E-Bikes: Find Out Why and How to Choose Them

In a world of growing awareness of pollution, global warming, and the need to make eco-friendly changes, it’s not surprising bikes are the hype and continue to be a main choice of transport for many people around the world. Still, not all bikes are made the same.

If you want to know where you should invest your money, just stay attentive to the trends in the bike industry. One of the fastest-growing segments of this specific market in recent years is that of the convenient and eco-friendly electric bicycles which are most commuters’ dream, as we’ve seen particularly since the beginning of the COVID-19 pandemic.

To give you an example, it’s expected to be worth up to $160 billion AUD by 2030 – that is if there is no government bans imposed for using all types of these bikes in the cities. The reason for this huge interest in these specific designs is mainly because of the unique benefits they offer, as well as the continuous improvements with the battery technologies and urban bike infrastructures.

If you’re still having doubts whether or not you deserve one of these handy e bikes, or you think getting one would be cheating your way through the rides, the following aspects shed some light on the matter.

You Choose the Level of “Easy”

One of the biggest myths related to these bicycles is that they take all the load for you, and you just pedal without any effort. Since there are three categories or rather three classes, you only get some level of assistance at certain speeds which you get to choose. Same as the conventional models, you can pedal them in case you get some motor issue or battery discharge.

To clarify, acquiring 1st class electric bicycles means getting pedal-assist designs that help with a maximum speed of up to 20 mph when you do the pedalling. If you prefer something more convenient, then the 2nd class throttle-only models would get you through with a boost up to 20 mph without the need to invest effort in the pedalling.

And, there’s the 3rd class option offering the best of both pedal assist and throttle for those who want to make the most of the experience the e-bikes provide. Best of all is you’ve got a wide range of styles, models, and brands to choose from, like a cruiser, commuter, MTB with names such as Shogun, YT Decoy, Stacyc, Kinesis LYFE suitable for various budget limits and riding needs.

These options make them suitable for people of all ages, especially those who want to go to and fro without the unwanted sweat. Not to mention, they’re also perfect for families who want to spend some quality time together while staying healthy!

You Experience Better Rides

Anyone who wants to boost their riding comfort should try riding an e-bike Australia round suppliers offer to see the difference. Since they’re fast and flexible in the settings, you can have fun going on the usual rides through the city using the bike lanes, or even get the courage to explore new tracks off-road and cover more kilometres of distance than you’re used to. So much so, steep hills won’t be a problem either!

You Help Protect the Environment…

Much better than your typical motor vehicles, the motorised e-bikes with rechargeable batteries don’t contribute to the pollution and still get you from point A to point B in a quick manner so you get significantly more flexibility. Unlike the previous designs, the popular ones today are so advanced they have powerful motors that are still lightweight enough to make for smooth rides instead of adding to your bike’s weight.

… And Your Wallet

Moreover, with the prices of petrol and diesel continuously on the rise, it won’t take you long to do the math and realise just how beneficial one of these practical electric bicycles would be for cutting down your expenses. Depending on the model you invest in, there are durable lithium-ion batteries that can last you for kilometres on a single charge – some even up to 80km. How does that sound for a convenient ride?

You Get a Good Workout

Let’s agree these bikes are much more appealing than regular bikes when it comes to exercise – even leisure riders and couch potatoes alike don’t put up much fight to use them and get some physical activity. This is due to the fact you can get some degree of assistance as you pedal, choosing either the mechanical gears or electric assist levels, so while you still invest effort in it, it’s not that much as with conventional bikes. Don’t be surprised if all of a sudden mountain rides seem more attractive than your couch sessions spent on binge-watching your favourite series.

You Can Carry Them Anywhere

If you’re a commuter who changes public transport frequently, then you probably know how difficult it can be sometimes to make your way through with your pedal-powered bike. Advanced properties like compactness and lightweight are just what you might need to make it in the urban areas with minimal hassle, exactly what the ingenious designs of e bikes for sale provide you with.

This is especially the case with the foldable models that even take the worry about security off your mind since you can bring them along anywhere, be it the bus, the metro, the office, or the classroom. No more problems and waste of time trying to find suitable parking and safety locks!

What Features to Look for in An Electric Bike?

Now that you know the benefits you can get from such bikes, it’s advisable to look into the features that would make a difference in your shopping and riding – especially considering there’s such a vast range of options and merely focusing on the aesthetics won’t do!


First and foremost, you ought to start with setting a budget because even though most e-bikes are more expensive than the conventional alternative, some are more affordable than others.


If you want to have peace of mind regarding the quality and longevity of the battery, then invest in one that’s made from a specific brand. Reputable manufacturers won’t disappoint you in the long run! Moreover, while we’re at batteries, don’t forget to also consider their voltage and capacity to be sure of the range you’d get on one charge.


Depending on your preference of assistance, you need to choose between the pedal assist, combination of pedal assist and manual pedalling, and throttle only. People with joint and knee problems would mostly benefit from the throttle only powering models.

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