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What is CBD Hemp Clones and How It Can Help Your Health

CBD is a well known famous plant-based compound and it comes from the cannabis plant. The cannabis plant is now been cloned to develop many other products. The family of cannabis is the same but products can vary.You can clone and produce CBD which has high cannabidiol properties and less of TCH. The other way […]

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5 Daily Habits You Should Avoid To Prevent Asthma

Asthma is a respiratory disease that normally starts from childhood. Asthma affects about 2 million of our 30 million Malaysian population. According to the Health Ministry’s Pulmonology Services head Dr Jamalul Azizi Abdul Rahaman, only about 6% of the asthmatic patients are well controlled. It is an alarming figure because asthma can cause a life-threatening […]

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Achieving Great Results With Sports Nutrition

Athletes dream of stardom and championship wins. They imagine being on top of their game while getting respect and admiration from devoted fans and peers alike. They go through a grueling training regimen to improve their performance and achieve the highest level of success. But never-ending workouts and determination are only part of the equation. Sports […]

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How Many Calories Does Planking Burn? All You Need To Know

IntroductionStrengthening the core is a vital aspect of any workout program. We all know that very few people get excited about planking, but those who cherish this exercise boast of a good-looking, strong and solid core. How many calories does planking burn seems to be a hard question to many people and it is not easy […]

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