Fitness – The key to good motorcycle riding

Innate talent and skill are never all it takes to master an activity. Riding a motorcycle competently is no different. In order to be an accomplished rider, besides skill, discipline and work ethic is of paramount importance. One of the most important aspects of being a good rider is being physically and mentally fit. Complete physical and mental fitness is often much harder to achieve than it seems. Hard work, determination and discipline are key to having a fit body and mind.

However, with these five pointers, being proficient enough to handle riding competently will be easy for you:-

Proper Diet

A healthy, balanced and nutritious diet goes a long way in maintaining fitness levels of our mind and body. Eating a high protein and low carb diet ensures that our body maintains a lean physique and burns extra fat to replace it with muscle mass, which increases athleticism and suppleness necessary for good riding.

Include lots of fruits and vegetable and foods like chicken, salmon parcels, flax seeds, to your diet. Nutrition distributes itself evenly and to the brain, as it controls functioning of the body, thus keeping our brain active and healthy, which is crucial to body health. Good nutrition is the key to fitness, and it manifests in our riding ability.

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Pick up some weights- Muscle Training

Muscle training helps in maintaining fitness levels and body strength needed to manoeuvre a motorcycle in the harshest of conditions. Weight training for motorcycle riders should be targeted towards the core, shoulders and legs as these are the pressure points. The core involves the abdomen, sides, back and chest.

Effective weight training conditions and prepares the body for workload while riding a motorcycle on or off-road. Muscles are foremost and are essential to controlling the motorcycle, and hence must be in tip-notch shape in order to facilitate competent riding.

Build Endurance

Endurance is crucial for motorcycle riding, especially over long distances. It can cause wear and tear of our muscles, and cause motorcycle pain, which is generally experienced in our body core.

An effective way of building endurance in our body for sustaining tension on our body caused due to maneuvering the motorcycle is by increasing our cardio and aerobic activity. To improve stamina and train our body to withstand heavy fatigue, we need high intensity interval training which is excellent for improving our natural fitness and workload management. Building endurance is down to regular training and discipline, without which riding for hours on a long trip turns tedious.

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The focus is essential when it comes to riding a motorcycle. One needs to be alert at all times, and vigilant to danger, especially when riding off-road. Maintaining one's concentration is not something that comes naturally to everyone. Mental strength and ability to concentrate for hours is essential to good motorcycle riding.

A good rider is always aloof of his surroundings and is responsible. One can improve concentration with mental training and a good diet so that the brain can function effectively. Concentration can also be developed in practice, such as solving puzzles and mind games.

Take Proper Rest

Rest heals your mind and body. It allows our body to adjust to the stress and the tension on it due to the workout and training, as well as the strain of riding for hours. Motorcycle pain or lower back pain treatment also requires sufficient rest. A body grows only when we rest, and it is necessary for our well being and physical and mental health. A well-rested body shows greater physical prowess and productivity as well as mental awareness and focus levels. Rest, hence, is the most important necessity for one to be in good riding health.

A good rider prioritises discipline, fitness and work ethic over simply learning how to ride a motorcycle effectively. This approach is one that should be followed because a good physique and mental strength and concentration is key to riding safely and avoiding motorcycle pain and other injuries sustained due to poor posture and fitness. However, it’s advisable to consult your pain doctor if these pains are persistent.

The five tips mentioned above are simple and are necessities in order to be able to ride a motorcycle effectively. Be it on road or off-road, the qualities that distinguish a trained rider from an untrained one are clear and are beneficial not only for riding but also for general health and well being.

Author: Jessica is a traveller by heart. She loves to pen down her thoughts related to her travel experiences and her knowledge  about motorcycle adventure products to keep one’s​ safe and enjoy the ride. She loves to meet new people during her trips.

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