8 Magical Tips to Stay Fit This Summer

Summer is all about sun and fun! It is time for family vacations, games, and parties. Go, find your sports bag, equipment, and join your favorite sport. You can start with some healthy habits for a healthy and fit body. Eat fresh fruits, vegetables, and meals to keep a check on your health. Hydrate and exercise regularly. This is the best time to get in shape. But this is not that easy! You need to create a right plan and dedicate your time in some hard work.

Summers can be tricky. It becomes quite difficult to take the best care of yourself during this season. The scorching heat can drain the water and salt content from the body causing dehydration.
Dehydration can cause diarrhea, nausea, kidney failure, and other diseases. To fight against dehydration and related diseases, drink lots of water daily.
Here are some tips to be summer ready and stay fit during your summers.

Stay Hydrated

The first thing to do to stay fit during summers - Stay hydrated. Set water reminders if you have a habit of drinking less water during daily activities in summer. Always carry a bottle of water when you step out of your home or workplace during summer. If you run out of the water, you can refill it at the nearby store or buy a new one.

If you have a desk job and water tank or bottles are far from your place, stock your bottles. You can use the water reminder apps to help stay hydrated.

Intake Fresh Fruits, Fibers and Green Vegetables:

Green vegetables and fresh fruits are a rich content of vitamins, fibers, minerals, water, and salts. Summer is the best time to grow and eat green leafy vegetables. You can start your day with a dose of fruit dish or juice. Juicy fruits like watermelon, muskmelon, grapes, etc. can help you retain the water content in the body.

To boost your protein and iron level in your diet, intake meal with spinach, kale, spring greens, and other green veggies.

Stay Away from Alcohol

Choose your drinks wisely. Alcohol lowers the body’s ability to fight against heat. Also, some drinks can produce a fatty layer helping you putting unwanted body weight. 

Rebuild Your Strength in the Gym

EMS machines can help you rebuild your strength in gyms and even at home workouts. Consult your physiotherapist or gym trainer before using EMS. Before your EMS sessions, a pre-workout can help you in muscle relaxation. Using EMS unit provides muscle stimulation and relaxation.

It activates your muscle fibers and builds up your body strength to beat the summer strokes.

Use Tens Unit:

Avoid any kind of chronic or acute pain during your vacations and summer holidays. You can buy a TENS unit or take sessions from your physiotherapy. Regular use of TENS unit can keep your shoulder, neck, and joint pain


It strengthens the weak body joints and muscles to keep you activated and charged during summer.

Start Your Day with Yoga

Yoga has several benefits. It can shape your body and keep you active all day. Start your day with Yoga sessions for every 30 minutes. Watch some online yoga videos or go to a trained Yoga teacher. 

Get your yoga mat, and start with it. If you do not wish to spend money on Yoga classes, find some online app for proper guidance.

Protect Your Skin with Sunscreen:

Summers are not good for your tender skin. The harmful UV rays can cause skin cancer, skin burn, and other harmful diseases. Buy sunscreens with protection against UVA or UVB rays. UVB rays can cause skin burns while UVA can cause harmful radiations. 

Sunscreen creams having SPF 50+ as they protect you from UVB and sunburn. It protects you from skin damage due to UV rays and heat. Sunscreens with label UVA/UVB, broad or multi-spectrum provide you both UVA and UVB rays protection.

Stay Away from Junk Food

Most of us enjoy eating junk food after college, work or usually on weekends. Burgers, french fries, pizzas, and the like contain preservatives, salts, and calories which can help you put on extra body fats.

For instance, the potato chips. They are frozen foods, which contain preservatives and high amount of fats and calories. Instead, you should eat corn tortilla chips. If pizza is a major food group to you, we recommend checking out ActivEats for eating healthy everyday!

Avoid eating junk food. It is unhealthy and can increase fats in your body. Eat fresh meat or fruits instead that build up your body. 

Summer is all about enjoying with your friends and family. Follow our healthy tips, stay fresh and hydrated to beat the heat.

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