Can I train for Mixed Martial Arts at home?

What is the best sport, which requires no complicated equipment and still gets an intense workout in and makes you work for it?

Mixed martial arts is a great high intensity contact sport, which is a combination of other intense and intricate fighting disciplines that are easily under the guidance of a trainer, or even at home. It is a power surging combat system mixing elements of Jiu jitsu, karate, boxing, wrestling and many other sports.

What they all have in common is the ability to train not just the body, but also the mind. It requires discipline, focus, strength and balance. It can make you break a sweat and restore inner peace at the same time. Even if one takes the training with the intention of not fighting but to improve strength training, this is the go-to work out for them.

What are some of the basics you should know before you delve into this high-energy routine workout?

You have to figure out first if you are training to fight professionally or just looking to spice your daily fitness regime so identifying your aim is an essential component of structuring your MMA schedule.

That can affect your training goals, and actually change what your goals can be. Training schedules and styles will also differ according to the goals you set for yourself in the beginning.

The multiplicity if factors an MMA fighter has to focus on are agility, flexibility, strength, speed and stamina to be able to sustain fights.

These offer tremendous benefits for our body as our bodies become more adaptable to such training. Each of these factors mentioned above, plays an important role in the actual fighting of the sport. It also contributes to the nourishment of the mind and focuses on mental aspects as well as it mentally prepares you for the fight.

For example, working on your speed will make you more efficient when it comes to dodging punches and hits. Not only that, but to be able to perform counterattacks and being able to hold your own body in the ring to outlast the opponent is extremely crucial. Knowing how to store your energy will be crucial as well.

Flexibility, strength and power will allow you to deliver punches and kicks with maximum force and impact and this would maximize your overall results on your body.

How to train for Mixed Martial Arts?

There are many tutorials and videos available one and you can easily learn through them, if you are hesitant in joining a College MMA program or your nearby gym that is always an option.

Depending on your skill level, whether you are a beginner or at an intermediate level, starting with a video online will give you an idea of wat you are going to experience throughout this work out.

Most trainers start with shadow boxing, which is basically just practicing punches and jabs in the air in fight position, until they move on to fighting against a heavy bag and eventually an opponent. This is the last stage, so before you do that, make sure you are well trained.

Benefits of performing Mixed Martial Arts

There are going to be many improvements and changes you will begin to notice within yourself when you start training for MMA. Even when you are trying to train for one discipline, like Kickboxing or Muay Thai.

The kind of discipline you need for any exercise is exemplary and it is something that you should not compromise on. The level of focus and discipline it will demand and the surge of dopamine levels in the brain due to increased cardiovascular activity will bring tenfold of improvement in your mental health.

It will teach you about commitment and facing your fears. These are some of the things you should keep in mind before you start training, first, whether you are training to fight or training as a supplementary workout, you need to remind yourself that you have made a promise to yourself, to rise up to the challenge and try to accomplish set goals.

If this commitment level is present within you, then you are all set for training at home, as what is more difficult than a work out is being committed to it. MMA will surprise you in ways you cannot fathom.

Training for mixed martial arts can definitely begin at home, but you should know that it is a highly intense sport that requires a long-term commitment. As you start progressing the levels of intensity, you will realize the need for guidance and training.

There are components that you can easily do at home, like building circuits of interval training of jumping rope combined with strength training exercises like pushups, burpees, lunges, jump squats and mountain climbers.


 Home-based training can be done at a very basic level to give you a feel of what the entire experience would be like. Among the multiple ways through which you can began your MMA training, the best way to start training is to start with kickboxing. Within the three different kinds of styles required in MMA (Stand-up fighting, clinch ability and ground game), you can focus on any particular one for the start.

However, if you want to stick with this in the long term and really work on improving your mind and body and see the results then considering proper training at an MMA institute will be a good investment for you.

Of course, you can always take a couple of classes first and try to practice at home later as this makes you more assured with what you are doing in terms of your training. If you have the drive and commitment, you can easily progress through this grueling form of art and fighting mixed. It would be a good idea to start with the process at home and see if you have what it takes. You might explore different things about yourself in this process.

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