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Piyo Diet & Workout Review

In a world full of fad diets and the promise of miracle treatments, the Piyo Diet came with a solid reputation and solid scientific principles behind. Created by fitness guru Chalene Johnson in 2014, the Piyo Diet and Workout 8-week program took the world by storm and today, many celebrities swear by it.

When it comes to weight loss, we would do about anything to lose some pounds and trim down belly fat, while we strengthen our bodies and reshape ourselves into excellent health. From this point of view, the Piyo Diet and Workout program makes some interesting promises. Today, we will see if the program also delivers the results that we expect.

What is the Piyo Diet and Workout Program?

The Piyo workout program is spiking the interest of people who want to lose weight. It represents a mix of Pilates and Yoga (hence the name) that put little strain on the body and suits people who are not experts in fitness. Chalene Johnson tailored the program on an eight weeks span. You can do it at home and all you need is a mat.

Since the Piyo workout mixes Pilates and Yoga, you can easily understand that the program is mild even for people with joint and muscle problems. It does not involve painful moves, strength training, or jumps, but follows the common principles of the two workouts: flow, breath, concentration, centering, precision, and control. In other words, you will use your own body to lose weight and shape your muscles.

How is the Program Supposed to Work?

If you want to follow the program, you should know it comes with workout DVDs and meal plans. When it comes to calories and eating, the Piyo diet follows a simple idea: each person needs to calculate his or her own unique caloric needs, as one size certainly does not fit all. A person who needs 3000 calories a day will starve and get sick by eating only 1200 calories a day.

From this point of view, the Pyio Diet takes dieting a step further: you can use the calculator to count YOUR caloric baseline and find out how many calories you should eat a day so you can lose weight without endangering your health.

Next, based on the foods (we will discuss this a bit later) you should eat during the program, you can tailor your own eating plan, depending on the number of calories you learned you need to eat each day.

In parallel, you should follow the DVDs and engage in the Pilates-meets-Yoga exercises to get into shape and have some fun as well.

The Science behind Piyo Diet and Workout

The two workouts are similar in many ways, and the Piyo workout brings the best of both worlds: the flexibility and stretching abilities promoted by Yoga and the muscle strengthening and shaping promoted by Pilates.

The Piyo diet works on a principle we all know already – and has positive results – calories counting, with a twist. According to recent studies, it is not enough to just count calories and keep them on the low side. The quality of foods you eat seem to matter more than the actual number of calories.

The new scientific answer to weight loss is that calories are not equal in your body, and they say nothing about the nutritional content and value of the food. The best approach to proper, long-term, healthy weight loss is proper diet and exercise, among other lifestyle changes, which may include smoking and alcohol quitting and stress coping mechanisms.

This is where the Piyo Diet and Workout program ups the ante of classic diets: the eating plan in the Piyo program follows the new nutritional and medical discoveries of our times. In other words, it focuses on the quality of foods as well, not only on the quantity.

The Piyo Diet proposes we consume a limited number of calories but ones that come from six main categories of foods:

Primary vegetables (leafy greens and low calorie vegetables);Secondary vegetables and grains (potatoes, rice, oatmeal, quinoa, etc.);Fresh fruitLean proteinHealthy fats (avocado, nuts, seeds, coconut, etc.)Free foods (scented herbs, seasonings, spices, and unsweetened coffee or tea etc.).

Does the Program Work?

The short answer to this question is YES – but with a few amendments. In order to understand better the strengths and weaknesses of the program, we will talk in terms of pros and cons for some of its main components.

The Pros of the Piyo Diet

The diet has scientific merit by promoting healthy and high-quality foods instead of just imposing you to eat a limited number of calories;The diet is realistic for busy people who want to follow a diet/workout program at home;The diet works great with foods you can easily find at grocery stores and organic markets;You can even adapt your diet if you eat out at a restaurant, as you will surely find fish, veggies, and fruits on restaurant menus;You can easily count calories and track foods on a list you can print;The diet does not force you to count the calories to a tee, but round the numbers, being thus a little more realistic than other diets of its kind;The diet allows for a wide variety of foods to eat, the restrictions being negligible if you are serious about the weight loss;The diet teaches you plenty about your basic caloric needs, your maintenance calories, and the correct ways to calculate such parameters, offering you a long-term skill you can use and apply in the future as well;The diet is versatile in the sense that it offers various eating plans in accordance to your daily caloric threshold;You can prepare delicious meals for you and your entire family without feeling the frustration of more rigid diets;The eating plan has the potential to become a lifestyle and not just a diet plan.

The Cons of the Piyo Diet

The plan offers you one or two example menus, you being the one to decide what to eat, when, and how many times; many people prefer diets that clearly tell them what, how, and when to eat. In other words, you will have to make an effort in creating your menus and daily cooking plans.

The Pros of Piyo Workout

It mixes the benefits of Yoga and Pilates – exercises that you can do easily, without endangering the joints, muscles, or bones; as a corollary, the Piyo workout works well for all people of all weights and ages, as it is mild with the ones not versed in physical exercises and fitness programs.The program promotes the flexibility, mobility, and physical/mental benefits of Yoga;The program promotes the muscle shaping of thorough Pilates training;You will lose some weight if you follow the workouts as indicated;You will learn more than just some exercises, you can transfer them to your everyday life and turn them into a lifestyle; both Yoga and Pilates help you build resistance, relax, control breathing, tone, relax after a hard day’s work, and more.

