Best Suspension Trainer Reviews – Buying Guide for 2020

Do you have a great desire to lose your weight? If you're searching for the best suspension trainer reviews, then read the following article attentively. Because it is actually the exact details, you have been searching for. Suspension Training bodyweight exercise develops balance, strength, versatility and core stability concurrently.

It mostly requires the utilization of the TRX Suspension Trainer, an extremely portable efficiency training device that leverages gravity. So continue reading the post carefully and select the best device for you.

Exactly What's Suspension Training?

The word “suspension training” identifies an approach to strength training which runs on the system of ropes plus bands known as "suspension trainer" to permit users to work against their bodyweight.

The meadow of suspension training is a kind of resistance training. It includes bodyweight exercises when a selection of multi-planar and compound exercises can be carried out.

The best suspension trainer evolves physical strength when using functional actions and dynamic position. TRX Suspension Training provides all you require to build a much better body in the house - or on the go.

Points to Consider When Buying the Best Suspension Trainer

While you are searching for the best suspension trainer for your house Gym, it is necessary to have a few factors under consideration to choose one which satisfies your requirements. Here are a few features you should be aware of.

Good Quality Straps

Straps are the most crucial area of the trainer. They have to be long lasting and good because they are what suspend your weight. So make sure that straps are constructed with quality materials.

Strong Anchor Points

The anchor point should be extremely reliable and strong, particularly if you are utilizing a door suspension system. As well, be sure that they don’t keep any dents or perhaps marks on the ceiling or even door.


One of the great benefits regarding the suspension idea is that it could be considered anywhere. So, if it is lightweight, you can take it from one place to another easily.

Comfortable Grips

A high-quality delay, pause trainer, will need to have a good slip-resistant gripping surface. The handles must be padded to ensure that they are comfy to find prolonged use.

Educational DVD or Even Booklet

If you are a newbie, choose a system that comes with an instructional DVD or booklet. A few of these have even specific exercise sessions and tips on how to accomplish the workouts.

Benefits of Suspension Trainer

Suspension trainers are comparatively a recent type of fitness tool, and it provides a great benefit. Some of the major benefits are as follows:

Fun To Use

Suspension trainer is downright fun to use. These are completely different from many other kinds of workout you have most likely done before. So it might be a great method to shake up any boring workout routine.

Exceptional Core Muscle Activation

A suspension trainer will probably be an ideal method to create instability in your body. It’s also an outstanding choice for those seeking to firm their belly. By using this tool, every muscle inside your core will be contracting hard as you start the movement pattern.

Complete Body Workout

Don’t forget the fact that suspension trainer can provide you a complete body workout. You can perform everything from push-ups to pull-ups to different types of squats using this tool.

Increase Functional Fitness

The variable recruitment of muscle groups that you will get with suspension training exercises. It helps to increase a perfect functional fitness of your body.

Suitability to all Levels

Suspension training is obtainable to each fitness level. A newbie can begin with a light level of resistance level by setting their body in a far more upright position. Moreover, it is suitable for all levels of your body.


The suspension trainer is lightweight. So it is portable. You can consider it to the recreation area just like park, sea-beach and roads and highways.

This video demonstrates the Workout with Suspension Trainer

Top 5 Best Suspension Trainers

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The TRX Training Pro 3 Suspension Training Kit is the strongest and most safe Suspension Trainer in the marketplace nowadays. It comes with long lasting, simple to clean rubberized handles, a fastening carabineer to deter theft and three various kinds of anchors for optimum versatility.

Considering less than 2 pounds, the Suspension Trainer needs minimal space for storage and can simply set up anywhere.

This best suspension trainer can attach quickly to the wall, overhead beams, and vertical studs. The pro trainer formulated eight-week exercise routine, five body-part particular digital workouts, one thirty minute total body digital exercises and two bonus exercise videos!

It may be the very best and last piece of fitness tool you’ll ever use. It works with all TRX Suspension Trainer models. It is perfect for core plus upper muscles workout.

This Tactical Gym Suspension Trainer may be the toughest and most hardy suspension trainer that provides an all-in-one, entire-body workout system to hold you ready for almost any mission.


  • Easy to clean rubberized handles
  • Theft-Resistant Carabineer
  • Commercial-Grade Components
  • A Full variety of anchoring solutions
  • Forty-five-minute TRX Trainer basic instructional video
  • 100% three-month satisfaction guarantee


  • It is not durable
  • Some of the customers are not happy using it.

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The CrossCore180 Bodyweight Trainer contains a pulley system that makes a superior level of instability. It boosts the core training aspect of the exercises you do.

It enables you to make use of a greater flexibility while exercising. Also, it comes with handles which can be connected to the machine with carabineers.

The CrossCore180 tends to be the only portable and lightweight training gadget that enables other forms of capacity to be utilized for the users’ body weight such as dumbbells, kettlebells, and sandbags.

