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Right Technique Is Important In Achieving 500 Crunches A Day


Are you struggling to achieve your 500 crunches a day challenge? Worry not because help is on its way. Flaunting tight and toned washable abs is every woman’s dream. And the only thing standing between you and that dream is that ungainly roll of fat.

Achieving 500 Crunches A Day IntroductionThe Trouble With CrunchesImprove Your TechniqueChange Your ExercisesPay Attention to Your PostureKeep Your Movements Slow and ControlledHow Many Calories Do Crunches Burn?Let's Crunch Now!

However, the problem is that no matter how hard you work out in the gym, belly fat is the hardest to get rid. Now as you have all been told by your gym instructor or read on a blog, crunches can go a long way in reducing belly fat.

Sorry to break your bubble, but recent studies have revealed that crunches, when done in the right way, are the most effective tummy reducing exercises. To get abs that inspire awe, you must put a little bit of effort with your technique.

Have you been going to the gym but results aren’t showing yet? If you’re struggling with doing crunches, here is a guide to correctly executing them to obtain proper results

The Trouble With Crunches

Often, when doing crunches, most of us have to deal with gut-wrenching neck pains, both during the workout session and after we get home. Irrespective of the moment when you’re experiencing these pains, their causes are usually similar. Here is why you’re having neck troubles when doing crunches:

You’re doing the exercise wrongYour back muscles are contractedYour abdominal muscles are weakYour neck muscles have a poor flexibility

Before you give up hope on going to the gym altogether, read our advice for properly executing crunches to get rid of pains and achieve the results you’re always craving.

Improve Your Technique

The first step towards pain-free crunches is to improve your technique and avoid all mistakes you make during your workout. The most common exercises performed for a fit abdomen are crunches and sit-ups, precisely those same exercises that require you to position your hands behind your head.

Done incorrectly, these lead to the overcharging of the cervical zone and, in some cases even to intense pains during and after the workout session. To prevent this from happening, here are some simple rules you need to have in mind:

Always keep your chin up and keep your neck straight when you’re getting up from the groundKeep your hands behind your ears rather than behind your head; more precisely, gently touch your ears while keeping your elbows as further apart from each other as you can.

Change Your Exercises

The road towards the perfect pain-free abdomen may require you to perform some exercises that are not executed by overcharging your neck. Among the most effective exercises for a perfect belly you can find include:

Performing crunches with the help of a benchUsing a fit ball or an ab rollerLifting your legs from any position you find comfortable, whether it’s on the ground or vertical with the aid of a special gym machine.

Pay Attention to Your Posture

Lifting weights are also among the exercises that can help you obtain that much-desired flat belly. However, so as not to overcharge your joints and other sensible body parts you must pay close attention to your body’s posture. Try to perform crunches with your back arched a little.

Keep Your Movements Slow and Controlled

If you rush through your reps, the chances are that you are not going to reap the same benefits as you would if you slowed down. With fast movements, you end up using momentum rather than strength, thus taking your abs completely out of the equation. It is advisable to keep your movements slow and controlled and at the end of each rep, pause with your back firmly against the floor.

How Many Calories Do Crunches Burn?

The number of calories you burn through crunches depends on the intensity and duration of your workout. Although crunches are mostly beneficial for muscle development, they can equally help you burn a lot of belly fat.

An average person weighing 150 pounds burns roughly two calories after every ten crunches. This means that with 500 crunches a day, you’ll burn a hundred calories or so which is quite impressive though challenging.

Let's Crunch Now!

Want to flatten your tummy? Cultivate a washboard abdomen? Lose those love handles? If you’ve not already invested in an ab device, you might just save your money, get down on your exercise mat and start doing some crunches to get as good an effect as that from any of the popular ab devices. Always remember, technique is essential.

Did you enjoy the article or have any other suggestions on getting rid of belly fat? Leave us a comment down below! We would love to hear what you think.

Calisthenics for Ripped Abs -10 Best Bodyweight Abs Workouts

If you ask any man which part of his body he’d most like to improve, chances are that abs are high on that list.

While there are no rigid rules for getting a six-pack to die for, we can certainly point you in the right direction.

We’re going to walk you through some of the best calisthenics for abs exercises so you can enjoy the midsection of your dreams without needing to live in the gym.

To get visible abs, guys need a body fat percentage of below 15% while girls need to shoot for 20% or less. As the old cliché goes, abs are indeed made in the kitchen. However much you work out, if your abs are covered by a layer of fat, you won’t see the rewards.

Today is not about diet, though, so check out this article for some handy tips on eating so your abs will pop.

Calisthenics for Ripped Abs Calisthenics: What’s It All About?10 Best Bodyweight Abs Workouts1) Crunches2) Twisting Crunches3) Ball Crunches4) Sit-Ups​5) Plank6) Side Plank7) Flutter Kicks8) Inch Worm​9) Knee Raises10) Dragon FlagsWrap-Up

Calisthenics: What’s It All About?

source: BodyBuilding

The name might seem complicated but calisthenics are straightforward…

All it means is using your bodyweight to exercise rather than using weights.

