6 Essentials for Your Gym Bag

Going to the gym is a far more involved process than simply signing up and getting there. That’s where your gym bag comes in. For anyone who goes to the gym regularly, packing your gym bag with all of your fitness necessities is basically second nature. But for those of us who are just trying to make good on a New Year’s resolution, nailing down the essentials can be tough—and there’s nothing worse than realizing you forgot your water bottle or ear buds.

Make sure you have these 6 gym bag essentials packed before you zip up and head out!

Gym sneakers

Sure, a pair of trainers seem like a total brainer, but are you 100% sure that your gym shoes are really meant for the gym? Running and CrossFit shoes are built differently from your average everyday shoe. Heightened support and breathable mesh materials are the difference between a pair of women’s Converse high-tops and women’s Brooks Adrenaline.

Don’t underestimate the power of a bad shoe. Save yourself the stinging pain of shin splints, blisters, damaged toenails, plantar fasciitis, and inflammation and dress for success by investing in a sturdy pair of gym sneakers that support you through all of your favorite exercises.


Activewear has become an integral piece of the modern American wardrobe, so you probably already have a pair of Fabletics leggings and sitting in your closet. And if you were looking for an excuse to buy some new clothing, here’s your easy out.

Activewear makes your life easier in more ways than one. Fashion and function meet when you hit the yoga studio in your newest sports bra and legging duo. Since activewear uses more flexible materials like spandex, polyester, and nylon, you won’t have to worry about splitting your pants as you get deep into that tricky pigeon pose.

Fitness tracker

The modern age has blessed gym rats and gym newbies to a world of information with the introduction of wearable sport tech devices like FitBit watches and Apple watches. These smartwatches are capable of pacing your run, logging your exercise sessions, measuring your heart rate, tracking your sleep schedule, and more. Seriously. All of that computing power in one tiny wristwatch!

Whether you want to track your fitness progress on a weekly basis or you want to set goals and need motivation to meet them, a fitness tracker is all you’ll need!

Even when you've returned home from the gym, you can use your fitness tracker to get guidance on your nutrition and weight goals. Measure your hydration levels and log your calorie intake with easy app integration.

Reusable water bottle

Skip the plastic bottles and save your money at the vending machine—a reusable water bottle saves the planet and saves you from dry-heaving after a hard workout. Nothing feels more refreshing than cold water after a solid iron-pumping sesh. Choose an insulated reusable water bottle to ensure your water stays crisp and cool throughout your workout.

Ear buds and a killer playlist

Surviving a visit to the gym can be hard—no one ever said it would be a walk in the park! Between your may sets and reps, you need something to keep you pushing, and when you don’t have a gym buddy to challenge you to take it to the next level, you’re counting on yourself to rally through.

A sweat-proof pair of headphones or ear buds and a sweet playlist with up-tempo music is a two-step recipe for muscle-making success. Make sure you have these tunes on your gym playlist!

  • This Is What You Came For by Calvin Harris
  • Light It Up by Major Lazer
  • Jumpman by Drake
  • 212 by Azealia Banks
  • Titanium by David Guetta
  • Down With The Sickness by Disturbed

Personal care items

The gym is a place full of sweat, grunts, and smells you’d never hope to sniff outside of the gym. Even though you can't control other gym-goers’ personal hygiene, you can harness your own so that you always feel as fresh as possible. Keep these many hygiene essentials in your gym bag at all times!

  • Deodorant
  • Extra undies
  • A hairbrush or comb
  • Shower sandals
  • Body wash or soap
  • Sanitary items
  • A personal bath towel

You’re ready to hit the gym! No excuses are in your way so pack up your bag and get going! Don’t forget to leave your favorite gym bag essentials in the comments below!

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