6 Mistakes You Should Avoid While Exercising in a Gym

Many of us consider ourselves an expert when it comes to working out in a gym. Many people have been working out for years and believe they already know the right way to use the gym. Well, sometimes, even the smartest of us may miss out on a few things that we have pointed out below.

1. Not Drinking Water:

You may be really driven to finish several sets of an exercise. But do not forget to hydrate yourself. Never rely on the water provided inside the gym, as you will not drink it as regularly as you would if you carry a sipper around. Always take a water bottle with you.

2. Forgetting a Towel:

One habit which I really find disgusting is people dripping their sweat all over the gym floor rather than using a towel to keep themselves dry. It is unhygienic to not wipe off your sweat and objectionable to others. Hence, always carry a clean towel to the gym and use it, especially when doing a machine workout.

3. Picking Extra Heavy Weights:

To gain maximum benefit from your strength training session, many of us try to pick weights that seem really heavy. This may cause muscle fatigue and injury if you are not careful.

Instead of carrying heavier weights, why not do more repetitions of low-weight dumbbells, which will have better results? Join the BODYPUMP class at Gymnation to experience how extra repetition can help you stay fitter.

4. Not Wearing the Right Shoe:

We just cannot emphasize how essential it is to wear the right shoes, especially if you are overweight. Many exercises you do put additional pressure on your foot. If your shoe does not really distribute it well, you may end up with conditions such as heel spur or plantar fasciitis that takes from several months to years before you get any relief.

5. Copying Someone Else's Regimen:

Every person's body is different, which is why what routine your friend follows may not work for you. You should always focus on your problem areas and consider your physical issues before formulating a unique regime for yourself.

You can also consult a doctor if you have any health issues before working out in a gym. If your friend is into aerobics, then you should not decide to join her unless you are sure this is right for you.

Especially if you are overweight, you need to avoid such high-intensity activities which will cause additional pressure on your knees. Rather, stick to a cardio and strength training routine to become fitter.

6. Neglecting Weights:

Many of us assume that the best way to lose weight is through cardio workout sessions, as it is fast-paced and you have more chances of losing calories. Well, that is absolutely false.

Weight training actually helps lose calories, even post-workout session, helps you tone and improves your muscle mass, which is absolutely essential.

The Bottom Line:

These are small mistakes which can actually transform your entire workout experience once you change your habit. It is never bad to consult an expert now and then just to update your workout regime and make better efforts towards a fitter you.

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