Alzheimer’s Prevention Strategies: Maintaining Healthy Brains Throughout Life [Infographic]

By Annie | General Health Care , Health Tips and Advice , Metal Health

New research into aging and brain function offers hope that managing certain health and lifestyle factors may postpone or prevent Alzheimer’s Disease.Is aging gracefully possible in a time when the rate of Alzheimer’s Disease (AD) is significantly increasing? Researchers like Dr. Gary Small, director of the UCLA Center on Aging and organizations like The National […]

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10 Common Sport-Related Infections and How to Treat Them

By Annie | Health Tips and Advice , Pain and Pain Management

Sportsmen and women push their bodies hard to optimize performance. They expose themselves to all types of situations during exercise. As a result, there are some sport-related infections to which they are more susceptible than other segments of the population. Some of these diseases require sophisticated treatments. Other infections in the same category can easily […]

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