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Sadly, most people around the world think that talking about the vagina is a taboo. But the reality is that a vagina is lovely, and you should begin considering yours the same way. You should not ignore it if it does not look the way you want. Several treatment options are there to assist you safely get a vagina that looks the way you want. Jewell Family & Elder Medicine has specialists who can assist you in getting the vaginal you want through various Rock Hill vaginal revitalization procedures. Dr. James L. Jewell, MD, provides non-invasive solutions for vaginal revitalization.

Why should you consider vaginal revitalization?

The health of your vagina starts changing after pregnancy, and as you approach menopause. Reduced levels of hormones always affect the tissues of your vagina. When your body reduces its production of estrogen, the vaginal tissues start to wane. That can cause chronic vaginal conditions like:

  • Enuresis
  • Itching
  • Dryness

The thinning out of vaginal tissues can also result in reduced sexual sensation and even make sexual intercourse painful. Many women become self-conscious and dissatisfied with the look of their vagina.

How vaginal revitalization works

At Jewell Family & Elder Medicine, we rejuvenate your vagina using a non-surgical and non-invasive procedure. We use radiofrequency energy to enhance the health of your vagina. The treatment does not require any incisions or invasive techniques to accomplish high-quality results.

Our specialists deliver a precise amount of radiofrequency heat energy into your vaginal tissues. This laser system is very effective as it reaches even the hard to reach and delicate areas of your vagina. The radiofrequency energy promotes the making of new collagen fibers to reinforce your healthy vaginal tissues. As your body produces new collagen, your vaginal tissues regenerate, and the circulation of blood in your vagina increases.

Healthy vaginal tissues support your bladder, which reduces the occurrence of urinary incontinence. The treatment also enhances natural vaginal lubrication, which reduces persistent itching and pain during intercourse.

Development of new collagen fibers can take some time, but most women can realize an improvement in vaginal itching and dryness after treatment. Your physician can recommend more than one laser treatment to ensure that you accomplish the optimal outcome.

Benefits of vaginal revitalization

Because vaginal revitalization procedures require no incisions and invasive techniques, you will not have to worry about operation risks, like bleeding and infection. Vaginal rejuvenation treatment is fast and is done in a relaxed, discreet work environment.

The other benefits of our vaginal revitalization treatment include:

  • No risk of scars
  • No downtime
  • No pain

However, like any other cosmetic procedure, vaginal rejuvenation does not come without risks. When a laser is used, you can get side effects like irritation and redness. But these risks are rare and mild, and should not prevent you from getting your vagina back in shape.

Your provider can also ask you to avoid sex and vigorous exercise for a few days after the procedure, but you can get back to your daily activities immediately after the treatment.

In conclusion, if painful sex or vaginal dryness is interfering with your quality of life, contact Jewell Family & Elder Medicine today for a consultation about vaginal revitalization. We provide reliable vaginal rejuvenation treatments to women seeking to get their vaginas in shape in Rock Hill, SC, and the surrounding areas.

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