4 Fascinating Benefits of Regularly Practicing Yoga You Need to Know

4 Fascinating Benefits of Regularly Practicing Yoga

Yoga is known as an ancient practice that helps in bringing together your mind and body. It involves breathing exercises, poses, and meditation designed to boost your relaxation and reduce your stress.

Practicing yoga comes with various benefits for both your mental and physical strength. Hence, this article brings you many benefits to practicing yoga.

Here are 5 fascinating benefits of regularly practicing yoga you need to know;

1. Reduces Stress

Yoga can reduce your stress and boost your relaxation. Many studies show that yoga reduces the secretion of your primary stress hormone known as cortisol.

Moreover, a study conducted on 24 emotionally distressed women for a 3-month yoga program, revealed that their cortisol levels had significantly lowered. And they had low levels of depression, fatigue, stress, and anxiety.

Well, another study of 131 distressed people who were subjected to a 10 weeks yoga program revealed that yoga also reduced their stress and anxiety levels.

Best of all, if you combine yoga with other stress alleviating medications, you can successfully handle stress.

2. Relieves Your Anxiety

Many people join regular yoga classes to handle their anxiety feelings and successfully achieve it.

In fact, in a study of 34 women affected by anxiety, they were subjected to yoga classes twice a week for two months. The good news is that many showed significantly low levels of anxiety. Their anxiety had drastically reduced because of the regular yoga classes.

But it isn’t clear how yoga does all that, however all you have to do is to be present in that moment. And find your sense of peace that helps in treating your anxiety.

3. Can Reduce Your Inflammation

According to some studies, regular yoga classes at core plus don’t only improve your mental health, but can also reduce inflammation. Inflammations are usually normal immune responses. But chronic inflammation has the potential to lead to pro-inflammatory diseases like cancer, heart diseases, and diabetes.

In a 2015 study, 218 participants were divided into two groups. Participants that regularly practiced yoga and those that didn’t. Both groups got into exercises moderately to induce stress.

Guess what? Participants who practiced yoga regularly had low inflammatory markers levels than others who didn’t.

And in another study, a 12 weeks yoga program helped in reducing inflammatory markers in many breast cancer survivors.

4. Can Improve Your Heart Health

Your heart health is essential to your overall health because of its various functions of your body. These range from pumping blood to your whole body to supplying your tissues with necessary nutrients.

Many studies reveal that yoga can improve your heart health and reduce the risks of heart diseases. One study revealed that participants of over 40 years who regularly practiced yoga for over 5 years had low blood pressure than those who didn’t.

Remember, high blood pressure is dangerous and responsible for many heart problems like stroke and heart attack. So, you should be mindful of your health.

Boost Your Health with Yoga

Be mindful of your health regularly by enrolling for yoga classes at core plus to live a healthy and happy life.

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