Best Medical Marijuana Strains for Migraine Relief

Migraine can be a real nightmare – every person who suffers from it knows is perfectly well. Constant pain on the one side of the head, hypersensitivity, nausea, problems with sight or smell … the list of unpleasant symptoms connected with migraine is really long.

Many people try various methods to fight or prevent it – they choose acupuncture, head massage, herb oils, or various types of medications. The sad news is, however, that the real medical cause of migraine is not known, so the types of treatment are highly personal.

Apparently, if other methods don’t work, there is also an option to use marijuana for migraine relief. How does it work and what strains are best to help?

Marijuana for migraine

Marijuana is proven to have pain-soothing and relaxing properties. It can be used for example in the form of CBD oil and help in various pains, including migraine. Research described for instance in this article shows that the use of marijuana helped to soothe the pain in about 40% of patients.

However, as every substance used for medical purposes, marijuana does have some side effects. They can include, for example, a feeling of dizziness or weakness and problems with sleep. To read more about the side effects, have a look here.

Best strains for migraine relief

It’s reasonable to choose the right marijuana strains if you expect its pain-relieving effects. You can look for some of them at A good choice would be, for example, ACDC. It’s a strain that’s relatively low in THC, and it helps to fight inflammation or pain without actually getting you high.

Another strain that might be helpful in treating migraine is Harlequin. Although it’s not so popular and might be hard to obtain, it has proven pain-soothing properties. An indica strain called Northern Lights can also be ideal in the case of headaches – it is typically used for fighting these symptoms.

If you look for peaceful sleep that’s distorted by migraine, you may want to try a strain called Purple Kush. It is known for improving the quality and length of sleep.

As you can read above, there are plenty of marijuana strains to choose from. All of them would be perfect for all people who suffer from migraines and migraine-related symptoms. However, it’s best to always stay in touch with your doctor before starting any new method of treatment on your own.

Basic Marijuana Strains

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