Invented for the armed forces, the CrossCore180 is certainly constructed with just high-quality elements, and you can utilize it in any environment.

This package involves Rotational Bodyweight Trainer, Carry Bag, Door Anchor, Basic Training DVD and Basic Training Manual. This Trainer is normally small and weighs about only 4 pounds.

It is ideal for sports activities, health and fitness, military fitness training and general fitness.


  • Comes with unique pulley system
  • Lightweight and compact
  • Rope length adjusts to any length efficiently and quickly
  • Comfy grips for both hands
  • Decrease the insecurity by inserting a pin
  • Comes with a free door anchor to utilize at home or on the highway


  • Seems to be expensive device
  • Sometimes it doesn’t come with door anchor unit.

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The TRX Training-Go Suspension Trainer Kit is considered as the high model of bodyweight straps. However, it is lower in price than the rest of the suspension training straps from TRX. That’s why; we have selected this specific strap as our initial choice.

As a lot cheaper than other Basic Kit, Force Tactical plus Pro, the Go suspension trainer kit maintains the substantial specifications offered by this global known brand.

TRX Training - GO Suspension Trainer Kit is the leanest and lightest suspension trainer ever. It is ideal for travel as well as working out indoors and outdoors.

Tighten tone plus sculpt the body anytime, anywhere in less than fifteen minutes a day with this GO suspension trainer.

This best suspension trainer is a lightest and leanest Suspension Trainer that could be set up any place in less than one minute.

Create your core and shape your body at home, at the sea beach, at the park or anywhere, whenever. This Suspension Trainer will provide you looking and feeling great with more powerful muscles and rock solid core.


  • Suitable for outdoor training with incorporated TRX Suspension Anchor
  • Includes user-friendly guidelines, 'Get Started' poster
  • Usable on any long lasting door with built-in TRX Door Core.
  • Easy to set up everywhere
  • Two 20 minutes printed workouts
  • Mesh carry bag included
  • One year noncommercial manufacturer's guarantee


  • Lack of video workouts plus App
  • Seems to be poor design

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TRX Training - Home Gym Bundle is an excellent bodyweight suspension training instrument to have in the house.

With a huge selection of exercises and the capability to train every muscle tissue within your body, the TRX Home Gym Trainer produces excellent home workout tool. It is easy to set up in any place.

It enables you doing well over 300 distinct exercises. All the physical exercises can be altered by simply changing your position. On the other hand, this Suspension Trainer uses your weight as resistance.

It has been designed to have longevity, last for a long time to come, and provide you with the best in comfort.

The TRX House Suspension Trainer includes 6 free 15-minute workouts. Each of them targets a diverse muscle group within your body. You can set it up in less than one minute at in your house, at the beach, at the park or anywhere you need to work out.

It also includes an even more extensive total 15 - 30-minute workout for your body.


  • Great for a house workout
  • Comfortable foam handles included
  • Tough and durable
  • Replaces many pieces of workout products
  • Adjustable through your body weight
  • Comes with over three hundred different exercises
  • Easy to set up at any time and any place


  • A bit pricey
  • Stitching might fray after prolonged utilize

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The TRX Training - Suspension Trainer Home Gym is known as a groundbreaking bodyweight training device which is perfect for your fitness. Build your body just like a machine with this patented Suspension Trainer.

Make your core and sculpt the body anywhere, anytime. Besides, you can set up it in less than one minute in your house, at the seaside, at the beach or anywhere you need to work out.

With simply 15 - 30 minutes every day, you will see a better result.

Use your weight and gravity to execute over 300 exercises that you could make much easier or harder. The straps enable you to boost or reduce the exercise difficulty predicated on your body's situation.

This best suspension trainer is the strongest and most secure tool at the moment. It comes with durable easy to clean rubberized handle, a locking carabineer to discourage theft and three various kinds of anchors for optimum versatility.

Besides, it needs minimal space for storage.


  • Sets up in less than one minute
  • Useable on any long lasting door with built-in TRX Door Anchor
  • Burn fat, build lean muscle and obtain a good stronger core
  • Suitable for outdoor training and included with TRX Suspension Anchor
  • 300+ exercises adaptable from beginners to professionals
  • One year noncommercial manufacturer's guarantee


  • Sometimes the door anchor is not included
  • It doesn’t support global shipping.

Final Verdict

Suspension training offers real outcomes without the expense of expensive machinery. Its simplicity is one of its selling factors. The best suspension trainer develops core body strength along with joint and muscular balance, reducing the opportunity for injury.

It must be easy to set up and designed to have longevity, last for a long time to come, and provide you with the best in comfort.

I think the TRX Training - GO Suspension Trainer Kit possesses all the features mentioned above. It is easy to set up, durable, portable and also cheap in price. So you can purchase it for you without shilly-shallying.

Last but not the least, if you are satisfied with this review, just comment and share it so we can assist others. If any queries, just feel free ask us. Your feedback is very much crucial for us.

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