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The right boxing gloves are more elusive than a boxing championship. Boxers search high and low to buy the gloves that are a perfect fit and offer the correct combination of safety, comfort and balance.

Most new fighters don’t know this but there are some factors that go into selecting boxing gloves. For that purpose you need tips that can help you find gloves that are an extension of your hands.

Tip no 1 – Select the right size

Boxing gloves are made differently for men, women and children, and there are also a size difference within these categories; small, medium and large.

If you don’t know what glove size fits you properly, then you should give a few of them a try.

The problem is that different brands also make the sizes differently.

The glove should not be too snug, as it will loosen up after usage. Also, you will be wearing hand wraps under the glove so you have to have room for that. So your glove needs to be roomy enough for the hand wraps.

When buying a leather glove remember that leather stretches over time, more than other materials.

You don’t want gloves that will fly off your hands when you throw punches and shouldn’t be too tight, which could compromise the safety of the gloves.

Tip no 2 – The weight has to be right

The amount of protection that a glove has adds to its weight. Heavier the glove, the more safety it will provide to the boxers.

The gloves can weigh between 8 ounces to 20 ounces. The use that the gloves are put to also determines which weight you should buy; more on glove usage later.

Boxers who are new to the sport, and some fitness enthusiasts, prefer heavier gloves because they are safer. More experienced boxers go for lighter gloves.

When you enter boxing competition, they might restrict the glove weight for specific weight classes. You have to keep that in mind when shopping for gloves.

Tip no 3 – The material matters

Two main materials that are used in the manufacture of boxing gloves are leather and vinyl.

Vinyl gloves are cheaper, the material is less breathable and it is prone to quick wear and tear.

Leather is more sturdy and expensive. It is also more breathable than vinyl.

New boxers don’t have to purchase leather gloves at first. They can opt for vinyl for their training and buy leather gloves when they have progressed as fighters.

Tip no 4 – Velcro, then laces

The closure mechanism for every brand of boxing gloves is of two types; Velcro and laces.

Laces offer a more secure closure, they can be laced up just like a shoe.Velcro is slightly less secure but it is easier to operate.

The simple science to this is that you should have a pair with Velcro at first, because you will be working out on your own in the beginning and Velcro would be easy to handle. When you have to enter a fight, then you can get a pair of gloves with laces.

Tip no 5 – Training or Fighting

A lot of people take up boxing just for fitness; they would be fine with less expensive vinyl gloves.

Boxers on the other hand actually require 2 pairs of gloves that are both durable and offer a high level of protection.

The first pair should be for training only. These gloves are heavier because you will be training with heavy bags.

The second pair should be for fights only. They will be lighter so you can punch faster.

Both pairs can be vinyl if you are just getting into boxing. More serious boxers should swing for 2 pairs of leather gloves.

Price is of obvious importance for boxers when they are out buying gloves. It shouldn’t be.

If you are only looking for gloves to help you in your daily fitness routine, then a cheaper vinyl pair will do.

Serious boxers need gloves that can last them a long time and more importantly it should have proper protection. Hand safety trumps price any day. Boxers should utilize the information above to buy the glove that fits right, feels right, has the right safety and is just perfect in every way.

Guest Post by Nicola Anderson

Nicola Anderson is a 25 year old sports journalist based in UK. She loves watching MMA and boxing when she is not writing for various websites and blogs on sports, fitness and nutrition. She is a metal head and works out to tracks by Ozzy Osbourne, Pantera, AC/DC and Slayer.

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