The Best Workouts to Keep Yourself Fit (For Women)

Exercise is a very good activity for all humans most especially for women and workouts are one of the sure ways to attain an hourglass figure while exercising the body.
In this article, you will discover the various workout activities you can engage in as a woman to keep yourself fit and be very much active in your daily activities.

Workouts are physical exercises that you can engage in to keep fit but constantly, many women think workouts as merely running around and other conventional exercises. Workouts are much more complex than these exercises you imagine!

As a woman, you should therefore engage in the right proportions of workout exercises if your desired outcome must be actualized. If you desire to have a proper workout, then you should note that there are two main factors that will help you achieve that which are: Workout equipment and workout exercises. A way to increase overall performance is through pre-workout supplements. Check this article!


As stated earlier, workouts are not just about running around and doing other "funny" exercises; a good workout must be done with equipment that stimulate better exercise. Hence, you should make use of some of these workout equipment during your exercises.

Rowing Machines

Rowing machines play vital roles in workouts as they help you build your endurance during workouts while also burning the calories on your body. According to the article from, the rowing machine also helps in strengthening the cardiovascular functions of your body and toning the muscles.

Adjustable Dumbbells

This helps you to gather strength and be steadfast in your exercises provided you are able to keep up.

Yoga Mat

This comes in handy when you undergo workouts like abs work and pushups.

These workout equipment and many others will provide you with the rightful platform to take your exercise to the next level so consider using any of them for the specific exercise they are meant for.


We will now look at 5 workout exercises for women, their benefits and methods. You should note that strict compliance with the how-to-do of these exercises will guarantee you the best results in your workouts.

Single-Leg Deadlift

This workout demands you use one of your legs in the course of the exercise. The benefits of the single-leg dead-lift workout includes: Discarding muscle imbalance in the body and helps to straighten the body thereby, preventing pains in the back during the exercise. The exercise also helps in improving your hamstring flexibility. You need a dumbbell for this exercise.

Here is how to do the Single-leg dead-lift workout:
a. Grab a pair of dumbbells you have for the exercise(preferably a light and a hard dumbbell).
b. With the dumbbells already in your hands, lift them up to your thighs while standing on your left foot.
c. Lift your right foot off the floor and bend at your hips while keeping the lower part of your back curved.
d. Make sure the lower part of your right leg is at par with the floor. Then bend your hips forward and as you do so, also allow your body to get lowered.
e. Pause for some seconds in that position then slowly move your torso to the start position and you can change from standing on your left foot to your right foot as the workout progresses.


This workout demands you use all parts of your body; mostly your hands and legs. The Push-Up workout works just like the exercise of "breathe in and out"-you will lift your entire body up and down again with just your hands and the sole of your feet. Amazing! Isn't it?

The article on this site states that the Push-Up workout is very effective in burning much amount of calories in the body than any other forms of exercise and also tightens the chest muscles.

This exercise is very good and you should try it. Even without any equipment, it is achievable as all you need are your hands and feet and you don't necessarily need much coaching to perfect in it!

Here is how to do the Push-Up workout:
a. First, spread your yoga mat; this is the perfect place to perform this exercise.
b. Lower your body to the yoga mat paying attention to support yourself with your palms and the base of your feet. Ensure you do not lie flat but just keep your body few inches from the mat.
c. Spread the palms of your hands to be at the same margin as your shoulders and keep your foot closely together.
d. Slowly move your hips up by propping yourself up with your feet and hands.
e. Slowly lift yourself down to the mat once more in the same position you were before and move up in the same manner until the set time for the exercise is elapsed. Ensure your hips are always lifted for effective exercise.


The step-up workout is basically for attaining stronger legs and well-proportioned butt. The knees are also straightened during the exercise. To do this exercise effectively, follow this guide:

a. The first step to this workout is to place one of your feet (preferably the left foot) on a step or elevated platform. Note that you need an elevated platform where you'll place your feet so look for anything that has some considerable inches away from the ground-a wooden or iron chair will suffice.
b. Firmly place your left foot on the step and with some minimal pressure, prop your body to go up till your left legs gets straightened.
c. Your left leg is now up and your right is down right? That's the idea! Now lower your body for the right leg to touch the floor and when this happens, repeat the exercise over again. Ensure you keep your weight is relaxed while doing so.

Swiss-Ball L Raise for the Upper Back

While workouts are generally to improve the body, some specific workouts are meant for different purposes. The upper back Swiss-Ball L Raise is a workout targeted at improving your shoulder shape and the generality of your upper back posture. You need a Swiss-Ball for this exercise.
a. Lie on the Swiss-Ball with your face downwards and relax your body so your back gets flat.
b. Prop up yourself using the base of your feet with your arms outstretched in front of the ball and the base of your palms curved upwards to face you.
c. Bend your elbows and lift the upper part of your arms while maintaining some squeezing friction in your shoulders.
d. Then thrust your forearms back and forth within the position of your elbow-as if throwing a punch.

Side Plank

The Side Plank workout is for waistline reduction and for maximum exercise of core abdominal muscles.
a. You are to lie on you yoga mat; supporting yourself with your left below.
b. Straighten your legs while keeping your right arms upwards towards the direction of the sky.
c. Now slowly move your body frame up using your left elbow and while doing so, your hip should be raised till your ankles up to your shoulder have being formed into a straight line.

That is the exact position for a Side Plank and you should keep yourself in the position for about a minute before using your right elbow for a repeat of the exercise.

This article suggests that when you have created a straight line (from your ankles to your shoulders), you should lower your hips slowly for about 15 counts and when doing so, your hips should not touch the ground! For more challenge in the Side Plank workout, the article also suggest holding a dumbbell on the hip in the course of the exercise and you should complete about three sets(about 45 counts) on each side before continuing on the other side.

Final Words

Aside diets, workouts have been proven to be efficient ways for women to have a fit and healthy body and you should therefore endeavor to engage in any of these workouts listed or any other that catches your fancy. Workouts are not express routes to being fit so equally ensure you eat the proper diets in their proportions and at the right time.

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