Foods that Relieve Constipation

A nagging feeling in your stomach is never a great way to start the day.  And, when that feeling is a direct result of constipation, it’s never good.  Not only are you plagued with the discomfort of not being able to go, but you are also stricken with the anxiety that you might have to take advantage of the urge in public.  No one wants to be that person making loud noises in a public bathroom. But the fact is constipation plagues about 42 million Americans.

So, what can you do to eliminate constipation and get regular? The answer is simple—pay close attention to your diet.  No, I am not talking about eating a prune everyday either (although they are great for relieving constipation). I am talking about making a few tweaks to the types of foods you eat, so you can loosen up and feel better--literally.

Switch to Pears

The old saying, "An apple a day…" may be right.  But, switching to pears will put you on the right digestive tract!

Pears are higher in fructose and sorbitol than most other fruits.  In addition, they contain about 5.5 grams of fiber which equates to 22% of the daily recommended intake.  But what separates pears from other high fiber fruits is the fact that they contain sugar alcohol sorbitol which acts as a natural laxative.

Change from Romaine or Iceberg to Spinach

Greens in general, are a great way to relieve constipation, but by switching your salad from romaine or iceberg to spinach, you are giving your intestines a bit more help.  Baby spinach especially makes a tasty salad, and because it's hard to digest, it adds bulk to your stool.

In simple terms, it puts weight on what's backing you up causing it to move out.

What sets spinach apart from its leafy salad competitors is its ability to keep the digestive tract healthy.  First of all, its high Vitamin C content promotes the production of collagen which keeps the tissue in the digestive tract healthy.

Change from Russet or Red to Sweet Potatoes

Recently, a team of doctors in China did a study to help reduce constipation as a side effect of chemotherapy.  They found that eating 200 grams of sweet potatoes every day for four days decreased constipation in the participants.

So, by merely changing up those carbs, you can clear out that digestive tract.

Put your Sandwich on Whole-Grain Rye Instead of White or Wheat

Rye bread is favored in Europe for its denseness and its robust flavor.  A sandwich made on rye bread contains about 62 grams of fiber.  According to the Institute of Biomedicine, rye bread is actually a better choice to relieve constipation than laxatives.

Instead of choosing wheat or white, select rye if you are having trouble moving your bowels.

Go Nuts Snacking

A daily snack is vital to make it through to meal time.  Finding the right treat that can keep your digestive tract intact can be challenging.  Consider choosing nuts if you are struggling with constipation. Walnuts, pecans, and almonds are the highest in fiber which makes them the best choice to relieve constipation

Use a Supplement

Supplements that contain magnesium and Vitamin C are excellent options for relieving constipation.  You can even find some over the counter medicines at the local pharmacy that will help do the job. Products like Miralax are great for constipation relief.  There are also many different ways to save on Miralax if you are worried about the cost of supplements.


Constipation is awful to live with.  It makes you physically uncomfortable, and it makes you worry about when the moment to go will strike.  But, if you adjust your diet and add foods high in fiber, you will add bulk to your stool. This forces the bowels to empty.

In addition, drinking more water is a sure-fire way to get your bowels moving, and so is increasing your daily amount of exercise.

It's important to remember though, that everybody is different.  So, what works for you may not work for someone else. For this reason, it's crucial that you reach out to your doctor if you are experiencing severe constipation.

There are many underlying medical conditions that can cause constipation, and you don't want to become the victim of internet doctoring yourself only to find out there was a serious reason behind your inability to move your bowels.

While adjusting your diet and increasing your exercise cannot harm you, avoiding a medical condition may, so check with your doctor and see what he/she has to say about ways to get things moving.

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