Fitness Supplement Reviews for Gaining Muscle Mass

Are you a newbie in the world of bodybuilding? Then, you’ve probably realized that gaining muscle mass requires much more than regular workouts, especially when hoping for fast results.

Apart from training and adjusting your diet, you are also supposed to include fitness supplements into your routine. These nutrients are excellent boosters of muscle growth and strength as well as contributors to greater bone strength, better immune system, and improved sleep quality.

Considering the plethora of such supplements on the online market, you are required to make a good comparison of their properties and benefits so as to choose the right one. In fact, there are numerous online reviews, such as the SupplementSmarts supplement reviews, helping gym lovers in their choice of nutrients.

You could also take a look at the benefits of some of the most popular fitness nutrients so as to find your favorite.


Glutamine is doubtlessly one of the most crucial amino acids in the organism, found in the form of L-glutamine and D-glutamine. The former can be found in both food and supplements, being highly beneficial for your health while the latter has no particular effect on the organism.

Although this amino acid is naturally produced in the body, numerous bodybuilders also consume it as a supplement, due to its numerous muscle gaining benefits.

In fact, since glutamine participates in building protein blocks, it helps gym lovers to build larger muscles. It is also known for alleviating muscle discomfort and aiding recovery which tend to happen after an exhausting workout.

Glutamine is also helpful in boosting the function of the immune system, which is highly important for bodybuilders who don’t want to skip trainings due to a cold.

The standard glutamine intake through food is maximum six grams per day, which isn’t the case when taking the supplement. However, the powder form of glutamine can be used up to forty grams daily, divided in several equal doses during the day.

For instance, you are supposed to take the first dose at breakfast, followed by another one before training and one after completing your workout session. The last dose is taken prior to going to bed.


L-Carnitine is another important amino acid, in charge of transporting body fat to the mitochondria in your cells, in order to be transformed into energy. Considering the insufficient natural production on this amino acid in the organism, it should be consumed through food or as a supplement. Click here to learn more about the natural and supplement version of L-carnitine. 

Perhaps the greatest benefit of taking this nutrient is assisting weight loss, owing to its ability to aid the transformation of fat cells into energy, instead of being stored in the body. Also, bodybuilders and athletes adore this nutrient because of its energy boosting properties.

Actually, L-carnitine increases the number of red blood cells which are responsible for supplying your muscles with oxygen. The more oxygen is transported throughout the body, the greater your energy. 

Therefore, gym enthusiasts take this nutrient to ameliorate their performance, as the increased energy levels allow them to train harder, without feeling a drop of energy. However, you aren’t supposed to consume more than two grams daily or even less if you already consume it through meat and fish.


Beta-alanine is an amino acid that doesn’t participate in protein synthesis, but it is known for the production of carnosine, with the help from histidine. It boosts the levels of carnosine in the muscles, thus improving one’s workout performance.

In addition, the beta-alanine supplement is considered to prolong the duration of training sessions, as it enables the organism to withstand more intense workouts. It also aids your body transformation by inducing the growth of bigger muscles. Visit the following link:, to take a look at a beginner’s guide to beta-alanine.

When it comes to dosage, you are expected to take a minimum of two grams and maximum of five grams per day. When having a training session, make sure you consume two grams before and after the training. Anyhow, when not doing any exercise, take only one dose of two grams, not more.

Omega-3 fatty acids

Omega-3 fatty acids are considered to be among the most essential acids, consumed mainly through fish. However, since not all people are keen lovers of fish, these acids can be taken as a supplement, in the form of fish oil.

Furthermore, these acids can be beneficial for bodybuilders from numerous aspects. For instance, owing to their inflammation reducing properties, omega-3 fatty acids can reduce the inflammation that results from overstraining the muscles during a workout. By alleviating inflammation, this nutrient automatically alleviates the feeling of muscle pain.

Additionally, these acids plays a major role in increasing calcium in the bones, thus making your bones much stronger. Strong bones are indispensable for growing large muscles, as they support their mass. Also, this supplement guarantees better sleep and improved immunity, both of which have an effect on your physical endurance.


Unlike the previous amino acids, beta-ecdysterone is considered to be a phytochemical that you can find mostly in spinach and other plants. It is structurally similar to steroids, which is why bodybuilders use it as a natural variant.

Like steroids, the beta-ecdysterone nutrient is believed to provide the same muscle growing benefits, helping you build lean body mass. It improves bone strength and assists recovery after exhausting training sessions.

Apart from the possibility to consume beta-ecdysterone through numerous plants, bodybuilders prefer the nutrient version in the form of capsules. You are supposed to take a dosage of fifty to ninety milligrams per day, which would depend on your natural intake of beta-ecdysone.  Anyhow, make sure you read the instructions by the manufacturer.

Wrap up

Make sure the nutrient you choose matches your fitness goals.

Keep up with your training tempo, eat properly and take the right dosage of the supplement.

Only then the results will come much sooner than you’ve expected!

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