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How Bad Shoes Negatively Impact Your Physical Health

From walking to running and maintaining our balance, we owe much to our feet. Yet, we are pretty negligent, especially when it comes to caring for them. Although your feet don’t ask for much, except a good pair of shoes and some love every now and then, most of us tend to bare a rather […]

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5 Ways to Speed Recovery From an Injury

Even a slight injury like a mild ankle sprain or shin splint can sideline your workout or training routine drastically. While an individualized treatment and recovery plan might be strategized with your doctor, there are a handful of key actions to always keep in mind to bolster your body’s natural healing abilities.RestEver heard of the […]

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Shoulder Pain When doing Push Ups? We Got You Covered

The shoulder is a complicated body joint and unlike other joints that are just a single bone fitting ion another bone, the shoulder is a complex interplay between the scapula, clavicle, and humerus. Besides, the shoulder joint is in some way affected or controlled by almost every muscle in the upper torso. Now you might […]

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