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Sleepy After Workout? Cues You Need To Check Out

Do you always feel sleepy after workout? Well, worry not because you’re not alone. Many people have always complained about it and I think it’s time to shed some light on the issue.There’s nothing wrong with feeling tired or sleepy after a good workout and in most cases it is an indication that you’ve worked […]

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Do Squats Make You Shorter? The Answer May Surprise You

There have been concerns lately about whether or not squats affect and destroy growth plates that results to stunted growth or height loss. This is a legitimate question that deserves proper answers. If you are wondering, do squats make you shorter? Here are the facts that you need to know. Understanding Physeal Closure The controversy […]

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Why Does Your Heart Beat Faster When You Exercise?

During exercise, the heart naturally beats faster to supply more oxygen-rich blood to your muscles. Intense exercise means a more rapid heart rate.If you are a gym enthusiast, an athlete or have ever exercised in your life, then you would realize that your heart rate increases when you exercise. Even when you halt your exercise, […]

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Does Stretching Make You Taller Even After Puberty?

Being tall has always been preferred in our society. Tall people have more advantage in a wide variety of sports, look better in clothes and are considered attractive by many. Aside from that, and even without sensible reason, height is equated to power and success. In fact, studies show that taller people find it easier to […]

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The Ultimate Guide on How to Get Bigger Hips Fast

Now that 2017 is here, it’s time to shed off the pounds and become a better you. There are a ton of women who are looking to lose weight. But that isn’t the only goal they are trying to achieve! What most girls think about getting thinner would also be achieving the shape they want, […]

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