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The Best Sauna Suit for Your Workouts: What You Should Know

From immune boosting to weight loss, the health benefits associated with sauna use are a clear indicator that science is on the side of this heat-based therapy. Better yet, sauna use is a natural yet effective way to achieve optimal body health and longevity. While we cannot all afford a monthly membership to a spa, it is possible to harness all the health benefits of a sauna in the best sauna suit.

Whether you’re pro-sauna suit or against the sauna suit, we cannot deny that the merits outweigh the negatives, that’s if you use your sauna suit correctly and take all the necessary precautions.

The Best Sauna Suit for Your Workouts The Benefits of Wearing A Sauna Suit Amplifies your Metabolic Rate It Contributes to Fast Weight LossIncreases Blood CirculationHelps Flush Out Toxins from the BodyCool Weather Workout Gear What to Look for When Purchasing the Best Sauna Suit The Type of Material VentilationThe SizeManufacturer’s Washing GuidelinesTop 5 Best Sauna Suit Reviews 4Fit Neoprene Sauna Suit Kutting Neoprene Weight Loss Sauna Suit RDX MMA Neoprene Sauna Suit Body SPA Light Body Sauna Suit (Pink, Large) Body SPA Light Body Sauna Suit (Purple, Medium) Winner of the Roundup

Before we can delve in any individual sauna suit, let’s first look at the value they add to your life. After that, you are free to browse through the list of what we consider to be the top five best sauna suits.

The Benefits of Wearing A Sauna Suit

The sauna suit is a popular product that many people use to enhance their workouts. From the father of two who is trying to shed some little belly fat to the professional athlete who is trying to cut weight, there are several reasons why one may want to wear a sauna suit while working out. What are the benefits of a sauna suit?

Amplifies your Metabolic Rate

Just like stepping into a sauna, studies have revealed that a sauna suit triggers an elevated metabolic rate. A sauna suit is designed to offer you the benefits of a real sauna and as a result, wearing it can aid in boosting your metabolism which is helpful in losing weight.

It Contributes to Fast Weight Loss

It’s not a surprise for an individual to work out for an hour in a sauna suit and shed 5 pounds. Sauna suits work by raising your metabolic rate and increasing perspiration, both of which help burn calories. The more you sweat, the more water your body loses, which results in weight loss.

Increases Blood Circulation

While working out in a sauna suit, an individual’s pulse rate and metabolism increases, blood rushes to the skin surface, the blood vessels dilate and as a result, circulation increases. The beauty with this is that the body’s extremities benefit the most from better blood circulation. Better yet, blood is pumped away from the body organs.

Helps Flush Out Toxins from the Body

The armpits smell because they are one of the key centers for the body to get rid of toxins within the system. Since the body is constantly surrounded by bacteria and other harmful entities, a sauna suit offers the best tool to get rid of body toxins since it mimics a real sauna.

Cool Weather Workout Gear

What makes the sauna suit successful for weight loss also makes it excellent for use in the cold weather. When you work out, the body temperature increases and sauna suit helps maintain the high body temperature by retaining the heat and essentially providing a shell of warmth in the cold weather.

By now, you have probably made the decision to purchase the best sauna suit to support your daily workout and lifestyle goals but you have no idea of where to begin. Not all sauna suits are created equal so if you want to buy the best suit, here are some guidelines that will help you buy a product that outlives you.

What to Look for When Purchasing the Best Sauna Suit

The Type of Material

The three most common material types you’ll find in most sauna suits are Nylon, PVC, and Neoprene. While these materials appear to be similar at first glance, only one is ideal when buying a sauna suit.

PVC is a synthetic, low quality plastic material that’s susceptible to ripping and has a short lifespan.

Nylon, although tougher and more effective that PVC, is a great health hazard since it promotes spread of illness-causing bacteria.

Neoprene is a synthetic rubber material that can withstand extreme temperatures and high intensity workouts. Neoprene allows for a range of motion and flexibility and no other sauna suit material beats it.

Besides ensuring a longer shelf life, a high quality material is crucial for your safety and performance. To purchase the best sauna suit, you need to ensure that you don’t put your body at risk of overheating, which might be the case with Nylon and PVC.


Users of low quality sauna suits have been known to faint only a few minutes into their workout. Ventilation is an important factor to consider when buying a sauna suit because it ensures your body can safely increase in total body heat while at the same time cooling off just enough to avoid overheating.

Look for a suit that features several safety ventilation zones for proper exchange of air on the body surface.

The Size

The size of your sauna suit is another important aspect to consider since it applied to loose-style and close-fitting suits. When your suit is too small, it inhibits blood circulation and when it’s too large, it causes chafing while you work out.

Manufacturer’s Washing Guidelines

While shopping for a sauna suit, it should be noted that not all sauna suits can safely washed in your washing machine or dried in a drier. Most sauna suits require hand washing with warm, detergent water and air-drying. If you are an individual who prefers machine washing and drying, the chances are that you might end up with a damaged sauna suit.

For optimal weight loss, the sauna suit works wonders when used together with a waist trimmer. Waist compression and trimming are not new concepts and waist trimmers are accessories you need to buy along with your sauna suit.

Besides reducing the size of your waist, there sweat-inducing compression sauna swaths offer excellent back support and inadvertently remind you to adhere to a better diet and exercise more for healthy weight loss.

Top 5 Best Sauna Suit Reviews

4Fit Neoprene Sauna Suit

via Amazon

Losing weight can be more effective with 4Fit’s sauna suit that works perfectly for all. This hand-washable Neoprene sauna suit can be an excellent buy since it boasts of custom fit features and offers a quick way to lose weight.

One particularly attractive feature about this suit is that it offers a close body fit for unrestricted movement as you work out. Better yet, this suit is made of a 3mm thick Neoprene material that retains your body heat for serious sweating.

Besides being a unisex suit, the 4Fit Neoprene Sauna Suit is very easy to slip in and take off all thanks to its zip in the front. It is made of a super stretchy material enhances easy movement required in any kind of workout. What’s even more exciting is that this suit is hand-washable so there’s no need to take it to the drier.

