Calisthenics Workout Routine for Beginners: Top 7 Options That Work

Are you presently in search of the best calisthenics workout routine for beginners? Calisthenics workouts have gained extreme popularity at present because they are guaranteed to work.

Also called bodyweight training, calisthenics workout is beneficial because it helps you build more toned and bigger muscles. You can achieve that without going to the gym. You can also do it anytime and anywhere.

However, just like any other type of workout, starting a calisthenics routine can be a bit challenging. Fortunately, this guide is now around to help you in your search for the best calisthenics workout routine for beginners that lets you attain your fitness goals.

Top 5 Calisthenics Workout Routine

#1 – Pushups to Develop and Strengthen Core Muscles

One of the major goals of pushups is to develop and strengthen your core. It also aids in strengthening your shoulder muscles while also stimulating the perfect bench-pressing form.

To perform pushups, do the following steps:

  • Begin by suspending your body over the ground. Support your body on tiptoes and on your palms. Keep your elbows locked and your hands apart; it should be shoulder-width apart and turned at a 45-degree angle. Tuck your chin in.
  • Bend your elbows until your chest nearly touches the floor. Do this so you can move your body down using controlled and smooth movement.
  • Bring your body back up while ensuring that your palms remain on the floor. Do as many pushups as you can.

The good thing about this exercise is that it has the tendency of making you stronger. Once you notice that you’ve already improved your strength, it will be easier for you to perform more challenging versions of this exercise. These include explosive pushups and one-hand pushups.

For a more thorough demonstration, check out this video:

#2 – Jumping Jacks: A Fun Way to Perform Calisthenics

Calisthenics Workout Routine for Beginners

Another popular calisthenics workout for beginners is the jumping jacks. Also called star jumps, it is also an effective cardio workout. To perform this, here are some steps:

  • Start with your feet shoulder-width apart and your arms positioned by your side
  • Jump while spreading your legs. You should also simultaneously raise the hands on your sides above your shoulders. Make sure that your open palms nearly touch each other.
  • Jump again but in this step, you have to put your feet back into their initial position. Your arms should also be brought back to your sides.

To make this calisthenics routine even more effective and challenging, consider wearing ankle and wrist weights. Another tip is to increase the duration of each jumping jack session. You can also increase your speed or intensity but ensure that proper form is retained.

#3 – Crunches: Helping you Strengthen your Abdominal Muscles

If you’re in search of the best calisthenics workout designed for beginners like you, then crunches can also help you out. The good thing about this exercise is that it has numerous benefits such as strengthening your ab muscles.

You can perform crunches with the following steps:

  • Look for a firm area where you can lie on your back. Bend your two knees while also positioning your heels and the balls of your feet flatly on the ground.
  • Put your arms across your chest. Alternatively, you can put your arms straight out in front over your head. Your toes and heels should stay planted firmly on the ground.
  • Lift your shoulder blades gradually away from the floor. Make sure to contract the muscles in your abdomen while you also focus on keeping your knees bent.
  • Lift your body up, around halfway away from the floor. Stay in this position for around three seconds. Once done, you can bring your torso back down on the floor.
  • Make sure, however, that it’s still a bit elevated from the ground. This means avoid letting your back lightly on the floor. The goal is to position it with a slight and comfortable arch.

If you’re still a beginner, you can perform ten reps of this workout. You can slowly increase your reps once you start gaining strength.

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#4 – Inverted/Bodyweight Row: One of the Simplest Calisthenics Routine

This is a good workout as you can use it to have an easier time transitioning to performing pull-ups. One advantage about this is that you can choose to do it at the comforts of your own home. All you need is a strong and sturdy table.

  • Lie down beneath your table. Put your chest just over the table’s edge.
  • Grab it with your hands then pull your body up.

It’s also possible for you to do this exercise in reverse. By doing so, you can give your other muscles their needed workout.

For more information on how to get this done, check out this video.

#5 – Burpees: Giving you a Full Body Workout

If you’re aiming to attain a full body workout with calisthenics, then you ought to give burpees a try. This is one of the most effective exercises for your entire body that only requires your body weight.Here are the steps:

  • Start by setting your body in a low squat position. Put your hands on the floor.
  • Kick your feet back until it follows a push-up position. Do one push-up then bring your feet back to its original squat position.
  • Leap as high as possible. Then perform a squat. You can then move back into the push-up part of this workout session.

To do this calisthenics workout correctly, you can use this video as a guide:

#6 – Single Leg Deadlift: Calisthenics Workout for your Legs

Looking for a calisthenics workout for beginners that will target your legs? Then the single leg deadlift will surely work perfectly for you. To do this specific workout, just perform the following simple steps:

  • Stand with your feet together. Raise your right leg a bit then put your torso and arms down while also lifting your right leg behind your body.
  • Bend your left knee slightly. The next step is to let your arms reach as close to the floor as possible.
  • Lift your torso while bringing your right leg down.
  • Repeat the mentioned steps but this time, do it on the opposite leg.

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#7 – Rotational Pushup: A More Challenging Version of the Standard One

Have you noticed that the typical pushup does not give you the result you initially expected? Then why not do some variation. One way to make the standard pushup more challenging is to perform the rotational pushup.

It is an effective way to work out your core. Here are some steps to do it:

  • Start in a pushup position then go back up.Rotate your body to the right then extend your right hand over your head. This move should let you form a letter T using your torso and arms.
  • Go back to the initial position then perform the standard pushup.
  • The last step is to rotate to the left then do the routine again.

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Calisthenics workouts, even if you’re still a beginner, can indeed work wonders in improving your physique and working out the different parts of your body. One great advantage of this type of workout is that it does not require expensive gym memberships and equipment.

You can do it anywhere, even at home. This article has provided you with some information about the benefits of calisthenics exercises, as well as some workouts that you can easily do at home.

Let us know what you think about this article by posting in the comment section. Also, please don’t hesitate to share it to your network if you find it useful.

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