Top 5 Best Paleo Protein Bars Review – Every Details You Need for Your Diet

There are many types of paleo magnetic bars, which makes it hard to know whether a product is paleo approved or not. This is where our efforts come in. We do everything on your behalf and ensure that every product you buy is paleo verified. In this paleo protein bars review, you are definitely going to get the highest quality products without compromising on your diet.

We know that there are many products out there, and in this review, we don't mean to dismiss them. Therefore, even as we focus on the five best products, we encourage you to consider important factors each time you purchase paleo protein products from online or offline retailers.

The Products We Reviewed

  • Rise Whey Protein Bars
  • Elan Paleo Granola Protein Bars
  • Amrita Protein Bars
  • Primal Kitchen Protein Bars
  • Thunderbird Bars

How We Reviewed

To create this comprehensive paleo protein bars review, we had to base our thoughts on factual information. As such, we practically tried the products and did our homework to find out the ingredients used to make them. Also, we ran background research on each company to discover their market reputation and the number of years they have been in business.

From there, we explored additional online resources and found comments left by past and current users of the products reviewed in this piece. Therefore, we are 100% convinced that the information available in this guide will help you make the best choice, especially when you are on a diet and looking to avoid foreign ingredients that are not naturally sourced.

1. Rise Whey Protein Bars

If you are an athlete or trying to keep fit and healthy, this is the best paleo protein bar you should consider trying. The bars have enough whey protein to enhance your recovery process as well as help with muscle building. We also strongly vouch for these bars since they do not contain any sweetener and other foreign elements that might hurt your health.

For more than ten years, Rise, as a company, has provided some of the best products to help you achieve your health and fitness goals. Their good reputation comes from the fact that they do not have any artificial ingredients and have very straightforward recipes, mainly made of less than five ingredients.

Most users prefer these products because of their taste, but we also understand that not every person will enjoy them. The fact that they are made of a few ingredients means you can easily guess what they taste like. 

According to experts, it is vital that you use whole natural ingredients since they are highly effective and safe to use. By doing so, you will give your muscles and body a chance to gain the massive benefits that Rise Whey Protein Bars have to provide. Besides that, these products are loaded with the right ingredients to help your muscles recover faster while you train hard and sweat in the gym.

If you work hard enough and complement that with this product, there is a good you will experience impressive muscle growth. Due to an enhanced level of maintenance, your muscles will encounter greatly reduced deterioration. Those looking to lose weight will also achieve results much faster when they pair their training with the Rise Whey Protein Bars.


  • Large enough, which means they can also serve as heavy breakfast
  • They have dietary fiber to improve the digestion process
  • Only naturally sourced ingredients are used to make the products, thereby making them safe and highly effective


  • The manufacturer should consider adding more vitamins and minerals

2.Elan Paleo Granola Protein Bars

These are nut-based paleo protein bars that you must give a try because they are manufactured with you in mind. First of all, they are diet-friendly, which means they strictly adhere to low sugar, gluten-free, low carb and are a great choice for keto-friendly lifestyles. Therefore, if you are on a diet, you won't go against your will by giving Elan Paleo Granola Shot a try.

We also love the fact that these products are highly nutrient-dense. This implies that the manufacturing company, when formulating the product ensures that it is loaded with an array of vitamins to give you amazing health benefits. They also have enough minerals and leverage expanded nutrition panels.

Also, the products are a must-try if you are looking for something really fresh and only sold through the internet. Once you have placed your order, the product will be shipped to your location and is carefully packed to ensure that it arrives fresh and safe for human consumption.

Let’s face it. You don’t have to ingest something rows just because you want low-curb, grain-free food. Still, we are not talking about something that is packed with weird fitness that will make you regret the choice you made.

When making the Elan Paleo Granola Shot, the company uses cashews, brazil nuts, macadamia nuts, etc., to ensure that users get the best taste they deserve. The good news is that they also contain healthy fats, so you will not be ruining your diet while enjoying the Elan Paleo Granola Shot.

You are also supposed to feel full most of the time to avoid consuming large amounts of food that will leave you overweight and unhealthy. If anything, most people find it hard to avoid snacking when hungry. Therefore, by eating meals high in clean fats and protein, you will greatly reduce your hunger.


  • Has some of the best tastes in the industry
  • Does not contain foreign, unsafe additives
  •  Easy to integrate into a daily routine


  • Might not be the best choice if you are diabetic

3. Amrita Protein Bars

If you are looking for a bar with zero added sugar, then Amrita Paleo Protein Bars might be your best solution. These are plant-based bars that are made from sun-ripened fruits and seeds. Also, they do not contain any eggs, dairy, soy, tree nuts, and peanuts. Therefore, by choosing them, you can be sure that you are snacking on safe, effective protein bars.