Check It Out On Amazon


It is reinforced under the crotch and armsIt’s a unisex suitDurableComfortable to move around inThis suit looks good


The zipper is of a poor qualityThis suit has an unpleasant smellIt can be uncomfortable in the crotch area

Kutting Neoprene Weight Loss Sauna Suit

via Amazon

If you’re looking for a sweat suit that will perfectly compliment for dieting and weight loss, then the Kutting Weight Loss Sauna Suit. This is a one-of-a-kind suit that features an innovative design that helps retain the heat around your core to better enhance the results of your workout.

What’s more exciting about this suit is that it has a comfortable fit and can be worn alone or under your usual workout wear. Designed to deliver incomparable water weight loss and intensify your sweat levels, this suit is a crucial tool for most of your workouts.

This suit boasts of a flexible 2.5mm elastic neoprene material with ventilation in the inner leg sections and underarms for breathability and comfort. Better yet, this sauna suit features a convenient front zipper with a protection flap and triple reinforced stitching for optimal durability and long-term use.

Check It Out On Amazon


This suit is a great fitOffers a soft textureVentilation zones in the inner leg and armpits sections allow for breathability and comfortHigh quality suitIt washes wellIt’s stretchy and comfortable


Sizing might be a problem so it’s advisable to take measurements prior to orderingThis suit feels heavy when one puts it onIt’s difficult to get on and almost impossible to get off

RDX MMA Neoprene Sauna Suit

via Amazon

This sauna suit from RDX offers a serious sweat loss of the excess pounds. Made from 3mm RDX Ultra flex neoprene material, this suit is easy to hand wash. Also, this sweat suit zip sup the front for a comfortable and easy wearing and removal. Better yet, this suit does not inhibit any of your body movement because it fits close to the body.

The suit’s super-stretchy, triple reinforced material permits for freedom of movement irrespective of your workout. What’s even more attractive is the suit’s flat-lock seams and anatomical cut that not only give freedom of movement but also supply a lot of warmth and offer excellent insulation capabilities for a warmer core. Its custom fit properties make it ideal for use by both men and women.

Check It Out On Amazon


This suit fits snug and makes you sweat a lotIt arrives within days of orderingThis suit adds much intensity to your workoutsYou sweat a lot in this suitVery well made suitIt is breathable and flexible


This suit is hell to get off since it’s very tightIt is a little tough to cleanIt usually has a funny neoprene smell when it first arrivesThe size chart is not quite accurate

Body SPA Light Body Sauna Suit (Pink, Large)

via Amazon

If you’re looking for a sweat suit ideal for both men and women and one that has sauna like qualities, then the Body SPA Light Body Sauna Suit is what you need. By mimicking an actual spa, this suit stimulates better perspiration and helps you lose your inches in no time.

One exciting aspect about this suit is that it is made of a light and comfortable material that is just perfect for any kind of workout that requires stretching. Better yet, this sweat swath can be worn under your clothes since it fits like a glove.

The super-flexible material makes this suit easy to exercise in and reduces the likelihood of injuries. The neoprene material increases ones perspiration levels making it easier to get rid of excess water and toxins.

Whether aerobics, boxing or MMA, this sweat suit can be used for any type of exercise. Besides, if you need to increase your mental and physical endurance, then this is the sweat suit to go for.

Check It Out On Amazon


Very comfortableCan be used through an array of exercisesIncreases flexibility thus minimizing the risk of injuryOffers good value for your moneyExcellent for workout support


The suit’s arms are tight thus moving your arms up and down can be strainfulThe sleeves slip off while you have it onPoor fitting in the shouldersIt gets loose in a very short time of use

Body SPA Light Body Sauna Suit (Purple, Medium)

via Amazon

If you need a lightweight sauna suit that will let you work out on right about any exercise, then look no further. Made from spandex, this sweat swath is comfortable, offers a great fit and allows you to stretch easily when performing any kind of exercise.

Besides, this suit boasts of excellent ventilation that helps improve air circulation while at the same time retaining your body warmth.This sauna suit aims at increasing your body’s metabolism, helping you sweat more and increase your physical endurance. Better yet, with its different sizes, you’re going to get a suit that is a perfect fit for you.

Check It Out On Amazon


This suit is very comfortableCan be worn under the clothes or by itselfIt fits true to its sizePerfect for water weight lossConceals sweat and smellThis suit is very light


The sleeves are so tight in the armsIt offers very little compressionNot durableIt cuts off circulation in the armsThe butt area isn’t neoprene

Winner of the Roundup

Although the race for the best sauna suit was tight, the number one tag of this roundup goes to Kutting Neoprene Weight Loss Sauna Suit. Well-crafted with a penchant to detail, this 2.5mm elastic neoprene fabric suit is the definition of ultimate comfort and flexibility.

The ventilation zones are on point for added comfort and breathability without losing body heat. The suit’s innovative design gives it a good outward appearance and we encourage you to give this sweat suit a go.

If you have any queries on sweat suits and waist trimmer products, let us know by dropping us a comment. Feel free to share this piece and we wish you a happy workout.

5 Tips on Buying the Right Boxing Gloves – Top #05 Boxing Gloves

The right boxing gloves are more elusive than a boxing championship. Boxers search high and low to buy the gloves that are a perfect fit and offer the correct combination of safety, comfort and balance.

Most new fighters don’t know this but there are some factors that go into selecting boxing gloves. For that purpose you need tips that can help you find gloves that are an extension of your hands.

Tip no 1 – Select the right size

Boxing gloves are made differently for men, women and children, and there are also a size difference within these categories; small, medium and large.

If you don’t know what glove size fits you properly, then you should give a few of them a try.

The problem is that different brands also make the sizes differently.

The glove should not be too snug, as it will loosen up after usage. Also, you will be wearing hand wraps under the glove so you have to have room for that. So your glove needs to be roomy enough for the hand wraps.

When buying a leather glove remember that leather stretches over time, more than other materials.

