7 Bodyweight Back Exercises That Will Get You In Shape (#4 Improvise)

You may have already heard about different bodyweight exercises being recommended to those who want to lose weight. But have you heard about bodyweight back exercises – or those that target the back?

Such exercises are what this article will discuss. The good thing about strengthening your back through the bodyweight exercises mentioned in this article is that they also promote better abdominal muscles and higher fitness level.

7 Bodyweight Back Exercises That Will Get You in Shape

#1 – Bodyweight LAT Pull-up Exercise Targets Your Upper Back

Do you want to target your upper back when working out? Then the bodyweight LAT pull-up exercise is good for you. One benefit of this bodyweight back workout is that it does not have too many requirements.

You just need two chairs. Here are some of the steps that you need to follow for this exercise:

  • Place the two chairs beside each other. Sit on the floor in between them. Place your elbows on both seats.
  • Allow your upper back and shoulders to tense, then move up in such a way that you raise your hips away from the floor.
  • Don’t move your hips. Focus on moving and working out only your upper back and shoulders.

When deciding to do this form of exercise, note that there are three progression phases that you can choose from. The first phase is bending your legs all throughout the workout while keeping your entire feet firmly planted on the floor.

The second phase is to focus on putting only your heels on the floor, then ensuring that your knees are kept straight. The last phase involves moving your feet forward. This prevents your bottom and shoulders from aligning

To learn more about this bodyweight back exercise, check out this YouTube:

#2 – Reverse Snow Angels

Here’s how you can perform this bodyweight exercise for your back:

  • Position your body in such a way that you’re facing down the floor. Your arms should be on your sides while your palms should face down.
  • Raise both your hands and shoulders a few inches away from the floor. To do this, just pinch your scapula together, then engage your rhomboids and lats in the middle back.
  • Raise your arms until they get past your shoulders and ears. Make sure that both your thumbs directly meet over your head. Do this step in a controlled and slow manner while your face should face down.
  • Put your arms back to their original position. Your goal is to ensure that your arms remain straight all throughout the procedure while your elbows are locked. This can help engage both your shoulders and lats.
  • Do 3-5 sets of this exercise. You are allowed to take around thirty to sixty seconds of rest in between each set.

To illustrate:

#3 – Squat Pull-ups Good for Developing Muscular Endurance

Squat pull-ups are easier versions of the typical standard pull-up, but you can expect it to work effectively in building muscular endurance. The main reason is that it lets you do 50-60 or up to 100 reps. This works efficiently in building endurance.

All that you have to do to execute this exercise is to start by being in a full squat position. Your feet should be firmly planted on the ground. Do the pull-ups while straightening your legs.

However, note that while this bodyweight exercise works well for your back, note that it only lifts a small amount of your weight. That said, you can’t expect it to cultivate real strength.

Such reason, however, can also be beneficial for you, as this means that you will eventually manage to do high rep sets. This is exactly what you need to boost your muscular endurance.

#4 - Bodyweight Inverted Rows to Build your Back

One of the most effective workouts designed to improve your back is the barbell row. However, not everyone has a barbell. The good news is that there are ways to improvise it using your own bodyweight.

To perform the bodyweight inverted row workout, you need to have something to support your weight. It should also be an object, which you can use to hang yourself from.

For instance, you can use a solid table. You will find its edges useful in pulling yourself up. The same goes for your stairs that have gaps in between each step. You can use it as a support.

You may also find a towel and door frame useful in this exercise. Here’s how you can do it.

Regardless of the kind of support you choose, make sure that you can use it to pull yourself to it. This is a good way to use your own weight to exercise your core, upper back, and lats.

You can also use this to advance to the more challenging full pull-up, especially if your upper body strength is not yet enough to execute it correctly.

#5 – Pull-ups Using your Door Frame or Stairs

Pull-ups are good for you if your goal is to build size and strengthen your back. In this case, you need to invest in a pull-up bar, which is not actually expensive and does not consume too much space in your home.

Actually, there are things in your home that can substitute a pull-up bar. For instance, there is your doorframe, provided it features the right kind of frame.

You also have the actual door, but make sure that it’s made of solid and durable material and has high-quality hinges. Your stairs will also be useful in this case.

To give you an idea about how to use the things in your home to do pull-ups without a bar here is a relevant YouTube video:

#6 – Kneeling Roll Out Targets Not Only your Core, but also your Back

You may think that this exercise only works out your core, but it is also actually effective for your back. It works out your lower lats while giving your biceps enough time to rest.

Just make sure to tighten your core while ensuring that your arms remain slightly bent. Get your ab roller. Once you have it, kneel on the floor then put your arms in front of you.

The next step involves rolling as far as possible. Do this for at least three seconds. Pull your hands back down, then go back to the initial position. If you feel a bit shaky right after doing this exercise, then rest assured that it indicates that you’re doing it right.

You may also do the following version of this exercise:

#7 – Wide-grip Pull-up: A Vital Part of your Bodyweight Exercise

To get the best results out of your bodyweight exercises for the back, consider putting wide-grip pull-up a part of your routine. This is beneficial as it works out your lats and posterior delts.

It also burns your biceps. Here’s how you can do this bodyweight exercise:

  • Hold the pull-up bar. Make sure that your palms are positioned away from you. Fully extend your arms, as well.
  • The next step is focusing on your shoulder blades by squeezing them together. Exhale. Move your elbows to your hips, so you can put your chin over the bar.
  • Lower your body without losing control, then return to the initial position.Each rep should have a maximum of three seconds as this can help maximize muscle growth.

Related Video: 


Did you enjoy reading the list of the best bodyweight back exercises mentioned here? The list is extremely useful when attempting to do bodyweight exercises that can target your back.

Aside from being the source of your power, your back can also help ensure that you stay in tip-top shape. Fortunately, you can strengthen it with the right bodyweight exercises just like the ones mentioned here.

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