All You Need to Know About Neuropathy

Studies show that 73% of neuropathic cases are painful, regardless of what kind of nerve damage was inflicted. Nerve pain can be severe, most people who deal with painful neuropathy see their lifestyle deteriorate and end up becoming dependent on strong medication in order to function normally.

The National Institute of Neurological Disorders and Strokes has noted that in the US alone, around 20 million people suffer from neuropathy of some kind. It is a pretty common affliction, but not many people are aware of what causes it and what can be done in order to cope with it.

Neuropathy is a condition that is caused when the peripheral nervous system sustains damage, the peripheral nervous system consists of our autonomous nerves and nerves that are responsible for our motor and sensory functions. This nervous system can be damaged by physical trauma or by diabetes, HIV and through chemotherapy.

When the peripheral nervous system gets damaged, the affected area can lose feeling or a tingling sensation might become present at times. In the worst case scenario, the affected area can develop intense pain under certain conditions.

Due to a large majority of neuropathic cases being painful, most conventional treatments primarily focus on pain management rather than on identifying the underlying cause of the problem and treating it.

Meaning that conventional neuropathic medication only offers short term relief that does nothing to improve one’s condition, and users can also quickly become dependent on them.

Apart from being ineffective, these medicines are expensive and come with a variety of side effects that can further ruin one’s lifestyle. Some common side effects of these medicines include nausea, dryness of the mouth, difficulty in urination, irregular heartbeat and suicidal thoughts.

Relying on over the counter medication can only get you so far and will eventually worsen your condition, there are niches that provide medication that actually focus on treating the cause of nerve pain rather than treating its symptoms, but finding the right medication in this niche is not easy either.

The problem with natural remedies and herbal/vitamin based treatments is that not all of them work for everyone, one supplement might work wonders for someone in a week but might not treat your condition at all.

This inconsistency in their effectiveness gives them a bad reputation and as a result, most neuropathic patients do not even try them out, however, with a bit of patience and research, one can find effective supplements and treatments that will help them out without any extreme side effects and at a significantly lower cost than conventional drugs.

There are several things that one needs to know about when finding a neuropathic treatment for themselves, this is where Neuropathy Help can be of assistance. Neuropathy Help is one of the best places on the internet to educate yourself about neuropathy and how to effectively treat it, what makes this website reliable is the fact that is it run by someone who suffers from neuropathy as well.

They have their fair share of experience with the ailment, how conventional drugs deal with it and how alternative remedies can actually make a difference. This website also tests and reviews several neuropathic supplements that focus on providing pain relief by making use of herbal extracts, enhance nerve tissue regeneration by introducing absorbable vitamins into the body and by making use of ingredients that have been clinically proven to treat neuropathic symptoms.

In order to find out more about neuropathy and what can be done to effectively treat it, visit and browse through the information that they have to offer.

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