Are CBD Gummies Any Good?

Cannabidiol (CBD) has recently gained a lot of traction in the media due to its many benefits in treating multiple ailments and its calming effects on the mind and body.

It is also used as an add-in booster in your after workout smoothie or even in your morning coffee to give you that extra jolt of energy to go on about your day.

But before diving into how CBD benefits the human body and its various products, let us first understand  what  CBD is and why is it suddenly gaining  popularity?

An Overview Of CBD

CBD is a chemical compound extracted from the Cannabis sativa plant, more specifically from the hemp variety of the plant, as per the US National Library of Medicine.

CBD is a cannabinoid which can be used to help treat many common to severe ailments and can even boost immunity.

It can also create a sense of relaxation and calmness without any adverse side-effects.

CBD is not psychoactive like its cousin, delta-9-tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) which is the major active ingredient in marijuana.

Are Just CBD Gummies Good?

To answer this question, you must first know all the different products of CBD and how they are consumed.

CBD products have healing properties and are used to cure severe ailments like Asthma, Inflammation, pain caused by Lyme disease and much more.

The understanding and use of CBD has evolved over the years and there are a variety of products now available in the market.

Various Products of CBD

CBD can form a part of various products such as those listed below-

CBD Oils

CBD oil is prepared by extracting CBD from the cannabis plant, and thereafter adulterating it with a carrier oil like hemp seed oil or coconut oil.

CBD oils are highly beneficial for treating a wide range of ailments and also boosting an individual’s immunity. These can be used simply by applying on the skin.

This is one of the most widely used CBD products and has been accepted widely by the users. It helps in curing several ailments and further can also be your regular stress reliever.

CBD Edibles (gummies, candies)

One of the most suitable and easy ways to take cannabidiol (CBD) is through CBD gummies or candies.

They’re effortless to dose (no measuring scale required), handy, cautious, and flavorsome, making them a high priority for people who need to take CBD for the first time.

CBD gummies are extremely helpful in treating anxiety, insomnia and epilepsy.

Candies or gummies have anti-inflammatory properties as some of them also contain turmeric and spirulina which is a super food and an antioxidant.

They also come in GMO-free, vegan versions and have zero artificial sweeteners or corn syrup.

CBD Topical

While there are numerous types of CBD, but if you have skin problems or pains a CBD Topical lotion, cream would be the best for you. 

Research on CBD is still in nascent stages, but based on the current status, all that we know about CBD topicals shows potential.

The American Academy of Dermatology outlined the use of topical CBD products as an additional measure for eczema, acne and psoriasis.

There are numerous types of products available under this category which includes — Balms, Salves, Soothing Mint, creams and lotions.

CBD Tinctures

CBD tinctures have gained immense popularity in the last two years because they are extremely potent. CBD tinctures usually include additives like flavoring agents, essential oils and herbal extracts for enhanced taste and better health benefits.

The most prevalent essential oils include peppermint, vanilla, strawberry, rosemary and lavender. These are great for making cocktails, drinks or can also be put in small quantities in tea, coffee or your favorite drink.

CBD Pills and Capsules

CBD Pills and capsules are simple to use and can deliver more constant dosing, as every dose is pre-measured. These can be consumed directly and keep one golden rule i.e. “go low and slow.” Begin with a low dose and see how it makes you feel, and regulate as needed.

CBD Vapes

Like all other vaporizers, CBD Vapes also work the same. It has a chamber for the e-liquid, a mouthpiece to breathe through and a battery. CBD vapes are safe and are available in both reusable and one-time use models.

Depending upon your usage you can opt for whichever you like. These are easy to use and with monitored dosage can help you in feeling relaxed and relieving your stress.

Benefits of CBD

While we have understood what CBD is and what are its product let us also understand the benefits of CBD-

CBD Can Relieve Pain

The human body contains an endocannabinoid system (ECS), which naturally regulates a variety of functions like appetite, sleep, pain and immune system response.

The body generates endocannabinoids that are neurotransmitters that unite to cannabinoid receptors in an individual’s nervous system.

Studies have further outlined that CBD can reduce chronic pain by stimulating endocannabinoid receptor movement, which leads to reduced inflammation while interacting with neurotransmitters

CBD Can Treat Anxiety and Depression

Those suffering from depression and anxiety can opt for CBD to gain relief and feel a sense of calm.

Anxiety is one of the world’s biggest ailments and CBD oil has proven effective against both depression and anxiety, helping people heal with a natural approach.

CBD Can Reduce Cancer Related Symptoms

It can help cancer patients who suffer post treatment side effects like nausea, vomiting and pain.

Chemotherapy induced nausea can be relieved with CBD and it can aid the patient to have a smoother cancer treatment process.

CBD Is Anti-inflammatory

CBD may help treat acne owing to its anti-inflammatory properties and effectiveness in reducing sebum production.

CBD has a wide variety of biological activity, which includes anti-inflammatory and antioxidant activity and it is due to this property that the prevention and treatment of diseases whose development is correlated with redox disparity and inflammation has been tested.

CBD has anti-inflammatory properties, which can decrease the immune system’s inflammatory response.

It can alter the functional activities of the immune system that can lead to positive impacts on your health.


Any CBD product, be it gummies, topicals, oil or tinctures have the same benefits as CBD does. The only difference is the amount of time it takes the CBD to get absorbed by the body differs in each product.

Also the effects of CBD are shown the quickest after taking CBD sublingually in the form of oil or tinctures or by inhaling it .

CBD gummies are the right option for you if you give importance to taste and do not mind waiting a few extra minutes for the effect of CBD to kick-in.

Gummies are also cheap and readily available. Although make sure to buy them from a trusted brand like CBDmd, which uses only organic hemp and has a smooth flavour. While cbdMD is not the cheapest option out there, you can definitely save some dollars by using this coupon.

Note: Make sure to read on previous customer reviews and consult your physician before opting for any CBD product.

This is more important if you are currently on any other medications, as CBD does not work well with some other drugs.

Do check your medications for a “grapefruit warning” and take them at least before an hour before you take CBD.

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