8 Safe and Effective Tips for Your Summer Workout

If the thought of the bikini season is making you want to hibernate until the winter, don’t worry! There’s still time to get that beach body you’ve been dreaming of this summer. The trick is simple: instead of focusing too much on the mirror and the scale, focus on how exercise can improve your whole life, not just be a means to an end for the summer. If so, you are likely to return to your old, unhealthy habits and have the same issue all over again next spring.

But as summer bears a couple of risks you should be mindful of when exercising, you should consult experienced trainers like the ones at the Fit Athletic Club and ask for advice on how to adapt your exercising routine to avoid these risks.

How to Stay Safe for Summer Workouts

The best thing about the summer is lots of outdoor workouts. But working out in all that heat and sun can be draining and dangerous. This is why you have to take some extra precautions to stay safe and keep your workout effective.

Get Used to the Heat

Your body needs to acclimate to the summer heat. That’s why you shouldn’t rush out and start working out right away, but take small steps until you feel completely comfortable working out in the sun. Even the most seasoned trainers don’t start with a full workout right away.

Stay Hydrated

During the summer it’s crucial to stay hydrated, especially if you’re working out. The sun and the heat can drain you, and drinking lots of fluids can keep your body cool and strong. Apart from water, you should take sports drinks as they can help replace electrolytes faster.

Know When to Stop

Don’t worry about being a quitter! If your body starts telling you you’ve had enough, you should listen to it. Dizziness and nausea are clear signs that your body has had enough. If you feel nauseated or dizzy, stop working out and find a shade to rest and rehydrate. If you don’t feel better after that, you should stop exercising for the day. The exhaustion and the heat cramps you might contract if you push yourself to the limits can be very dangerous.

Know When to Exercise

During the summer, the time of day when you exercise is very important. You should try to stick to mornings or evenings when the temperatures are not as high. Additionally, you should avoid working out between 11 and 3, as that’s when the temperatures are at the peak.

Avoid Tight and Dark Clothes

Everyone knows that dark clothes attract the sunlight more. During the summer you should stick to bright colors when exercising in the open. Bright colors reflect the heat and will keep you cool during the workout. Also, avoid wearing tight clothes, so your body can cool off better. Wear loose clothes to avoid perspiration and getting hot.

Apply Sunscreen before Exercising

The sun can be very cruel to your skin. So if you plan on working out in the open, make sure to wear sunscreen and avoiding damage to your skin.

Look for a Shade

Whenever you’re taking a break from working out, make sure to find a shade and stay away from the sun while you rest. When you take a minute to rehydrate, retreat to a shade to let your body cool down a bit.

Participate in Outdoor Activates

A lot of gyms organize different outdoor activities for their members to enjoy during the summer. Ask if something similar is available in your gym as well. Most gyms will likely have a swimming activity, as it is one of the best summer workouts. Not only does it activate different muscle groups, the water will help keep you cool during a workout. Hiking is also very popular, just make sure to wear appropriate protection like hats and sunglasses.

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