Common Habits That Are Keeping You From Quality Sleep

While studies confirm that a morning workout routine can significantly enhance your quality of sleep, an ideal bedtime routine is just as important. However, far too many of us have grown comfortable with a series of shockingly common bad habits that are known culprits for ruining a good night's rest. Furthermore, the common complaint of discomfort is often associated with sleep issues and while you can combat the discomfort and improve the quality of your sleep by investing in a natural mattress, you should take care in avoiding these bad habits.

Eating Heavy Meals Late At Night

The issue of eating large and heavy meals right before heading off to bed is likely to prevent restorative sleep as your digestive system will be occupied. This bad habit is often the reason many of us battle to settle down and the problem can even lead to digestive issues such as indigestion. It would be a far better idea to enjoy your dinner earlier in the evening and consider light meals. Snacking on fruits or veggies can be an effective way to combat hunger late at night while adapting to this healthier eating habit.

Drinking Coffee In The Afternoons And Evenings

If you are guilty of indulging in caffeine drinks such as coffee at least 6 hours prior to your bedtime, you probably aren’t able to get the quality sleep you deserve. This is because caffeine is a stimulant and even one cup of coffee in the afternoon will likely keep you from sleep. You should rather switch up your warm drinks and opt for tea that does not contain any caffeine or even consider the relaxation effects of chamomile tea. Caffeine and sleep simply do not complement one another and even though coffee is considered a staple in most of our diets, it is best to minimize your consumption and limit yourself to only enjoy it in the mornings.

Napping For Too Long

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Getting rid of the bad habit of napping for too long may seem daunting, although, the effects of a long nap are unfortunately rejuvenating enough to prevent sleep in the evenings. It would be wise to either skip naps altogether or at the very least, limit your napping time to no longer than half an hour. In addition to restricting your napping time, another terrible habit to avoid is the deceiving luxury of sleeping in on weekends as this will simply distort your sleep cycles and make Monday mornings far more trying than they really are.

Using Your Phone In Bed

The vast majority of the population is guilty of scanning their smartphones in bed. However, this common bad habit is a large reason why sleep is often a far off luxury as the blue light and the stimulating entertainment will ruin your chances of quality sleep. If you are committed to the benefits of sleep, you should avoid using your smartphone at night. It may be difficult to kick this terrible habit, although, to start off you could consider the relaxation of leaving your phone in another room to avoid the disturbance. 

Guest post by Pete McAllister

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