Apple Cinnamon Protein Cereal Naked Nutrition Review

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Choosing the best cereal is quite a task since the market is full of different products from various companies. However, all available products offer different nutritional benefits. Organic products are most nutritious, and they offer ample health benefits to consumers.

One of the best organic products is Apple cinnamon protein cereal which offers a perfect way to start the day. The cereal contains pure natural products such as grass-fed whey, tapioca starch, dried apple pieces, organic brown sugar and also cinnamon.

The difference Between Naked Nutrition Products and other Competing Products in the Market

Source: Amazon

Apple cinnamon cereal differs significantly with products from other companies in the following ways:

The cereal comprises grass-fed whey

Grass-fed protein powder originates from the freshest milk that comes from cows that feed on grass. Such cows that eat healthy produce products that are full of nutritional benefits and are suitable for human consumption.

Grass-fed whey contains naturally occurring amino acids which place the pre-workout cereal one step ahead as a sports supplement. The fact that grass-fed protein powder comes from cows that feed on fresh, green natural grass ensures that it does not lose its nutritional value even after production.

Grass-feeding cows that are allowed to roam freely produce milk with high levels of conjugated Linoleic acids (CLA fats) that are essential in burning excess fats and play a role in fighting cancer cells.

Grass-fed whey also contains vitamins A and E that play a role in muscle development and contributes to the skin collagen giving one a healthy glowing natural look.

Proteins from grass-fed whey are also rich in omega three fatty acids that are known for being anti-inflammatory and leads to reduced risk of contracting chronic diseases such as dementia and heart disease.

One way of acquiring healthy benefits is through consuming food that is rich in natural nutrients. For instance, eating the apple cinnamon protein cereal before exercise sessions helps the fitness enthusiasts perform at the peak of their physical capabilities.

Fitness enthusiasts engage in exercises to improve their overall body appearance, get rid of excess fats and to stay healthy. Intake of pre-exercise cereal helps them attain their goals since proteins enhance muscle development.

source: Amazon

The presence of high CLA levels in the cereal also helps in transforming fats into lean muscle which results in improved physical appearance.

On the other hand, Products from other companies originates from tainted milk from cows that feed on genetically modified food products. As a result, the cows produce milk that contains elements of chemicals that can be unhelpful or disastrous for human consumption.

The unnatural products also contain a high level of omega six fatty acids which are known to cause numerous chronic and degenerative diseases that are on the rise in modern society.

Intake of cereals made from products of cows that feed on corn or grain products leads to more harm than good. Such products may not offer enough energy to fitness enthusiasts for them to perform at the peak of their physical capabilities.

The presence of chemical elements is disastrous to human health since it can bring about some health complications.

No Artificial sweeteners, flavors or colors

Apple protein cinnamon cereal contains no artificial sweeteners, flavors or colors. Instead, the cereal contains organic sugar that offers ample health benefits. Natural sugar contains minerals and organic acids that strengthens many internal organs such as heart, lungs, and kidneys.

Organic sugar is rich in carbohydrates and iron that are known for boosting energy levels. Other companies use sweeteners, flavors or colors in their products to improve their cereals’ texture, flavors and extend their shelf life.

Sweeteners such as artificial sugar inhibit the production of GLP-1 (Glucagon-like peptide-1) hormone that controls blood sugar levels. As a result, one develops hunger cravings and stands at the risk of being diabetic.

Addition artificial flavors and colors to food products risk consumer's health since they cause obesity and cancer.

GMO-free, soy free, gluten free

Apple cinnamon protein cereal does not contain GMO (genetically modified Organisms) since it is made from naturally produced products. The cereal also does not have soy or gluten. GMO, soy, and gluten are common in unnatural products.

Health complications such as food allergy, toxicity, and congenital disabilities occur mostly to people who take GMO products. Soy contains high levels of chemicals known as oxalates which are known to cause kidney stones.

Soy is also known to worsen the condition of hypothyroidism it also increases the chance of blood sugars levels being too low in diabetic people under medication. Soy can also block the digestion of proteins.

