Best Punch Bag For Home Reviews and Buying Guide

Go to any performance-based, traditional gym and you’ll find plenty of punch bags.

For speed, strength, conditioning and cardio, a vigorous session on the bag takes some beating.

Striking a punch bag is therapeutic as well. It’s a great way to vent any frustrations in a harmless and productive fashion.

Beyond these general benefits, a punch bag is essential for boxing, MMA and many other forms of fight training. You can practice at home rather than being limited to the gym and you won’t need much space either.

We’ll look today at how you can get the best punch bag for your home without breaking the bank.

First thing’s first, though…

Let’s explore some punch bag basics so you can buy with complete confidence.

Why Use a Punch Bag?

Before we get started you can watch this video on The Heavy Bag for Beginners

A punch bag, also commonly known as a heavy bag lets you practice a variety of styles and techniques. From jabs and crosses at long range through to a flurry of shorter-range uppercuts and hooks, these bags offer you total versatility.

For any kind of martial art, it’s also a fantastic way to master kicking as well as punching.

You can switch up your strike rate and style so you can work on speed alongside strength and endurance.

Whatever your chosen fighting discipline, a punch bag is indispensable.

Key Benefits of Using a Punch Bag

  • Hone your reflexes and reaction speed
  • Improve your timing
  • Perfect for punches or kicks
  • Ideal for movement and footwork training
  • Enhance the accuracy of punches and kicks
  • Co-ordination training
  • Teaches the importance of spacing and distance
  • Superb for cardio and conditioning
  • Excellent way to practice combinations
  • Conditioning: strengthen your knuckles and shins

See Heavy Bag Workout:

Types of Punch Bag

  • Heavy Bag: A traditional heavy bag usually hangs from a bracket on the wall. Chains are preferable as straps can rip and render your bag useless. Heavy bags can also be freestanding. These bags are usually leather and tightly packed with deconstructed fabric. This gives a realistic impact when you strike
  • Tear Drop/Maize Bag: Small (15kg) or large (30kg) bags shaped like a tear drop and stuffed with maize allow you to practice powerful strikes. The bag absorbs the power of a heavy blow without the bounce-back you’ll get from a regular heavy bag. If you want to extend your repertoire, get one of these in addition to a heavy bag. If you only have the space or budget for one bag, roll with a heavy bag instead
  • Wall-Mounted Systems: In general, these wall-mounted pad systems are better left for the gym. These solid devices allow you to brush up your footwork while varying your punches and working on dynamic body movements. These are not ideal for prolonged round work
  • Free-Standing Systems: With the bag mounted on a pole in a heavy base, free-standing systems are great space-savers. The principal drawback is not getting the “swing” from the bag which is a core part of the workout

What To Look For When Buying a Punch Bag

If you’ve narrowed down the style that best suits you, there are a few key factors to bear in mind when you’re looking for the best punch bag.

Price v Quality

Whenever you are searching for a product, the temptation is to go for the cheapest option. This is not always wise.

Generally, you get what you pay for. Get a bargain basement bag and it is likely to feel more like a toy than a serious piece of training kit.

Rather than focusing purely on the bottom line, think about overall value for money. Consider your punch bag as an investment rather than a niggling expense.

Once you have a fixed budget in mind, this alone will reduce your options to a more manageable level and simplify your buying decision.


One of the main differences between bags after the style is the materials they are made from.

  • Leather: The most expensive bags are made from genuine leather. This provides you with comfort and durability and also has a lovely feel. There’s little doubt that leather bags are the best option if your budget will stretch to it
  • Synthetic Leather: While not as effective, synthetic leather is slightly cheaper while still remaining highly functional. Even the top brands offer synthetic bags since this allows them to target various price-points without compromising on quality
  • Plastic: This is not a particularly common material and is usually reserved for specialty bags designed to hold water. Plastic bags are not recommended unless you really need this kind of specialized equipment
  • Canvas: A canvas bag remains the cheapest option at your disposal. They are normally unfilled and do not feel good when you hit them. To be avoided

Filled or Unfilled?

The vast majority of decent punch bags come pre-filled.

That said, some premium bags come unfilled. This allows you to personalize the filling so you get the very best bag for your needs.

Most bags are filled with ripped fabric. Due to the air pockets in between this material, a new bag often feels too loose. Once you start striking it, the fabric will soon squeeze together and harden up.


Size matters and this also holds true with punch bags.

Think about your intended purpose and who will use the bag. If it’s something for your little kids to practice on, a small and light bag is adequate. An adult practicing hard punches and kicks will need something much more heavy-duty.

Space constraints at home will also affect your decision so ponder all these factors before rushing in and getting something inappropriately sized.

Overall, the regular heavy bag at about 4 to 5 feet long is an all-purpose bag that won’t annoyingly swing around too much between punches and kicks.


Now you have an idea about what to look out for when buying the best punching bag for home, check out our reviews so you can choose the right bag for your requirements…

5 Best Punch Bags For Home Reviews

Best Punch Bag For Home

via Amazon

Everlast is a hard-hitting brand in the world of boxing and fight training. This reasonably priced heavy bag allow you to buy into this brand heritage without needing a bank loan.

As outlined above, the regular 70-pound heavy bag works well for pretty much all training.

Made from synthetic poly-canvas and stuffed with a blend of natural and synthetic fibers, this bag is built to last while also providing superb shock absorbency.

The construction means there’s plenty of give when you strike this bag. If you are practicing MMA or another discipline with lots of kicking, the forgiving nature of the bag really comes into its own.

Since it’s a hanging bag, it acts like a moving target. For footwork and accuracy, range and timing, you can get into fighting shape fuss-free.