You don’t want gloves that will fly off your hands when you throw punches and shouldn’t be too tight, which could compromise the safety of the gloves.

Tip no 2 – The weight has to be right

The amount of protection that a glove has adds to its weight. Heavier the glove, the more safety it will provide to the boxers.

The gloves can weigh between 8 ounces to 20 ounces. The use that the gloves are put to also determines which weight you should buy; more on glove usage later.

Boxers who are new to the sport, and some fitness enthusiasts, prefer heavier gloves because they are safer. More experienced boxers go for lighter gloves.

When you enter boxing competition, they might restrict the glove weight for specific weight classes. You have to keep that in mind when shopping for gloves.

Tip no 3 – The material matters

Two main materials that are used in the manufacture of boxing gloves are leather and vinyl.

Vinyl gloves are cheaper, the material is less breathable and it is prone to quick wear and tear.

Leather is more sturdy and expensive. It is also more breathable than vinyl.

New boxers don’t have to purchase leather gloves at first. They can opt for vinyl for their training and buy leather gloves when they have progressed as fighters.

Tip no 4 – Velcro, then laces

The closure mechanism for every brand of boxing gloves is of two types; Velcro and laces.

Laces offer a more secure closure, they can be laced up just like a shoe.Velcro is slightly less secure but it is easier to operate.

The simple science to this is that you should have a pair with Velcro at first, because you will be working out on your own in the beginning and Velcro would be easy to handle. When you have to enter a fight, then you can get a pair of gloves with laces.

Tip no 5 – Training or Fighting

A lot of people take up boxing just for fitness; they would be fine with less expensive vinyl gloves.

Boxers on the other hand actually require 2 pairs of gloves that are both durable and offer a high level of protection.

The first pair should be for training only. These gloves are heavier because you will be training with heavy bags.

The second pair should be for fights only. They will be lighter so you can punch faster.

Both pairs can be vinyl if you are just getting into boxing. More serious boxers should swing for 2 pairs of leather gloves.

Price is of obvious importance for boxers when they are out buying gloves. It shouldn’t be.

If you are only looking for gloves to help you in your daily fitness routine, then a cheaper vinyl pair will do.

Serious boxers need gloves that can last them a long time and more importantly it should have proper protection. Hand safety trumps price any day. Boxers should utilize the information above to buy the glove that fits right, feels right, has the right safety and is just perfect in every way.

Guest Post by Nicola Anderson

Nicola Anderson is a 25 year old sports journalist based in UK. She loves watching MMA and boxing when she is not writing for various websites and blogs on sports, fitness and nutrition. She is a metal head and works out to tracks by Ozzy Osbourne, Pantera, AC/DC and Slayer.

Best Home Boxing Gym Reviews and Buying Guide

Boxing may experience peaks and troughs of popularity but the sport endures and continues to grow.

There’s something primal about boxing that it’s easy to become drawn to.

We’re going to look today at what you need to equip a decent home boxing gym.

Whether you want to get in shape before attending a boxing club or you are already training and want the added flexibility of a space at home, getting a worthwhile gym in place is easy and not particularly costly.

Today, we’ll explore what you need to get started. We’ll review some of the essential gear so you can make the right choice first time. After that, we’ll point you in the direction of some extra equipment to really round out your gym.


Firstly, it’s time to consider a few simple factors before you get down to the business of gathering equipment…

Best Home Boxing Gym Reviews and Buying Guide Home Boxing Gym: Getting Started Space General Fitness EquipmentThink About The Noise Essential Home Boxing Gym Gear Boxing GlovesVenum Elite Boxing GlovesHand Wraps or Bandages Everlast Professional Hand Wraps Heavy Bag Everlast Powercore Nevatear 100-Pound Heavy Bag Exercise Mat Everlast 2 x 6 Folding Mat Mirror Fab Glass and Mirror: Activity Mirror With Safety Backing Optional Home Boxing Gym GearRound TimerFocus MittsMaize BagWrap-Up

Home Boxing Gym: Getting Started


You’ll need a reasonable amount of room for an effective home boxing gym. Split the area into 2:

Bags: Make sure you have space to hang your heavy bag leaving have ample room for maneuverOpen Space: Perfect for strength training along with interval training and endurance

Try to set up equipment so you’re able to move round in a circle.

If you are limited by the constraints of a garage or basement, simply make the very best of the space at your disposal.

20 square feet should be more than enough.

General Fitness Equipment

Do you use dumbbells, bar bells and kettle bells? If so, drag them into your new gym so you’ve got everything you need at hand.

Everyone has different training needs so stick to what works for you.

Think About The Noise

You can’t really escape the noise that comes from boxing training.

If neighbors are an issue, think about sound-proofing your training space.

You can get some privacy by using blackout shutters over windows. This will still allow you to let in some natural light while enabling you to train away from prying eyes.


Now you’ve thought about the overall logistics of building a home boxing gym, it’s time to think about the specialist equipment you’ll need.

We’ve divided the equipment into 5 absolute essentials and then some optional extras to really ramp things up.

Essential Home Boxing Gym Gear

First up, we’ll run you through the 5 essentials that form the cornerstone of any home boxing gym:

Boxing GlovesHand Wraps or BandagesHeavy BagExercise MatMirror

A jump rope should also be included here but it doesn’t merit further explanation. Just get one. Now!

On with the equipment and reviews now…

Boxing Gloves

Evidently, you need a sound pair of boxing gloves that will be comfortable and durable without costing you a fortune.

Gloves come in a range of sizes from 8oz up to 18oz.

There’s no right or wrong choice when it comes to gloves. Indeed, there are several factors that will influence what gloves you need…

Use: Will you be using your gloves for sparring, bag work or fighting? Obviously, if you’re doing an occasional half hour of light bag work, you’ll have entirely different requirements to someone competing or fighting seriously. Think about what you want from your gloves and buy accordingly.Your Weight: 16oz gloves are generally good for anyone 150 pounds and upwards. Below that, experiment with smaller gloves Budget: You generally get what you pay for in life. That holds true with boxing gloves. Extremely cheap gloves will not last the distance and they won’t protect you properly either. Spend what you can afford without focusing purely on the bottom line

Venum Elite Boxing Gloves

via Amazon

Gloves are absolutely crucial for any home boxing gym. This is one area where it’s worth trying to economize.

