Effective Techniques To Set and Measure Healthy Fitness Goals

Many people see the first glimmer of spring and start thinking about their perfect summer body. Of course, this reaction is aided by an array of adverts, including those on social media, that encourage you to have the perfect body. It’s usually enough to get people trying.

You’ll find plenty of advice online and companies proposing to help you achieve the perfect body in minimal time. But, the problem is that many of these techniques are not sustainable. Even if you achieve your summer body, you’ll be repeating the process next year. That’s not a healthy approach.

If you want to transform your body then you need to set realistic goals and understand how to measure them.

Get Help

There are plenty of people professing to be experts but, if you want a personal trainer that knows what they are doing then you need to choose one that has undertaken a specialist course to be a personal trainer.

This ensures they have the skills and knowledge to create a plan that will work for you and can be adhered to for the long term.

They can help you devise the right plan and they make you accountable, that’s important if you want to reach your goals and maintain them.

Set A Goal

Before you can start deciding on the right technique you need to decide your goal. Simply losing weight means understanding and sticking to a healthy eating plan. With a little help, this can be much more delicious than you may think.

Equally, your goal may be to run 5K, whether for personal satisfaction or to compete in a race.

Creating a goal means you have something to work toward.

Small Goals

In order to achieve any goal, you need to set a series of smaller goals. For example, learning to run 5K can be very frustrating if you try after a few days and only reach 2K, then this figure doesn’t change.

The best way to reach 5K is to set smaller targets, effectively increasing your run time a little each week. You only have to focus on the small goal in order to achieve the big goal.

Record Your Mood

Most people feel great after a workout. However, it’s how you feel before that really makes a difference? Make a point of writing down your mood before you start working out. Include the time and anything else you feel is relevant.

It will help you assess when you feel most like working out, which gives you a good idea when to work out for the best results. It should never feel like a struggle to work out!

Have a Day Off

You should have at least one day a week completely off. While this doesn’t mean going crazy with food, it is acceptable to let your guard down a little. This helps to keep you motivated and will help you adhere to a particular plan long term. That’s essential if you want to reach your goals.

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