintaining legs in a crisscross position slightly behind.

This completes one set of this full body calisthenics workout session. When you complete the set, it’s time to get yourself together and chill out for whole two minutes. The rest phase should be in motion, preferably walking with light stretching.

To complete the workout, you must finish four sets of eight exercises with the 45-second rest period after the fourth, and the two-minute rest after the eighth exercise. It will take around 35-40 minutes to complete it, depending on the speed of your repetitions.

There you have it folks, the full body calisthenics workout that will stimulate your entire body differently and shake up your everyday routine. The value it brings lies in customization, availability, environment (outdoors, fresh air opposed to gym’s climatized dry air).

Try it out this week and let us know how it went. Did you have trouble completing it? Did you have to change it a bit, and how?

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