Easy Ways To Make Golf More Enjoyable

Some people participate in sports begrudgingly. It might be fair to assume that golf is one such sport where newcomers dip their toes into the proceedings rather hesitantly.

That said, it’s an awful shame to let this feeling outstay its welcome. It would help if you were confident that golf could become more enjoyable too. A quick change in mindset can ensure you benefit from the sport more than if you were dragging your feet.

Though the sport enjoyed a surge of popularity during the pandemic, there are increasing calls to now modernize the sport so that it appeals to even more people. Changes are coming, and you should be excited about them and stick with the sport for as long as possible. For now, here are some easy ways to make golf more enjoyable.

Join a Golf Club

Golf can feel like an elitist sport at times. Still, that sensation depends on the crowds you immerse yourself in. Some certain entities and organizations are more liberal around who they allow joining their ranks.

Some local golf clubs even go out of their way to counter the elitist culture, offering affordable membership plans for the masses to revel in. Their inclusive pricing options build up the sport’s presence at a community level, ensuring everyone feels welcome to partake and give it a go.

Of course, this mindset can work wonders for your enjoyment of the sport. No longer will you compare the cost to the enjoyment factors, especially when these variables can be hard to balance out in the early stages of your hobby. Instead, you can feel confident that you belong in the sport, breaking down barriers in your mind and heart.

Moreover, attending a golf club is a good way to make friends and find sports mentors. You’ll feel part of something bigger than just a round or two on the golf course. Many profound feelings can be born of this, spurring your enjoyment of things.

Get the Proper Equipment

The money you save on golf club membership fees could potentially be redistributed elsewhere, namely in quality equipment. Once you have everything you need, anything can feel possible.

Even the smallest of accessories can improve your game. For example, the FootJoy shoes from Function18 provide stability and traction while you’re on the course. Your balance and comfort levels can be improved with these shoes too. Some of the world’s best athletes also endorse FootJoy golf shoes, so you can invest in these innovations with total confidence.

Furthermore, securing the proper equipment isn’t just about technique either. Looking at the part can help you feel the part, bestowing you with new confidence and a firm sense of belonging. After that, you may attack your golf game with more vigor, leading to heightened levels of enjoyment.

Being equipped with great gear can also break the ice at local golf clubs too. Without bragging, you can discuss where you got your goods from, how each item of clothing affects your performance, and whether or not you’d recommend what you’re wearing. It can be a great way to establish common ground.

Set Attainable Goals

Some newcomers to sports buy the latest and greatest equipment and then wildly overestimate their abilities. You won’t be a professional overnight simply because you’re wearing gear endorsed by the big names. 

Therefore, it’s vital that you set realistic aspirations and refrain from biting off more than you can chew. While golf can seem like just whacking a ball into the distance, there’s far more finesse and craft involved in the sport than many people give it credit for.

Chart your journey with attainable goals. In doing this, you not only ensure that your interest in the sport is rationed and sustainable, but you also give yourself room to celebrate all the progress you’re gradually making. And therein lies the fun factor, giving you a sense of perspective into how far you’ve come and how far you’ll continue to go too!

How many three-put holes are you setting for yourself per round? What’s the percentage of greens hit in regulation? Keep measuring different parts of your learning and keep a close eye on how well you’re performing relative to the version of you that played in the past. Your findings may give you cause to feel great pride.

Control Your Emotions

Some sportspeople are driven by their competitive nature. Unfortunately, tempers can rise in these circumstances as athletes spur themselves on. Golf doesn’t reward this mindset, and it can even hinder your performance, compromise your game, and reduce the amount of enjoyment you feel.

Golf is a game of precision. If you’re letting your anger inform your style of play, you’ll need to strap in for a chaotic and uneven performance. Clarity of thought, a calm center, and a determination to block out any noise are essential tools in the golfer’s arsenal. Ultimately, players of all ability levels have to remain calm during play.

No pastime in life should be able to unravel you or bring stress. There are only very few circumstances in regular life where these behaviors are understandable and permissible. Maintain your cool, and if you struggle to do so, consider taking up complementary pastimes that will help you; meditation, jogging, or even a few rounds of crazy golf.

Being self-aware does not always lead to more fun. When it comes to checking stress in a game of golf, it undeniably makes you more pleasant to be around. If you have joined a golf club, then you’ll be able to make friends and bond with fellow members in no time. Lose your cool, and the potential of those relationships will be snuffed out in an instant. 


Though golf can be a competitive endeavor, like all sports, it’s meant to provide fun and enrichment first. How much you experience can be dependent on your attitude and conduct. There’s undeniably plenty to enjoy here, so roll up your sleeves, meet new people, and approach everything golf with full enthusiasm and commitment. Remember, you’ll get as much out of the sport as you put into it.

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