5 Tips and Tricks to Reduce Ongoing Back Pain

According to a report by Mayo Clinic, at least 80% of people report back pain at some point in their lives. Back pain can be caused by one or more of several factors from arthritis, bulging discs, muscle and ligament strain, infections, and skeletal irregularities among other causes. Here are five remedies for back pain.

Maintain a Good Posture

Whether you are sitting or standing, you need to keep your spine well-aligned. A good posture is more important when you are carrying out activities, such as working out or carrying a heavy load. At all times, you need to avoid slouching, keep knees straight when you are lifting heavy items in or out of the gym, move the hips and not the back when twisting side to side, and always aim to have the spine erect.

Jobs that require repetitive motion, such as sports and bodybuilding, will take a toll on your back muscles, so be careful how you handle your posture. When you sit, keep your feet flat on the floor, use a chair that offers back support, and ensure you are not hunching forward to look at your computer.

Stretch the Muscles of the Lower Back

Stretching is an easy way to relieve lower back pain. It also works the core muscles to strengthen them and prevent future problems. However, not all stretches are good for your lower b.ack. For instance, bending your back and touching your toes can do more harm than good to your back.

You can do a trunk rotation stretch where you lay on the floor on your back with your knees bent and your upper back straight on the ground. Rotate the legs to the right or left towards the floor until the lower back feels the stretch. Hold that for about 5 seconds. There are many more poses you try. Note that, you do not have to over-exert your back. The idea here is to relax the muscles.

Have the Right Shoes at All Times

The wrong shoes can exacerbate your back pain. Some shoes can look cute on you, but they may be doing more harm to your back than they are protecting your feet. When you wear supportive footwear, you improve the overall posture and reduce the pressure on your lower back. When exercising, choose the right sneakers for the kind of exercise you want to carry out.

If you walk for long distances or you are on your feet several hours a day, you need to keep off high heels. You also need to keep off unsupportive loafers and choose a shoe that offers great support.

See a Professional

Whether you have chronic or acute back pain, seeing a professional can help you get better. Professionals can restore the healthy status of your back to enhance the quality of your life. Professionals will not only recommend changes in lifestyle but will seek to understand the cause of the back pain. This way, the remedies suggested or treatment undertaken will be ideal for the unique nature of your back.

When you visit a professional, they will examine you for about 45 minutes to understand your problem fully. They might request X-rays or MRIs to get to the root cause of the problem. This way, the back and spine specialist will treat your case individually based on the cause.

Exercise and Watch Your Weight

Regular exercise can reduce your back problems by strengthening your core muscles. When you exercise, your muscles relax and you are able to correct your posture. You can do simple walks around the neighborhood. Exercise will also help release the stress your muscles have from everyday activities.

You need to keep your weight in check. One of the causes of chronic back pain is obesity. Your spine has the power to distribute and carry the weight of your body. However, when you add extra pounds, your spine will wear out. You can keep the stress off your spine by cutting down your weight. Get a strict diet plan and work out and you will be okay. Again, consult with your doctor for the best course of action.
Besides the above points, you need to get adequate rest on the right mattress and eat a balanced diet at all times.

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