Handmade in Thailand, these Venum Elites are perfect for sparring or heavy bag work.

They are available in a full range of sizes from 8oz through 16oz. We tried the heaviest ones and they feel nice and substantial without being a burden.

The pair we tested looked mean in white on white. If you want more color, there’s a staggering array of options to suit all tastes.

Although they feel light, these gloves offer plenty of protection with the palm nicely reinforced. If you’re sparring, the Skintex leather means is soft enough that the gloves won’t scrape up your partner.

Long cuffs mean superior wrist protection. You can adjust the Velcro strap to ensure your hands stay nice and straight as you punch.

The mesh panel means these gloves are nice and breathable.

While boxing gloves are always a matter of personal choice, you can’t go far wrong with a pair of Venum Elite.

Check It Out on Amazon

Hand Wraps or Bandages

Although it might be tempted to give the punch bag a couple of quick jabs as you walk by, it really is best never to hit the bag unprotected. You can seriously injure your knuckles, all the more so if you’re not used to the impact you get from punching.

Protecting your hands doesn’t need to cost much so there’s no excuse not to take care of it.

There are 3 main choices for hand protection:

BandagesHand WrapsGel-Filled Under Gloves

Crepe bandages are the old faithful. You can buy them cheaply at any pharmacy.

The gel-filled under gloves became very popular in MMA and to a lesser extent in boxing.

We’ll look now at some of the best hand wraps you can get for your boxing gym at home…

Everlast Professional Hand Wraps

via Amazon

If you want to harness the effectiveness of hand bandages while stepping up a gear, check out these professional hand wraps from Everlast.

You know you’re buying into a brand with real boxing heritage and these wraps are priced extremely competitively.

Available in 9 different colors, these synthetic wraps give you a winning combination of comfort and protection.

Treated with Everfresh treatment to fight against bacteria, you’ll keep bacterial growth and any offensive smells at bay fuss-free.

To protect your joints, tendons and muscles from injury, adequate hand protection is a must. These Everlast hand wraps deliver in fine style without costing a fortune.

Check It Out on Amazon

Heavy Bag

Once you’ve got your hand protection sorted, you’ll need to think about the other staple of any boxing gym: the legendary heavy bag.

Whether you want to enhance your strength, speed or endurance, a heavy bag is indispensable. It’s also a great way to relieve stress.

There are several different varieties of heavy bag:

Hanging Bag: The old classic. These bags are hung using a wall bracket or existing beam. Use only recommended fixings and make certain it’s fully secured. Look for a bag with hard-wearing hide. It needs to be heavy enough not to move too much with a single shot but with enough give to avoid degenerative problemsWall-Mounted System: These wall-mounted pad systems are effective but best for gyms with plenty of space. Pad systems encourage nifty footwork but don’t have quite enough give for prolonged sessionsFree-Standing Human Target: This type of target is a luxury and offers little advantage over a standard heavy bag

We’ll look now at a strong contender for the best heavy bag on the market… (Read more on Best 05 Punch Bag For Home)

Everlast Powercore Nevatear 100-Pound Heavy Bag


Whether you’re a beginner or a trained fighter, this 100-pound heavy bag from Everlast is a smart choice.

Made from synthetic leather and vinyl with a specially blended filler, you’ll get a durable punch bag that doesn’t compromise on comfort.

The Powercore in the center of the bag is a row of four 5-pound sandbags. This allows the upper section to have a little give without causing the bag to start swinging around wildly. Stability is first-rate although prolonged use makes the bottom of the bag as solid as a rock. Avoid contacting this section of the bag.

There’s an adjustable chain and straps to ensure everything is secure. You can also anchor the bag at the base for increased resistance.

For an affordable heavy bag that will last for years, check out the Everlast Nevatear. It might just be the last punch bag you buy.

Check It Out on Amazon

Exercise Mat

Interlocking tiles are a great solution. If you don’t have this type of flooring in your home boxing gym, though, you might want some exercise mats.

Calisthenics and body weight exercises are part and parcel of boxing training. Make sure you have something nicely protective to hand.

Everlast 2 x 6 Folding Mat


This mat is extremely thick and durable with bonded foam for support and comfort in one attractive package.

The shell is non-absorbent so it will stay cleaner for longer and wipes down easily. The last thing you want is a mat that wicks in sweat and spills.

If you need to move your mat around, it folds down neatly and comes with carrying handles for your convenience.

Don’t stint on the best exercise mat. This 2 x 6 effort from Everlast represents superb value for money and it’s built to stay the distance

Check It Out on Amazon


Rounding out the essential section of our guide to home boxing gyms is a mirror.

Don’t be fooled into thinking a mirror is a vanity purchase. You can shadow box effectively using the mirror as your opponent. You can make sure you follow proper form, whether drilling or carrying out ground work. Watching yourself can also be pretty motivational.

Opt for a mirror that can be fixed to the wall and incorporate some form of backing.

Fab Glass and Mirror: Activity Mirror With Safety Backing


Although it might seem fairly costly, you can’t really put a price on safety.

Installation is straightforward and this safety-backed mirror is suitable for both home and commercial use so it’ll be rugged enough for any home boxing gym.

Available in several sizes, we tested the 36 x 72 inch model which should be more than generous enough for most home set-ups.

Pop this up on the wall and the essentials of your home boxing gym are all in place.

Check It Out on Amazon


Now you can think about a few optional extras. This time, we won’t review specific products but will just give you a quick snapshot of a few pieces of equipment to take things to the next level.

Optional Home Boxing Gym Gear

Round Timer


Whether you want to buy a dedicated timer, a kitchen alarm clock or an app on your smart phone, you need some means of keeping accurate time.

Timing can help you to maximize the effectiveness of your training. If you want an aerobic workout, opt for 3-minute rounds followed by 1-minute rest periods. For an anaerobic workout, go for 1-minute rounds at full tilt with a 15-second rest period.

