6 Best Beginner Ab Workout Routines

If you want to get rock-hard abs, you will have to start by putting in a little effort and then progress your workout as you go along. As a beginner, you need to take it easy, because abs take time to build. This means finding the right training routines. The Muscle Expert site is one recommended source of information for toning your abs.

Understand that there are a few things you need to know about working out to get abs, especially if you are new to this process. 

First, don’t be in a rush. Patience and consistency is key. You need to commit to the set exercise routines and religiously stick to them for weeks. The grand prize is that your abs will be bold, like those of the statues of the Greek gods. 

Secondly, abs don’t come from overworking or exhausting yourself with extreme workouts. At the start, simply do what your body can manage. The intensity of your workouts should increase progressively. Don’t get into the game and go for the advanced levels right away. 

On to the Workouts

Each of the listed exercises should be performed for a minimum of 30 seconds, and then you can take 30-second breaks in between them. 

1. Dead Bug

This is a workout that focuses its efforts on your upper and lower abs. 

Lie on your back while ensuring your whole body touches the floor, including the lower half. Pull your knees above your hips at a 90-degree angle and then lift your arms so that they point to the ceiling. 

Lower and extend one leg and do the same with one arm only so that it should stretch past your head and by the ear. 

At the slowest pace possible, bring them back into their previous position. You will feel a burning sensation, and that’s how you know you are doing it right. Make things interesting by not letting your legs touch the floor during the exercise. 

2. Sitting Bicycle Crunch

This one takes a toll on your lower abs.  

Sit on a flat level surface with your chest straight up while keeping your knees slightly bent. Place your hands behind your neck and try not to tug or put too much pressure on your neck. 

Lean back slightly, preferably at a 30- or 45-degree angle, and then try to raise one knee until it touches the elbow opposite to it. Repeat the exercise several times while taking turns alternating the knees. 

You can always take it a notch higher by doing full bicycle crunches. All you have to do is lie completely flat on the surface and then repeat the above process. 

3. Hollow Body Hold

The hollow body hold tones your upper and lower abs. 

Lie flat on your back and ensure you press your back firmly against the ground. Raise your legs towards your center and stretch your arms out to meet them in the middle. Maintain that position for thirty seconds or longer. 

4. The Reverse Crunch

This exercise has more effect on your lower abs.

Lie on your back and bend your knees while making sure your feet are firmly and fully placed on the floor. Place your hands behind your head. Remember to keep your lower back on the ground throughout the workout. 

Now, lift your knees and bend them towards your chest. The movement should be simultaneous with both knees. Bring them in slowly and, when returning your feet to the ground, make sure the motion is slow. 

5. Mountain Climbers

Aside from the abs, this exercise will also work on your shoulders, hips, and legs. 

Have you ever watched how runners position themselves during the start of a race? That’s the proper position for this workout. 

Your palms should be flat against the floor, and your toes should support your lower body weight. Start pulling in one knee towards your chest and imitate a running movement while switching between your legs. 

The faster you move, the more of a challenge it will be. 

6. The Glute Bridge

Start by lying on your back and keeping your arms at the side. Bend your knees and keep your feet flat against the ground. Press down on your feet and raise your hips towards the ceiling. Slowly lower yourself down and, during the whole process, don’t let yourself collapse. 


Abs are not only good for simply looking toned. They also play a critical role in improving your sitting posture. This, in turn, works to reduce or alleviate any risk of back pain. 

Working out is only part of the process of getting abs. You also need to invest in a proper diet and eat properly to ensure you maintain the right energy levels in your body. 

Proteins will come in handy, especially plant-based types. Therefore, chew on those sprouts and eat some legumes, and they will pay off if you remain persistent in your endeavor. 

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