Cycling Will Never Beat A Gym Workout

Do you find that a trip to the gym just doesn’t inspire you? Working out at the gym can be useful; however, for many people, it offers no sense of excitement. 

If you’re looking for a full workout for your body, cycling might be the option that suits you best. 

But what makes cycling better than working out the gym?

Here are four great reasons why cycling can beat a gym workout. 

Cycling Uses A Wide Selection Of Muscles

Something that many people overlook when they consider cycling as a great way to keep fit is that it uses a wide range of different muscles

Firstly, there is a wide variety of terrains that you might encounter when cycling outdoors. Each surface and gradient will present its own physical challenges to your body, and you will need to use a whole different set of muscle groups to keep moving. 

You might think that you’re just working out your legs when you’re cycling. This is not true. You’re using your arm muscles as you push against your handlebars. Your back, torso, and core muscles will all be used as you balance your body. With each turn of your pedals, you’ll be pushing your body into a new position. 

But it’s not your body that cycling gives a workout too; it looks after your heart and lungs too. Cycling is an excellent cardiovascular exercise which is also fantastic for burning calories. 

You Will Get Plenty Of Fresh Air When Cycling 

One of the worst things about being in the gym is that it is all a bit boring. You’ll look at the same four walls, and all around you, all you will see is gym equipment. 

Gyms are never the most attractive of places. They can also get quite stuffy, especially when they are full of other people working out. 

Instead of being inside, why not get outside and enjoy your exercise with some fresh air?

When the air is clear and clean, you’ll be more inclined to want to take a deep breath before pushing yourself to climb a steep hill. Without having to worry about the smell of sweat, you can enjoy your ride. 

But it’s not just the fresh air that is more appealing; the surroundings are infinitely better outside than inside. 

You can pick where you’re going to cycle. So, why not take some scenic routes and enjoy the view while you enjoy your ride?

Cycling Can Be Done For Free

A downside to going to the gym has to be the fact that you will need to pay for your gym membership. This rolling monthly payment can be somewhat of a drag, especially when you consider that you could be getting plenty of exercise for free. 

Once you have bought the best road bike for the job, the only outlay will be replacing tyres and brakes once in a while. Other than that, every time you go out and cycle, it is free. 

If you’re someone that has been throwing money away on gym memberships that you don’t even enjoy, then cycling may bring you the cash savings and the freedom that you’ve been craving.

Being Outdoors Will Give You More Motivation 

While it is true that you could use an exercise bike when you’re at the gym, you might not find the experience quite as exhilarating. 

Because the cycling outside gives you so much more of a thrill than using an exercise bike or being sat at a piece of other gym equipment, you will likely feel more motivated as a result. 

The combination of the fresh air, great views, anaerobic exercise, and the fact that you can go where you want makes cycling an excellent option for your mental health

In turn, because of the positive effect that cycling has on your mental health, you will start to feel more positive. You’ll want to cycle further and faster. And, more importantly, you will really begin to love the fitness activity that you are investing your time in doing. 

Get On Your Bike!

If you’ve been convinced that spending time exercising in the great outdoors will not only get you the fresh air that you need, but it’ll give you the chance to work a whole different set of muscles, then it is time for you to look for the best road bikes to get yourself started in your new fitness regime. 

Once you start cycling, you’ll never look back. 

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