Opt for your preferred method of keeping time without it costing the earth.

Focus Mitts


If you know you have a sparring partner, it’s worth investing in some focus mitts.

These pads allow you to emulate fighting conditions without resorting to head shots.

Smaller focus mitts work well and prices vary considerably.

Find a pair that you’re comfortable with and enjoy bringing an element of real combat into your home boxing gym.

Maize Bag


A maize bag is a teardrop shaped heavy bag generally available in 2 sizes:

Small: 15kgLarge: 30kg

This type of bag is much more solid than a traditional heavy bag. It also allows you to practice a greater selection of uppercuts and hooks.

Maize bags work well as an addition to a heavy bag so if you can afford both, you’ll enjoy increased dynamism in your training.


We hope you’ve enjoyed this look at how to set up a home boxing gym without breaking the bank.

There’s no need to rush in and get everything in place at once. You can start slowly with just a heavy bag and some gloves and work up from there if budget is an issue.

If you’ve got any queries or feedback, feel free to get in touch. We respond promptly and we’re always delighted to hear from our readers.

Now go and get those gloves on and hit your home boxing gym hard!

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05 Best Speed Bag Platform​ For Home GymTop 10 Calisthenics Equipment For Home GymThe Best Sauna Suit for Your Workouts: What You Should Know
5 Best Speed Bag Platform for the Best Workout You’ll Ever Have

Imagine this: you start your training session with such passion and excitement, delivered the best warm-up session, and proceeded to the speed bag. You throw several punches and bam! Bag flies away because the platform cannot handle the pressure.

This is the perfect reason why you have to invest in buying the best speed bag platform on the market.

5 Best Speed Bag Platform What You Need to Know about Speed Bags and Platforms Things You Should Consider When Buying the Best Speed Bag Platform Stability and Durability of MaterialsEasy to AssembleYour BudgetAccessories IncludedTop 5 - Best Speed Bag Platform Review Everlast Elite Adjustable Speedbag Platform XMark XM-4441 Adjustable Speed Bag Platform Balazs i-Box Speed Bag Platform TITLE Precision Adjustable Speed Bag Platform MaxxMMA Heavy Duty Adjustable Speed Bag Platform Kit 24" + Speed Ball (10" x 7") Conclusion



Our Rating

More Infor

via Amazon

Everlast Elite Adjustable Speedbag Platform

90% Recommended Check It On Amazon

via Amazon

XMark XM-4441 Adjustable Speed Bag Platform

90% Recommended Check It On Amazon

via Amazon

Balazs i-Box Speed Bag Platform

95% Recommended Check It On Amazon

via Amazon

TITLE Precision Adjustable Speed Bag Platform

100% Highly Recommended Check It On Amazon

via Amazon

MaxxMMA Heavy Duty Adjustable Speed Bag Platform Kit 24" + Speed Ball (10" x 7")

88% Fair Check It On Amazon

What You Need to Know about Speed Bags and Platforms

I am not going to lie to you; I am obsessed with the rhythmic sound of someone doing punches with the speed bag. It awakens my energetic aura as soon as I enter the gym.

Check this video for some speed bag action:

The speed bag does so many things than giving you the psychological push to exercise. It is great in improving your eye and hand coordination. This bag allows you to follow a certain beat that could regulate the speed and power of your punches. Through this exercise tool, you will enhance the muscles that keep your hand elevated – a necessary posture to protect the boxer.

With all of these being said, it is hence very important for it to have a reliable platform.

But how are you going to find the best platform for your speed bag? Let me discuss it with you one by one.

Read more: How to use a speed bag

Things You Should Consider When Buying the Best Speed Bag Platform

Stability and Durability of Materials

Remember the scenario I have given you at the beginning of this article? Well, that is one thing you have to focus on when it comes to buying platform. Thou shall pick a product that will not make your training counterproductive.

Speed bag platforms are commonly made of wood. The color of the lumber does not affect the workout; the quality does. Getting a platform that is made of high-density wood may be expensive; however, it can guarantee longer life span compared to others. It will, therefore, give you more value for your money.

The width of the wood should also be taken into consideration. A thin one will crack faster than expected. It is advisable for your platform to have a thickness of 1 inch or more. This measurement will ensure that the punching bag, as well as the brackets and beams, can be attached efficiently.

Another thing that you have to evaluate when you are going to buy speedbag podiums are the frames. Check if the metals are coated as you do not want it to rust sooner or later.

Make sure that it can hold the bag in place by ensuring that the nuts and bolts are complete and properly secured. If this is not the case, make sure to prepare yourself to get frustrated.

Easy to Assemble

For practicality reasons, I believe that there is a huge chance that you will be installing your own speed bag corner by yourself. If so, I highly encourage you to make sure that the product is user-friendly. Assess if it comes with the tools necessary for setting it up.

Do not forget to check the manual and follow the manufacturer’s instruction. This will warrant lesser time, effort and stress spent as you do the job. On top of that, it will also ensure safety during and after the installation process.

Another thing that is very significant to look at is its mobility. Some platforms can be modified according to the height of the user. Although a bit expensive than the others, just think about the convenience it can give to you. Evaluate how you can fine-tune the height. Do you have to remove everything and start from scratch? Can you adjust it by simply tweaking some levers?

Your Budget

There are so many available platforms for speed bag in the market; but, our choices are sometimes limited because of our finances. Worry not as there will always be that product that will meet your needs within your specific budget.

Every now and then, one product is pricier because of what it is made of. Other speedbag platforms carry well-known brands and that makes it expensive as well. Occasionally, the design of the product can also influence the value.

Bear in mind that although they say you have to invest your money in high-quality products, expensive price tags does not always guarantee satisfactory results.

Accessories Included

The prices of speed bag platforms range between $50 and $300. The rate differs depending on the accessories, materials, and features. Some platforms have complete accessories: they would include stands, screws, mounting fixtures and even spare tacks. Please check the added accessories carefully.

