6 Tips on How to Design Killer Family Holiday Photo Cards

Probably, you have received a ton of holiday photo cards from friends, family, and associates. This is a traditional technique that has been integrated into modern technology such as Instagram.

Importantly, these cards create a great way to let you watch other people grow and develop as a family, even though you don't live with them.

If you have not yet started this tradition, nothing beats a carefully staged family holiday photo card. Integrating the photos of perfectly groomed kids beaming at their parents with adoration and delight will surely create a lasting impression.

The backgrounds and fonts may vary, but the message behind the text is always clear, ''This year we have marked a significant milestone in our lives."At Mixbook Photo Co., we will help you create customized holiday photo cards that will surely be mind-blowing. With that in mind, here are unique tips to create a killer family holiday photo card.

A Beautiful Big Picture on the Cover is Always a Great Plus

Your family is gorgeous! Nothing beats a holiday card with a large image on the background of the cover. Let the image capture the beaming faces of your beautiful kids paying attention to every detail and progress recorded from the last year's card. If it is a must you include several thumbnails, insert them on the inside.

The Card should not Integrate Random Images

Probably, you and your family love your newborn niece. As much as you adore the little bundle of joy, it would not be a good idea to include her into the family holiday card photo. This is because people will assume you have a new member in the family. Make sure the card captures your family members and refrain from including other people, no matter how close they are to your family.

Basic Editing Matters

Sometimes you may be taking a photo in unfavorable conditions like in the dark. No matter how gorgeous your family looks, the photo might still have some dark elements that might not bring out the full aesthetic. At this instance, you may consider to make exposure and contrast your best friends. Play around with buttons on the editing software to achieve that perfect photo you have always wanted.

What about the Faces?

A family holiday card should be able to capture the faces of every family member clearly and explicitly. Many people especially those close to you, want to see the delightful faces of every member. Therefore, it would do you no good to display a microscopic family against the giant Paris landmark.

People want to Hear a Little Family News

As much as you try to design the best family holiday photo card, people will always want to know more about the secret behind the smiling faces. Always remember to integrate some new information on your family holiday card in clear and legible prints. You may want to consider some details like where the photo was taken, and when or what you were doing at the moment.

Work with the Best

Designing great family holiday photo cards goes beyond pasting photos and letters. That is why you need a professional like Mixbook Photo Co. who has many years of experience in creating them.

Contact us today, to get a free quote.

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