With gloves and wraps thrown in, this is an affordable punch bag that doesn’t sacrifice quality.

If you’re a highly accomplished fighter or particularly heavy, this bag will be too light. If you strike it with real force, it will swing about too much so bear this in mind.

For recreational users, though, the Everlast bag comes into its own.

I Like

  • 70 pound heavy bag versatile enough for most training requirements
  • Gloves and wraps included for your protection
  • Superb filling: mix of sand, natural and synthetic fabrics for perfect feel
  • Tweak the height easily by adjusting the chain
  • Handy bungee cord lets you add resistance
  • Forgiving feel tailor-made for kicking

I Don't Like

  • Straps liable to break so watch out for this weak point
  • Not designed for advanced fighters or anyone very heavy
Best Punch Bag For Home

via Amazon

Next on our list of the best punch bags is a freestanding model from the highly reputable Century. The Wave Master is a consistent best seller that doesn’t cost the earth.

Covered in heavy-duty vinyl, you might not get the raw quality of a leather bag but this is more than fit for purpose. The advantage of vinyl is that it’s built to last and won’t rip easily.

The freestanding design means there’s no need to worry about hanging your bag.

One thing to watch out for is a lack of padding. Ease in gently until you get accustomed to the feel.

In common with most punch bags designed for home use, this is not cut out to be hammered by a pro fighter so be realistic about your expectations.

For a no-nonsense freestanding bag that gives you reliability and affordability alongside performance, the Wave Master is well worth popping on your shortlist.

I Like

  • Great value for money
  • Fully height adjustable so suitable for most users
  • Round base can be easily rolled away for storage
  • Vinyl cover is durable and highly resistant to tearing
  • Foam filler makes bag nicely absorbent

I Don't Like

  • Slightly small and thin for a heavy duty bag so be honest about your size and performance
  • Not stable for extremely tall users
  • Pretty noisy in action

Last Punch Heavy Duty Punching Bag with Chains

Best Punch Bag For Home

via Amazon

We always try to check out a wide range of products so there’s something for everyone. Next is an unfilled bag from Last Punch giving you the flexibility to use whatever filling works best for you.

You should know straight off the bat that this bag is not suited for advanced fight training. If, on the other hand, you want something for your teenagers to mess around with or you are a smaller adult just starting to train, this bag should serve you well.

At 33 inches long, you hang this bag using chains. By varying the length of them, you can adjust the length as far as 55 inches so it’s adaptable punch bag in terms of sizing.

As with most punch bags you buy online, you can opt for professional assembly but this comes at a steep cost so it’s not advisable unless you have absolutely no idea what you’re doing and you can’t enlist help from friends or family.

For an entry-level punch bag suitable for novices, this makes a great starting point for your training.

I Like

  • Design of bag is best for boxing
  • Extremely cheap so good for all budgets
  • Length suitable for beginners and teenagers
  • Best for users between 5 foot and 5 foot 7 in height
  • Flexibility of being able to fill with any material

I Don't Like

  • Need lots of fabric of material to fill the bag
  • Not strong enough for intermediate or advanced fighter
  • Light weight and can rip easily

RDX Punching Bag 14PC Martial Arts Set

Best Punch Bag For Home

via Amazon

RDX offer a comprehensive punch bag set marketed at martial artists. The bag also works well for boxing.

Whether you’re a beginner or more advanced, this bag will take a fair amount of punishment without letting you down.Bundled with wraps, gloves, a rope and various other accessories, the set delivers great value along with performance and durability.

The Rex leather exterior is rugged and waterproof while also feeling good. The inside is stuffed with ripped fabric so it absorbs force. This filling is prone to sinking down the bag so keep your eye on this.

This hanging bag is a superb investment for boxers or martial artists regardless of level. Check it out today and you won’t be disappointed.

I Like

  • Represents outstanding value
  • Multiple colors to suit all tastes
  • Pair of boxing gloves, jump rope and wraps thrown in
  • Multi-purpose bag suitable for boxing, karate, kickboxing or Muay Thai
  • Synthetic Rex leather hardwearing and waterproof
  • Shredded textile filling highly absorbent

I Don't Like

  • Filling tends to sink toward the bottom
  • Swings rather too freely
  • Watch out for chain disconnecting

Ringside 100 lb Heavy Bag

via Amazon

We’ll round out our best punch bag reviews with a long, 100 lb heavy bag from the legendary Ringside.

Whether you’re a boxer or a mixed martial artist, this bag will take everything you can throw at it. From hard combination punches to a flurry of kicks, the bag absorbs it all.

Although straps can be a weak point on hanging bags, Ringside uses double stitching and some solid rivets so it should keep going for years to come. The 10-year warranty shows how much confidence the manufacturer places in their product.

Made from Powerhide with a soft filling just below the synthetic leather surface, punching this bag feels more like hitting an opponent than colliding with a brick wall.

For a long-lasting, professional punch bag that will not let you down, think long and hard about this great 100 lb model from Ringside.

I Like

  • Exceptional brand heritage
  • Cross-stitched straps and metal rivets will last the distance
  • Powerhide construction for maximum durability
  • Perfect for boxing or a range of martial arts
  • 10-year warranty for complete peace of mind

I Don't Like

  • Slightly slippery


Best Punch Bag For Home Reviews and Buying Guide

We hope you’ve enjoyed these punch bag reviews. Hopefully now, your buying decision should be straightforward.

If you think carefully about exactly what you want from your punch bag and stay on budget, finding something suitable is really not so tough.

Feel free to get in touch if you have any questions at all. You’re also always welcome to share our articles on your preferred social media channels.


Happy punching!

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