Which Exercise Gives Explosive Power For Hiking Uphill? Here Are the Best 6 You Need

Hiking is one of the most enjoyable activities, in particular for travelers and mountaineers. But to hike to the extremes, you need to have the legs to do it! You should start training if you want the legs to take on any climb, no matter how heavy your backpack is or how far the hike is. But which exercise gives explosive power for hiking uphill?

We show you the best you can do to achieve your goals and have all the power to hike uphill.

Benefits of Training for Hiking Uphill

Which Exercise Gives Explosive Power for Hiking Uphill

If you want to be fit and healthy, then hiking is the way to go. It works your whole body, great for your cardiovascular health and improving your strength. But before reaping the benefits of hiking, training your legs is very beneficial and important as well. How so?

  • Training before a hike will help build strength and endurance. It makes you feel more energetic no matter how long the climb will be, or how high it is. You'll be able to get to your destination faster, and without having to take too many breaks.
  • Doing the right exercise will build the muscles needed to hike up high inclines without chances of cramping or injury. It also increases your flexibility, which is necessary if you are planning on going rock climbing while hiking as well!
  • Not only will training and exercising build muscle, but it burns a lot of calories as well. These exercises will help burn off fat and excess weight, making you lighter and leaner. It's better to burn off any unnecessary fat before your climb to not carry more weight that may bring you down.

What You Need to Start Exercising to Get Explosive Power for Hiking Uphill

Which Exercise Gives Explosive Power for Hiking Uphill

Before training for explosive power when hiking uphill, you will need to ready some basic gym equipment and materials. Preparing these will make your workouts more efficient and comfortable!

1. Basic Gym Clothes

We recommend spandex or those that made out of a material that absorbs sweat easily. Look for those that are breathable and keep you fresh to avoid discomfort. Prepare a towel for a lot of sweat!

Good running or gym shoes are important as well since we will be focusing on your lower body.

You should also prepare some pairs of hiking gloves as you will definitely need them. Check out the best hiking gloves on https://www.globosurfer.com/best-hiking-gloves/

2. Mat

A mat is essential when doing floor exercises, so you will avoid any pain or injury when on your knees or lying on your back.

3. Quality Sound System

Or at least make sure you have a phone with earphones! Music helps pump you up, and with the happy beat, you'll feel more inclined to push yourself.

4. Jug of Water

Exercising will have you sweat, so you need to hydrate yourself during your break. You might even want to have small snacks or healthy energy drinks to keep you going.

5. Dumbbells

You should also work on your arm muscle! Dumbbells are a great piece of gym equipment you can use at home or in the gym.

6. Uphill Area or Elliptical Machine

Either of the two is needed for efficient runs when preparing for the hike uphill. You can also use a treadmill that has high incline adjustments.

7. A Heavy Backpack

Since you plan on hiking uphill, you'll be carrying the extra weight you need to ready for your climb. We recommend you to practice with uphill runs or walks with your backpack to have the feel of your uphill hike.

8. Chair

You may need one for various exercises to support your legs or upper body.

Which Exercise Gives Explosive Power for Hiking Uphill? 

Here are some of the best exercises you should do to get that explosive power when hiking uphill:

1. Split Dumbbell Lunge

Which Exercise Gives Explosive Power for Hiking Uphill

This specialized lunge works your quadriceps and balance. What makes this different from your regular lunge is that you have dumbbells and that one of your legs is on the bench or chair behind you.

To do this, place your front foot about three feet away in front of the chair or bench, and place the other foot on the chair. Adjust your position or distance as needed. After, bend your front knee and lower yourself until your rear knee almost makes contact with the floor. Stand up using your front heel. Do five reps of these per side.

If you're just beginning the exercise, don't use the dumbbells until after you have mastered the lunge.

2. High Step Up

Which Exercise Gives Explosive Power for Hiking Uphill

This exercise is easy yet challenging, working on your hamstrings, quads, and glutes. The higher the step up, the more you learn how to balance and stabilize yourself. Plus, it's ideal for stretching your calves and hamstrings.

To do this, put your foot up on a platform higher than your knee (A stable chair) and lift the other leg. Reverse the movement and press down through your heel. Reverse the movement again and make sure to keep balanced when doing so. Do ten reps per leg.

3. Goblet Squat

Which Exercise Gives Explosive Power for Hiking Uphill

The Goblet Squat is a "safe" type of squat that works on all the big muscles in your legs. Holding a dumbbell, slowly squat and make sure your thighs are leveled with the floor. Use your heels and squeeze your glutes as you lift. Keep the dumbbell near your chest. It's best to do three sets of ten to fifteen reps each.

4. HIIT Runs

Which Exercise Gives Explosive Power for Hiking Uphill

High-Intensity Interval Training requires VERY intense movements in short bursts and a recovery time after. Through these short yet sharp bursts, you will burn fat more efficiently and feel the burn, strengthening your entire body.

Using your treadmill, elliptical machine, or uphill area, warm up through brisk walking and then sprint for about half a minute, as fast as you can. Make sure you take in proper form!

Once the half-minute is up, slow down to a walk. Walk for a minute.

Repeat until half an hour has passed.

5. Downhill Lunges With a Heavy Pack

Which Exercise Gives Explosive Power for Hiking Uphill

Walking downhill can train you as much as walking uphill would! Plus, the extra weight trains you for the heavy backpack while hiking.

Carrying a 30-pounds backpack (What you will use for your hike is most recommended), lunge downhill for about fifty yards, repeating this three times.

Another exercise you can do is to walk uphill and leap downhill, still carrying the pack. Make sure you don't have bad knees!

6. Standing Triple Jumps

These jumps are a form of cardio and will have your legs work VERY well.

Do a horizontal jump and land on one leg. Do another one while landing on the other leg. The last jump should have you land on both legs. Keep repeating this and make sure you jump high and with intensity. Do ten reps of these.

In Conclusion

Training for uphill hikes doesn't only involve working harder and longer, but SMARTER! Through the proper training and exercises, you'll be able to have the power and energy to climb to the extremes!

Hopefully, this article shows you which exercise gives explosive power for hiking uphill. So what are you waiting for? Start doing these exercises and pick up outdoor gear for that major hike today!

If you enjoyed the article or have any answers to which exercise gives explosive power for hiking uphill, do comment down below. We would love to hear what you have to say about the topic.

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