Calisthenics can help you to build strength and endurance simultaneously. You won’t need any expensive equipment or a gym membership.

Not only can you train your abs efficiently, you’ll burn off some fat at the same time so calisthenics are a real win-win.

Most moves in calisthenics are compound exercises. This means that several muscles work together, the core muscles in particular being given a real workout.

To effectively hone your abs, you need to target all parts of the core:

Rectus AbdominisTransversus AbdominisExternal ObliqueInternal Oblique

That aside, focus on proper form rather than rushing and concentrating on numbers.

Without further ado, here are some great ways to get the six-pack of your dreams…

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10 Best Bodyweight Abs Workouts

Perform the number of reps and sets you feel comfortable with.

1) Crunches

​These are a staple of any abs routine. There are many variations but here is an easy way to get started…

Lie on your backKeep knees at 90 degreesPut your hands by your sides or behind your headLift your torso slowly using your absMake sure your head and spine are alignedReturn slowly to starting position

2) Twisting Crunches

With twisting crunches, you can hit the obliques for a fuller workout.

Lie on your back as with regular crunchesKeep knees at 90 degreesPut your hands by your sides or behind your headLift your torso slowly diagonally – bring one shoulder toward the opposite kneeMake sure your head and spine are alignedRepeat for the other side

3) Ball Crunches

The addition of a Swiss ball helps you to extend your range of motion. Also, by creating a degree of instability, your abs will be forced to work harder.

Lie on a Swiss ballKeep your shoulder blades firmly against the ballWith your hips aligned with the ball, roll slowly upwardContract your abs as you riseSlowly go back to the starting position

4) Sit-Ups

Although sit-ups can be effective, there’s no need to go over the top with 1000 a day. Use an ab mat if possible to stop you from flattening your back as you rise.

Lie on your backBend your knees with feet roughly hip distance apartPut your hands on the back of your head, elbows pointed to the sideExhale while pulling your belly button toward your spine and slowly raise your torso bending your hips and waistLift until your torso almost touches your thighs

You may see how to do a sit up on this Video:

​5) Plank

The classic core exercise is demanding but a highly efficient way to hit your abs. You’ll also strengthen your back, shoulders, butt and thighs.

Put your hands under your shoulders in the push-up stance about shoulder-width apartBend your elbows 90 degrees with your weight resting on your forearmsKeep your elbows beneath your shoulders with your body in a straight lineHold this position for as long as you can

6) Side Plank

This variation on the front plank targets the obliques and hips. It also helps to stave off back pain.

Begin on your side with feet together. Make sure your forearm is below your shoulderContract the core then raise your hips so your body forms a straight line from head to toeHold this position for as long as you canRepeat for the other side

7) Flutter Kicks

This punishing exercise hits the main ab muscle (rectus abdominis) and the obliques with a scissoring motion of your legs. Your hips will get a nice workout too.

Lie on an abs mat with your legs fully extended and your arms by your hips, palms down Lift your legs between 4 and 6 inches off the ground. Press your lower back firmly into the matWith legs straight, raise one leg then the other in a fluttering motion up and downFor a bit of variety, you can cross legs under and over rather than fluttering

8) Inch Worm

source: Fitneass

The inch worm is similar to exercising with an ab wheel but slightly easier and demands no equipment.

Stand with feet close together With your legs straight, stretch so your hands are on the floor right below youWalk your hands slowly forward. Alternate between left and right. Make sure to only bend at the hip with your legs straightContinue until your body is parallel to the floor as in a push-up positionWith your hands still, take a few steps with your feet. Only move a few inches in one goKeep going until your feet are by your hands

​9) Knee Raises

source: Bodybuilding

For knee raises, you will need a bar to hang on. By tilting your pelvis, you can really engage the abs rather than relying on your hips.

Hang on the barRaise your knees as high as possibleHold for as long as you can

10) Dragon Flags

source: BodyBuilding

We’ll finish off with arguably the toughest abs exercise of the lot, the dragon flag. If it was good enough for Bruce Lee, it’s good enough for anyone! You’ll need a bench for this one…

Lie on a bench (flat or decline)Hold the edge directly behind your head using both your handsCreate some tension all the way throughout your bodySwing feet upward so your body is nearly vertical. Keep shoulder blades on the benchMake sure to keep the core tight and body straightLower feet until they’re slightly above the benchLift your legs to finish 1 rep


We hope this glance at calisthenics for abs has given you some fresh ideas for your workout.

Contact us if you have any queries or feedback. We always love to hear from our readers and we’re more than happy to help.

When training, it’s always good to mix things up. This prevents boredom and stops your muscles becoming accustomed to a particular exercise.

Getting a solid six-pack is really not rocket science. Eat clean, keep that body fat down and workout 3 times a week. You don’t need much time and you don’t really need any equipment.


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