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Gardening and Its Impact on Physical and Mental Health

Modern technology has giving a lot to mankind like longer life expectancies, eases of travel, and generally more comforts than our ancestors had. We can have practically anything we wish for at the snap of our fingers. This took more than a few decades to accomplish, but is there anything that we have lost at […]

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Stress and Depression Management

Stress can simply be understood as the body’s way of responding to extremely challenging emotional and even physical demands. Emotional stress is known to play a critical role in causing depression. In other words, a stressful situation can lead to feelings of depression, which can make stress management more difficult. Stress can also be a […]

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Alzheimer’s Prevention Strategies: Maintaining Healthy Brains Throughout Life [Infographic]

New research into aging and brain function offers hope that managing certain health and lifestyle factors may postpone or prevent Alzheimer’s Disease. Is aging gracefully possible in a time when the rate of Alzheimer’s Disease (AD) is significantly increasing? Researchers like Dr. Gary Small, director of the UCLA Center on Aging and organizations like The National […]

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