Metal mounts are highly recommended compared to wooden ones as they will surely last longer. This is most especially true when a number of powerful punches are expected to be given by multiple users.

I know you’re getting excited... and without further ado, let us start comparing the chosen speed bag platforms one by one.

Top 5 - Best Speed Bag Platform Review



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Everlast Elite Adjustable Speedbag Platform

90% Recommended Check It On Amazon

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XMark XM-4441 Adjustable Speed Bag Platform

90% Recommended Check It On Amazon

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Balazs i-Box Speed Bag Platform

95% Recommended Check It On Amazon

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TITLE Precision Adjustable Speed Bag Platform

100% Highly Recommended Check It On Amazon

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MaxxMMA Heavy Duty Adjustable Speed Bag Platform Kit 24" + Speed Ball (10" x 7")

88% Fair Check It On Amazon

Everlast Elite Adjustable Speedbag Platform

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Without a doubt, there’s this distinguishing impression when it comes to boxing products made by Everlast; and this speedbag platform will prove that right once again. It does not matter what size of speedbag you have because its 24-inch diameter podium can accommodate it without a problem.

The strike board is 1-inch thick; it proficiently absorbs punches with great forces. What I like about this product is that you do not have to look for the perfect hardware such as braces, swivel, and padding as all these tools are included already.

It may not be as attractive as the others but this adjustable yet affordable speedbag platform can deliver superb performance. Unfortunately, upon using it, I noticed that the vibration is quite strong. I decided to place a sandbag on top of it which fixed the issue.

There is also a concern I would raise about the accessories that come with the product. First is that the swivel creates too much noise while being used. Second, tightening it seems to be as complicated as mounting the product.

Lastly, you have to carefully read the manufacturer’s instructions or else you will end up getting stressed with the product. Unfortunately, you will still have to purchase four 5/16 3” wood screws to install it.

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Adjustable platform but is surprisingly affordableWell-made product from durable materialsThis is a perfect platform for beginners


It is noisier compared to others (probably caused by loose-fitting swivel)Instructions may be complicated to followScrews that come with it are not sufficient to properly install Buy It Now!

XMark XM-4441 Adjustable Speed Bag Platform

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Why do you need to enroll in an expensive gym when you can practice your boxing skills at home? The primary thing that I love about this product is that it can cater different height alterations with its 15 inches adjustment.

This wooden platform’s diameter is 24 inches, allowing different kinds of sizes of speed balls to be easily accommodated. The thickness of 1 and a half inch also enables fitness fanatics to use it without too much vibration. The characteristic of the entire podium maximizes the training time with its rebound boost.

The entire product weighs 53 pounds giving great stability to the bag as you use it. The mainframe also adds to the overall efficacy of this training product. You might have noticed that XMark XM-4441 have a hefty price tag; however, it gives you the kind of service that will make you say “it’s all worth it”.

On the negative aspect, this platform shares the same issue about the swivel with the aforementioned product. Although it is useful, it can be further improved.

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Installation can be done easilyPlatform is heavy enough to enhance bounce and lessen throbsIncludes 11-gauge steel slider part


Swivel needs improvementIt is a bit expensive compared to others Buy It Now!

Balazs i-Box Speed Bag Platform

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If you are thinking about having your own home gym, this product might be your best bet. I personally like the fact that they offer clients 3 colors to choose from. If you are tired of the typical black metal mainframes, you can just set aside the Champion Black option and choose Contender Yellow or Knockout Red.

Inclusions for this product are 11 gauge steel tubing, 1.25” wood drum. This platform’s mainframe is well-known for its unique design. I can still recall how someone opted to buy this just because he believes that the V-frame makes it sturdier compared to others.

Any family that is sports or fitness-oriented would appreciate this product. Whether the tallest son or the youngest daughter is the one who wants to use the speedbag, it will not be a problem. You do not have to worry about changing its height because Balazs i-Box Speed Bag Platform has 12”adjustability. You can modify it with few easy steps.

This product will not only impress you with its quality; as its physical appearance is also pleasing to the eyes.

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Powder-coated and glossy appearance makes it extra classyGuarantees stronghold with its convenient lock knobsCommendable vibration control and rebound quality


The platform can still be improved (thicker would be better) Buy It Now!

TITLE Precision Adjustable Speed Bag Platform

via Amazon

One of the heaviest platforms around, this Title Precision Adjustable Speed Bag Platform has an unquestionable stability. It will allow you to bang the drum multiple times with full force without damaging it a bit. If you want to know the exact dimension, well it has the thickest drum, with a measurement of 2 to 2 and a half inch. The diameter of its platform, on the other hand, is 24 inches.

With that being said, there is no question that you will definitely need a help from someone to install this.

It has a very elegant exterior with an all-black tint. You can have that professional boxer feel even when you are just sweating at home.

This platform’s height adjustment is also easy to alter. This feature makes it beneficial especially when you are going to use this product in a fitness center or gym, or when the entire family is planning to work out.

You may like: An Intensive Look on Calisthenics Equipment For Home Exercises. Learn More About It On Amazon


Very durable material and builtThickest drum that optimizes bounce and limits vibrationNo stress height adjustmen


Problematic swivel Buy It Now!

MaxxMMA Heavy Duty Adjustable Speed Bag Platform Kit 24" + Speed Ball (10" x 7")

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Should you want the complete set with speed ball included, MaxxMMA would be the best choice for you. Imagine the hassle you will be spared from when you already have everything you need within the box.

The 24-inch platform makes it impeccable even if you decide to level-up the speed bag (perhaps to a smaller and lighter one). This product might need a help from a sandbag to help improve the spring back of the bag and reduce the vibration from punching since it only is only 1 and a half inch thick.

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Comes with a 10” x 7” premium synthetic leather speed ballIncludes most of what you will need during installation


Unfortunately, the ‘comes with everything’ part seems questionable as the wall-mounting gadgets are not included.The bag is not as tough as expected Buy It Now!