The Cons of Piyo Workout

Some of the exercises may seem too mild and thus lacked efficiency if you want to lose a lot of weight very fast;If you would rather engage in vigorous training, with weights, fitness equipment, and hard training, the Piyo workout may not be for you.


The Piyo Diet and Workout program is a healthy lifestyle choice to weight loss and body toning. It works better for beginners in physical exercises, as well as for people who want to trim down moderate body fat. One of the greatest benefits of the program is that you can turn it into a lifestyle and continue working out and eating healthy calories even together with the family.

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Jillian Michaels Program – How Many Calories Does 30 Day Shred Burn?

Losing weight and shredding excess calories can be a real daunting task for many. While a lot of people experience struggles in doing so, there are a few who actually sought efficient ways to achieve their fitness goals.

In the recent times, many considered that Jillian Michaels’ fitness program could be one of the most efficient and effective solutions to losing weight. This is only one of the many reasons why a lot of people are eager to know "how many calories does 30-day shred burn" in totality.

If you are not that familiar with the said fitness program, this quick guide may help you understand the 30-day shred. Similarly, this program could be the answer to your weight loss concerns especially when you are looking for other options.

30 Day Shred Burn What Is The 30-Day Shred?The Things You Need For The ProgramTracking Calories and WeightEffectiveness And Efficiency of Shredding CaloriesDetermining How Many Calories 30 Day Shred Burns

What Is The 30-Day Shred?

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According to a Livestrong article written by Sharon Smith, the Jillian Michaels 30-day Shred is a fitness program that is home-based. The program is basically a daily 20-minute workout that includes cardio and other essential fitness routines.

In addition, the 30-Day Shred generally consists of three levels wherein the difficulty of the workouts intensifies as the level rises. Each level is done exactly in 10 days. As for the workouts and fitness routines, they majorly focus on cardio and strength training.

You could actually subject yourself to the program by purchasing the DVD copies of the three levels. You may want to check this if you don’t have any idea where to buy a copy.

Accordingly, you don’t need any personal instructor or special equipment since you only need to follow what is being shown on the videos.

As per Janelle Vaesa, the 30-Day Shred could ensure you positive results after strictly following the program in 30 days.

The Things You Need For The Program

Since the 30-Day Shred is a home-based fitness program, you only need to have your own space where you could move freely and do the workouts efficiently. While some of the routines may include lifting soft weights, you may use anything in your home that could work well with you.

Yoga mats can be helpful in this program too especially if you do have a hard flooring at home. If you do not have any yoga mat or anything of the like, blankets are fine as long as you could efficiently move and follow the routines.

When tracking and managing your improvements, a calendar and a tape measure are very much recommended. Personally, a simple calendar worked on my end very well since it enabled me to manage the schedule and track the days of my program.

As for the tape measure, it is largely essential since through this tool – you could efficiently measure your improvements. I find it really helpful aside from using weighing scales every after 5 to 10 days of following the program. Moreover, it quite helped me to get even more motivated.

Tracking Calories and Weight

You may be wondering "how many calories does 30-day Shred burn" in entirety.

In every 25 pounds of weight that you carry, you may burn 50 calories as an additional per hour.

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Apparently, there is no definite number of how many calories that you could burn after finishing the whole program. Although you could locate different trackers and weight or calorie calculators online, you could actually calculate it on your own.

Sparkpeople confirms that the calories burned in subjecting yourself to the program are very much relative. As per Jillian Michaels herself, the number of calories that you burn is dependent largely on several factors.

These factors include your age, height, weight, gender, health conditions, and a lot more. However, you could follow the general rule that she included in the program. In every 25 pounds of weight that you carry, you may burn 50 calories as an additional per hour.

You have to note that you can burn the whole 50 calories only when you do workouts on a consistent intensity for an hour.

Say for instance you weigh a total of 120 pounds, divide it into 25 and multiply it into 50. The total calories you will get must be divided into 60. The value you will get is the number of calories you can burn per minute provided that you are consistent with the workout for the whole 60 minutes

According to Jillian Michaels, a 150-pounder person could burn an average of 503 calories on the first level of the said program. Hence, you could lose even more upon reaching the second and third level which actually has more intensified workouts and routines.

Effectiveness And Efficiency of Shredding Calories

Although a lot of people nowadays find the 30-day Shred of Jillian Michaels quite effective, the results and aftermath vary for each. The results may be different from what you expect as there are a lot of factors you must consider primarily.

If you are targeting to lose weight and shred the excess calories that you have as of the moment, you may achieve this effectively just as long as you are well-disciplined and strict with the program. The amount of calories you will burn will largely dependent on your preferences.

The given values and numbers above are actually ideal. It is stated above that external factors including your personal data and condition could affect the end results of your program. Hence, the real effectiveness of the fitness program varies.

Today, many find the 30-day Shred program an essential starting point to reaching their fitness goals. It appears that a lot of first timers are happy and contented with the results they obtained from their hard work, determination, and perseverance.

You may want to access this tool for you to check some results of actual 30-day shred program enthusiasts, see this video:

This may help you inherit ideas and perspectives whether the said fitness program can largely help you in your fitness endeavors.

Determining How Many Calories 30 Day Shred Burns

In totality, you may actually burn enough calories by maximizing the 30-Day Shred program. Although the results may appear differently from what the others obtained, the number of calories you could burn will largely depend on your personal conditions and preferences.

If you think this guide is quite helpful and informative, you may share this with your friends and loved ones who are very much eager to learn the program and want to try other options in losing weight.

Your insights and reactions are highly appreciated. You may share them in the comment section below.

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