On the other hand, intake of gluten is risky to human health since it causes diseases such as celiac, gut inflammation, and increased intestinal permeability.

Gluten also causes brain fog and fatigue which can lead to diseases such as dementia and Alzheimer’s. Dermatitis herpetiformis is another severe skin disease associated with the intake of gluten.

Growth hormone free, no rGBH or rBST

Unlike other kinds of cereals, apple cinnamon protein cereal contains no growth hormone, rGBH or rBST. Growth hormone is known to cause improved growth, stronger bones, and increased muscle mass.

However, intake of growth hormone for an extended period can cause more complicated problems such as acromegaly which results in enlargement of fingers, bones, and organs.

Growth hormone also causes the body to regenerate faster making all cells to grow. For instance, if a person has already existing cancer cells in the body, they too may grow.

The rBGH (Bovine Growth hormone) also known as rBST (recombinant bovine somatotropin) occurs naturally in cows but it is also produced and fed to cows for increased milk production. It brings about adverse effects to consumers since it increases the production of insulin-like growth factor 1 which enhances cell division and growth.

The rBGH is presumed to lead to an increase of cancer though there are no proves to the theory.

Balanced composition of nutrients

Apple cinnamon protein cereal contains five different organic ingredients which include grass-fed whey protein, organic brown sugar, tapioca starch, dried apple pieces and cinnamon.

Each pouch of the pre-exercise cereal contains 120 calories, 5 gram carbs, 4 gram sugar and 1 gram of fat and cinnamon.

The composition of nutrients indicated on the pack allow consumers to take a balanced diet per serving and eliminates the hassle of making breakfast cereal diet with products of different nutritional values which they may do unprofessionally leading to errors.

Pros of taking Apple cinnamon protein cereal

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  • Rich in vitamins A and E that promotes muscle development and contributes to skin collagen leading to a healthy, glowing natural look.
  • Clean and healthy for human consumption since it does not contain any chemicals.
  • Contains CLA fats that are essential in the erosion of excess fats.
  • Releases enough energy to help consumers perform at the peak of their physical capabilities.
  • Rich in proteins that are good in muscle development and repair.
  • The pre-exercise cereal is rich in omega three fatty acids that are anti-inflammatory and reduces the risk of contracting chronic diseases.
  • All products that make up the cereal are organically produced and offers consumers ample natural nutritional benefits.
  • The combination of different ingredients into one simple meal saves consumers from the hassle of making home-made cereals and also saves them time.
  • Each pack weighs 32 grams while the whole package containing six packs weighs 192 grams make it highly portable
  • Apple cinnamon protein cereal is affordable to all.
  • The cereal is third-party tested for purity, safety, and nutritional value.
  • The cereal is crunchy and contains organic sugar that makes it delicious.


  • Once the sachet package is open, the cereals get exposed to the air which leads to loss of its crunchiness
  • Having it on a daily basis may bore your taste buds. This is commonly known as taste fatigue. It, therefore, requires that it be supplemented by other natural sources of protein and vitamins on alternate days.

Where to buy Apple cinnamon protein cereal

The cereal sells on various websites such as Amazon, Health & household, Healthy snacks & beverages, Sports nutrition, cereal and also on the naked website. The cereal is a product of the Naked Nutrition that produces pure supplements using natural products. Naked nutrition also produces other products that include powdered peanut butter, creatine monohydrate, and casein protein.


There are ample benefits associated with starting the day with a breakfast meal. For instance, various studies show that people who skip breakfast are more likely to be overweight or obese than those who start their days with a meal.

The best breakfast meal should be rich in carbohydrates and should also contain high fiber. Cereals that contain organic ingredients such as apple cinnamon protein cereal offer ample health benefits than those that use artificial sweeteners or flavors.

Apple cinnamon protein cereal is a product of Naked Nutrition which is one of the best manufacturers of organic food products. Naked conducts thorough research on all ingredients before processing to ensure that they are nutritious and cannot cause health problems to consumers.

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