Finding the best speed bag platform does not have to be that tedious. I may have given you lots of pointers and it could be overwhelming. What I want is for you to actually be guided on how to pick the perfect one for you because I do not want you to waste your hard-earned money.

With all the given characteristics above and putting the factors mentioned into consideration, I would highly recommend TITLE Precision Adjustable Speed Bag Platform. I gave the product 5 stars because of knockout consequences you can get from using the platform itself. Being the thickest and heaviest one in the list, it surely deserves a spotlight.

That is not all; The TITLE Precision Adjustable Speed Bag Platform is indeed worth your money because of its highly durable material. It may look sophisticated and make you feel intimidated and you should! Not just because of its appearance but because of the outstanding quality you can derive from it.

I hope you find this article helpful. If you have questions or comments, please feel free to write them below.

Best Punch Bag For Home Reviews and Buying Guide

Go to any performance-based, traditional gym and you’ll find plenty of punch bags.

For speed, strength, conditioning and cardio, a vigorous session on the bag takes some beating.

Striking a punch bag is therapeutic as well. It’s a great way to vent any frustrations in a harmless and productive fashion.

Beyond these general benefits, a punch bag is essential for boxing, MMA and many other forms of fight training. You can practice at home rather than being limited to the gym and you won’t need much space either.

We’ll look today at how you can get the best punch bag for your home without breaking the bank.

First thing’s first, though…

Let’s explore some punch bag basics so you can buy with complete confidence.

Best Punch Bag For Home Reviews Why Use a Punch Bag? Key Benefits of Using a Punch Bag Types of Punch Bag What To Look For When Buying a Punch Bag MaterialsFilled or Unfilled?Size5 Best Punch Bags For Home Reviews Everlast 70-Pound MMA Heavy-Bag Kit Century The Original Wave Master Freestanding Training Bag Last Punch Heavy Duty Punching Bag with Chains RDX Punching Bag 14PC Martial Arts Set Ringside 100 lb Heavy Bag Wrap-Up

Why Use a Punch Bag?

Before we get started you can watch this video on The Heavy Bag for Beginners

A punch bag, also commonly known as a heavy bag lets you practice a variety of styles and techniques. From jabs and crosses at long range through to a flurry of shorter-range uppercuts and hooks, these bags offer you total versatility.

For any kind of martial art, it’s also a fantastic way to master kicking as well as punching.

You can switch up your strike rate and style so you can work on speed alongside strength and endurance.

Whatever your chosen fighting discipline, a punch bag is indispensable.

Key Benefits of Using a Punch Bag

Hone your reflexes and reaction speedImprove your timingPerfect for punches or kicksIdeal for movement and footwork trainingEnhance the accuracy of punches and kicksCo-ordination trainingTeaches the importance of spacing and distanceSuperb for cardio and conditioningExcellent way to practice combinationsConditioning: strengthen your knuckles and shins

See Heavy Bag Workout:

Types of Punch Bag

Heavy Bag: A traditional heavy bag usually hangs from a bracket on the wall. Chains are preferable as straps can rip and render your bag useless. Heavy bags can also be freestanding. These bags are usually leather and tightly packed with deconstructed fabric. This gives a realistic impact when you strikeTear Drop/Maize Bag: Small (15kg) or large (30kg) bags shaped like a tear drop and stuffed with maize allow you to practice powerful strikes. The bag absorbs the power of a heavy blow without the bounce-back you’ll get from a regular heavy bag. If you want to extend your repertoire, get one of these in addition to a heavy bag. If you only have the space or budget for one bag, roll with a heavy bag insteadWall-Mounted Systems: In general, these wall-mounted pad systems are better left for the gym. These solid devices allow you to brush up your footwork while varying your punches and working on dynamic body movements. These are not ideal for prolonged round workFree-Standing Systems: With the bag mounted on a pole in a heavy base, free-standing systems are great space-savers. The principal drawback is not getting the “swing” from the bag which is a core part of the workout

What To Look For When Buying a Punch Bag

If you’ve narrowed down the style that best suits you, there are a few key factors to bear in mind when you’re looking for the best punch bag.

Price v Quality

Whenever you are searching for a product, the temptation is to go for the cheapest option. This is not always wise.

Generally, you get what you pay for. Get a bargain basement bag and it is likely to feel more like a toy than a serious piece of training kit.

Rather than focusing purely on the bottom line, think about overall value for money. Consider your punch bag as an investment rather than a niggling expense.

Once you have a fixed budget in mind, this alone will reduce your options to a more manageable level and simplify your buying decision.


One of the main differences between bags after the style is the materials they are made from.

Leather: The most expensive bags are made from genuine leather. This provides you with comfort and durability and also has a lovely feel. There’s little doubt that leather bags are the best option if your budget will stretch to itSynthetic Leather: While not as effective, synthetic leather is slightly cheaper while still remaining highly functional. Even the top brands offer synthetic bags since this allows them to target various price-points without compromising on qualityPlastic: This is not a particularly common material and is usually reserved for specialty bags designed to hold water. Plastic bags are not recommended unless you really need this kind of specialized equipment Canvas: A canvas bag remains the cheapest option at your disposal. They are normally unfilled and do not feel good when you hit them. To be avoided

Filled or Unfilled?

The vast majority of decent punch bags come pre-filled.

That said, some premium bags come unfilled. This allows you to personalize the filling so you get the very best bag for your needs.

Most bags are filled with ripped fabric. Due to the air pockets in between this material, a new bag often feels too loose. Once you start striking it, the fabric will soon squeeze together and harden up.


Size matters and this also holds true with punch bags.

Think about your intended purpose and who will use the bag. If it’s something for your little kids to practice on, a small and light bag is adequate. An adult practicing hard punches and kicks will need something much more heavy-duty.

Space constraints at home will also affect your decision so ponder all these factors before rushing in and getting something inappropriately sized.

Overall, the regular heavy bag at about 4 to 5 feet long is an all-purpose bag that won’t annoyingly swing around too much between punches and kicks.


