Can Marijuana Affect Better Than Medicine?

In spite of the conservative laws regarding Marijuana in many countries, more and more people have the ability to discover the healing properties of it. It is a normal tendency for every society to make groundbreaking and brave discoveries that first seem crazy but then change history.

The usage of Cannabis in medicine might become the next example of a discovery that changes human life, say the top experts from Some people still look askance when a doctor prescribes Marijuana, but others already know from their personal experience what kind of effect on one’s health it might bring.

As it has already been mentioned, the governments of many countries stubbornly do not let medical science develop into the direction of the usage of Marijuana as a remedy for many diseases. As a result of it, a limited number of studies have been led regarding Cannabis.

Everything would be different if politicians had a degree in medicine. But for the time being, the information that we have about the curative effect of Cannabis is mostly based on the surveys and questionnaires. 

Many people admit that for them, this is the best way to relax, combat anxiety, and depression. And even if there are not enough studies performed regarding Cannabis and one’s health, an intelligent person scrutinizing the facts about a human body and the components of Cannabis can understand why sometimes it works better than medication.

Why Do Companies Want Us To Buy Medication?

We should always bear in mind that medicine is a huge business too. Pharmaceutical companies earn millions on us. Therefore, medication producers may employ many marketing strategies in order to make us buy their products. Many illnesses and conditions are being invented nowadays. Sometimes, people are forced to believe that they have a certain condition, so they run to the pharmacy to get a remedy.

Every day, thousands of supplements, vitamins, or painkillers are taken by people whose bodies do not actually need it. It weakens the organism and harms its ability to defend itself from a real external hazard.

Modern people are often called ‘the snowflake generation.’ Indeed, we stockpile tonnes of medications and take pills almost every day. But one needs to make sure the medicine they take is really needed, and they are not the victim of someone’s insidious marketing plan.

Which Conditions Can Be Improved By Cannabis?

Many doctors already prescribe medical Marijuana to those who suffer from depression, sleep disorders, and even anorexia. But others are still afraid to use the innovative method to cure. Let’s have a more detailed look at cannabis consumption during different illnesses.


This is an umbrella term that is used to describe the problems with cognitive abilities such as memory, spatial orientation, attention, logic, and reasoning due to the damage of certain parts of the human brain.

Usually, this condition can be found in seniors. But nowadays, more and more young people suffer from it. 

Cannabis will not cure the damaged brain cells, but it can alleviate the symptoms of this process, says the research made in Ottawa in 2019. So, according to the study, this remedy helps to get rid of irritability, nocturnal behavior disorders, agitation, and many other symptoms of dementia.


Depression is one of the omnipresent illnesses of the twenty-first century. The problem lies in the fact that it is very difficult to be revealed and, then, to get rid of. 

There might be many different reasons for depression. But one of the most common is anxiety and haunting thoughts that don’t let a person relax and enjoy normal activities in life.

Very often, antidepressants might be too strong for a delicate human organism. They will have a relaxing effect, but together with it, you might feel exhausted, sleepy, unable to work or concentrate. 

Medical Marijuana does not make your cognitive abilities so slow and inactive. It relieves you from the anxiety, lets the obnoxious thoughts go away, and helps to get rid of depression.

The fact that in many countries, it is legal to go to work or to drive after CBD consumption only highlights it’s safety. When it comes to THC, there are more law restrictions worldwide.

Remember, that Cannabis will help you get rid of the temporal triggers of depression and anxiety. But in order to be emotionally healthy completely, you should combine marijuana intake with therapy with a specialist who would help you solve your internal problems, not only mask them.

Marijuana As A Painkiller

A 2014 study published by the Hawaii Journal of Medicine & Public Health has proved the therapeutic benefits of Cannabis. According to it, Cannabis can be used as painkillers or substitute them at all.

This is great news for people with various medical conditions. There are many illnesses that cause chronic pain, which you can relieve by consuming Cannabis. 

Therefore, next time instead of taking a painkiller that damages your liver, stomach, and other organs, consider trying CBD. This should help to get rid of an intense ache very quickly.

The Last Thing

The research regarding Marijuana is still in process. Hopefully, in the nearest future, there will be more favorable circumstances for leading it. For the time being, the only evidence of the positive effect of Cannabis on human health are surveys and limited research.

Remember to not consume Cannabis in the regions where it’s illegal. Bear in mind, that only adults can take this kind of therapy nowadays. Also, you should remember that home remedies are not always beneficial to one’s health, and in most cases, visiting a doctor is a must.

Consult a doctor or another expert on this topic in order to make your final conclusion about the medicine you take. Very often, the symptoms we see are just the tip of an iceberg and can be a sign of a very serious disease.

Make sure that you don’t cure yourself of the wrong illness in order to prevent the lethal effects. Always be responsible when it comes to your health and life.

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