Amrita bars might come in different forms and sizes, but each of them contains around 215 calories, 10 grams of sugar, 7 grams of protein, 8 grams of fat, and some protein powder. Also, you will also get around 70 milligrams of calcium, 4 grams of fiber, and one thousand milligrams of omega-3 fatty acids.

The Apple Cinnamon is one of the many Amrita Paleo Protein Bars that caught our attention. The first bite will reveal something that seems like a dried berry. But it is fair to state that it does contain some smattering of cranberries. You will fall in love with the warm cinnamon and light sweetness of the bars.

The fact that you will not detect the tahini means the bars are not bitter, but they are very soft and easy to chew. The Apple Cinnamon also has an amazing texture since it contains a fair amount of seeds and fruits. However, according to most users, the company should consider removing the cranberries since they deduct the product's quality.

There is also the mango coconut, which is way softer than the apple cinnamon. Also, it has a great taste that makes it stand out from the crowd with a taste like that of a sunflower seed. Though pleasant, you need to be a seed fan to enjoy the mango coconut. The other paleo protein bar in this category is the Pineapple Chia.


  • An array of tastes to pick from
  • Fairly priced


  • According to most users, the company should consider removing the cranberries since they deduct the product's quality.

4. Primal Kitchen Protein Bar

This is one of the few protein bars that can change your life positively and many nutrition experts recommend it. If you are strictly on a keto diet, then the chances are that you have come across the Primal Kitchen Protein Bars. For many years, the brand has produced an array of bars that are loved by dieters since they fit in the low-carb, high-fat eating diet. Now you know why you should consider giving these bars a shot, but we are yet to learn even more.

These bars have been on supermarket shelves for many years, and this is due to their impressive nutritional profile. But some users report that they are not happy with their texture, which we believe should not be a big deal. Just a while ago, the brand came up with a new protein bar that comes in three flavors; coconut lime, almond spice, and peanut butter.

The newest bars from the brand are definitely good for your health, and they boast easily recognizable ingredients. All of them only have about 2 grams of sugar, which makes them ideal for diabetic users as well. They have mind-blowing taste that is sourced from natural occurring ingredients such as fruit extract and honey. Thus, you don't have to worry about strange additives that might affect your well-being.

For example, the peanut butter flavor, has around 9 grams of proteins that are gotten from natural ingredients such as flaxseed, eggs, and nuts that can help keep you full between meals. You should also know that all three flavors are dairy-, gluten-, whey-, grain-, and soy-friendly. This implies that you can snack on these bars without any problem unless you have nut allergies or you are a vegan.


  • Are easily affordable
  • Variety of flavors to pick from


  • They come in small sizes

5. Thunderbird Bars

As we have already stated, it is never easy to find bars that fit our diet, but thunderbird bars are a few that we can proudly snack on. They have an array of flavors that are unique and loveable. Also, the fact that they have simple ingredients makes the brand trustworthy. They do not have any added sugar and are also grain-free.  

Out of the three flavors, the first bar we tried was the Texas Maple Pecan, and it happened to be soft and packed with an amazing taste. From there, we tried the rest and realized that they were delicious and craved for more. The bars are in good quantity and can be taken with tea. You will be able to go for many hours without feeling hungry.

There are many types of Thunderbird bars, and almost all of them don't have an aftertaste. You will also get the feeling that you are snacking on something very decadent. Most of the bars are loaded with seeds, nuts, and fruits, which means you will not be filling your body with strange ingredients that might affect your health.

Unlike many other bars, they are chewy and soft but are rather smaller than what you might have in mind when shopping online or offline. But they will surely keep you full for around 3.5 hours, which is great. They will be perfect for your purse, and most of them are about 160 calories and contain between 3-7grams of protein. We strongly suggest you give them a try right after going through a comprehensive review.


  • Can be used as a breakfast snack
  • No Aftertaste


  • Come in small amounts

The Bottom Line

We hope this guide helps you find the right paleo protein bars to give a try. Note that this paleo protein bars review is accurate since we have only based on our thoughts on thorough research conducted by our experts.

If you are not sure which one to give a try, we suggest you check the label and find out the ingredients used to make each of them. Also, you will see the vitamins and minerals you will get from snacking on various protein bars from the label. Also, be sure only to get your products from reputable dealers whether you are buying online or offline.

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