Now you have an idea about what to look out for when buying the best punching bag for home, check out our reviews so you can choose the right bag for your requirements…

5 Best Punch Bags For Home Reviews

Everlast 70-Pound MMA Heavy-Bag Kit

via Amazon

Everlast is a hard-hitting brand in the world of boxing and fight training. This reasonably priced heavy bag allow you to buy into this brand heritage without needing a bank loan.

As outlined above, the regular 70-pound heavy bag works well for pretty much all training.

Made from synthetic poly-canvas and stuffed with a blend of natural and synthetic fibers, this bag is built to last while also providing superb shock absorbency.

The construction means there’s plenty of give when you strike this bag. If you are practicing MMA or another discipline with lots of kicking, the forgiving nature of the bag really comes into its own.

Since it’s a hanging bag, it acts like a moving target. For footwork and accuracy, range and timing, you can get into fighting shape fuss-free.

With gloves and wraps thrown in, this is an affordable punch bag that doesn’t sacrifice quality.

If you’re a highly accomplished fighter or particularly heavy, this bag will be too light. If you strike it with real force, it will swing about too much so bear this in mind.

For recreational users, though, the Everlast bag comes into its own.

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I Like

70 pound heavy bag versatile enough for most training requirements Gloves and wraps included for your protectionSuperb filling: mix of sand, natural and synthetic fabrics for perfect feelTweak the height easily by adjusting the chainHandy bungee cord lets you add resistanceForgiving feel tailor-made for kicking

I Don't Like

Straps liable to break so watch out for this weak pointNot designed for advanced fighters or anyone very heavy

Century The Original Wave Master Freestanding Training Bag

via Amazon

Next on our list of the best punch bags is a freestanding model from the highly reputable Century. The Wave Master is a consistent best seller that doesn’t cost the earth.

Covered in heavy-duty vinyl, you might not get the raw quality of a leather bag but this is more than fit for purpose. The advantage of vinyl is that it’s built to last and won’t rip easily.

The freestanding design means there’s no need to worry about hanging your bag.

One thing to watch out for is a lack of padding. Ease in gently until you get accustomed to the feel.

In common with most punch bags designed for home use, this is not cut out to be hammered by a pro fighter so be realistic about your expectations.

For a no-nonsense freestanding bag that gives you reliability and affordability alongside performance, the Wave Master is well worth popping on your shortlist.

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I Like

Great value for moneyFully height adjustable so suitable for most usersRound base can be easily rolled away for storageVinyl cover is durable and highly resistant to tearingFoam filler makes bag nicely absorbent

I Don't Like

Slightly small and thin for a heavy duty bag so be honest about your size and performanceNot stable for extremely tall usersPretty noisy in action

Last Punch Heavy Duty Punching Bag with Chains

via Amazon

We always try to check out a wide range of products so there’s something for everyone. Next is an unfilled bag from Last Punch giving you the flexibility to use whatever filling works best for you.

You should know straight off the bat that this bag is not suited for advanced fight training. If, on the other hand, you want something for your teenagers to mess around with or you are a smaller adult just starting to train, this bag should serve you well.

At 33 inches long, you hang this bag using chains. By varying the length of them, you can adjust the length as far as 55 inches so it’s adaptable punch bag in terms of sizing.

As with most punch bags you buy online, you can opt for professional assembly but this comes at a steep cost so it’s not advisable unless you have absolutely no idea what you’re doing and you can’t enlist help from friends or family.

For an entry-level punch bag suitable for novices, this makes a great starting point for your training.

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I Like

Design of bag is best for boxingExtremely cheap so good for all budgetsLength suitable for beginners and teenagersBest for users between 5 foot and 5 foot 7 in heightFlexibility of being able to fill with any material

I Don't Like

Need lots of fabric of material to fill the bagNot strong enough for intermediate or advanced fighter Light weight and can rip easily

RDX Punching Bag 14PC Martial Arts Set

via Amazon

RDX offer a comprehensive punch bag set marketed at martial artists. The bag also works well for boxing.

Whether you’re a beginner or more advanced, this bag will take a fair amount of punishment without letting you down.Bundled with wraps, gloves, a rope and various other accessories, the set delivers great value along with performance and durability.

The Rex leather exterior is rugged and waterproof while also feeling good. The inside is stuffed with ripped fabric so it absorbs force. This filling is prone to sinking down the bag so keep your eye on this.

This hanging bag is a superb investment for boxers or martial artists regardless of level. Check it out today and you won’t be disappointed.

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I Like

Represents outstanding valueMultiple colors to suit all tastesPair of boxing gloves, jump rope and wraps thrown inMulti-purpose bag suitable for boxing, karate, kickboxing or Muay ThaiSynthetic Rex leather hardwearing and waterproofShredded textile filling highly absorbent

I Don't Like

Filling tends to sink toward the bottomSwings rather too freelyWatch out for chain disconnecting

Ringside 100 lb Heavy Bag

via Amazon

We’ll round out our best punch bag reviews with a long, 100 lb heavy bag from the legendary Ringside.

Whether you’re a boxer or a mixed martial artist, this bag will take everything you can throw at it. From hard combination punches to a flurry of kicks, the bag absorbs it all.

Although straps can be a weak point on hanging bags, Ringside uses double stitching and some solid rivets so it should keep going for years to come. The 10-year warranty shows how much confidence the manufacturer places in their product.

Made from Powerhide with a soft filling just below the synthetic leather surface, punching this bag feels more like hitting an opponent than colliding with a brick wall.

For a long-lasting, professional punch bag that will not let you down, think long and hard about this great 100 lb model from Ringside.

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I Like

Exceptional brand heritageCross-stitched straps and metal rivets will last the distancePowerhide construction for maximum durabilityPerfect for boxing or a range of martial arts10-year warranty for complete peace of mind

I Don't Like

Slightly slippery


We hope you’ve enjoyed these punch bag reviews. Hopefully now, your buying decision should be straightforward.

If you think carefully about exactly what you want from your punch bag and stay on budget, finding something suitable is really not so tough.

Feel free to get in touch if you have any questions at all. You’re also always welcome to share our articles on your preferred social media channels.


Happy punching!

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