5 Things That Could Be Causing You to Be Infertile

If you're at a loss because you can't figure out why you're not getting pregnant, it's time to visit your gynecologist for a consultation. Infertility in Arlington can be caused by many things. The doctor will run tests to see what could be potentially causing your infertility. There is no need to go through the struggle alone. You and your partner will gain support from a trusted professional who possesses knowledge about your health and lifestyle.

What's Causing My Infertility?

Learning what causes infertility can help you be more proactive in your approach to seeking gynecological care from your OBGYN. You'll be able to discuss with your doctor what the potential source of your infertility is and possible treatment options available that make you more fertile.

Five things that could be causing you to be infertile are:

Problems with the Egg's Health 

The eggs themselves could be the issue. They may not be healthy enough for fertilization. It could be the very reason why you're not getting pregnant.

Poor Nutrition.

What you eat contributes to your health or takes away from it. Making sure that you're not deficient in essential vitamins and nutrients is vital. Eating a well-balanced diet that consists of fresh fruits and vegetables, lean proteins, healthy fats, nuts, seeds, and legumes is highly beneficial. Working with a nutritionist to correct bad eating habits can be a step in the right direction when wanting to overcome infertility.


An overproduction of stress hormones can cause a hormonal imbalance that interferes with the body's natural ability to get pregnant. Without ways to combat stress, you'll be in a constant state of fight or flight. An overproduction of cortisol and adrenaline can damage your body and keep you from having the family that you want to have.

Low Body Weight or Excess Body Weight

Maintaining healthy body weight is important if you want to bear children. If you're underweight or extremely overweight, you may find it impossible to get pregnant on your schedule.

Endocrine Gland Issues

The wrong amount of estrogen, progesterone, and testosterone can negatively affect your body's chemistry. Infertility is a side effect of endocrine gland issues for many women. If you're experiencing this issue, your gynecologist will know because of the tests they've run on you.

Every woman's body differs

Working with your OBGYN to get to the root of the issue helps you know what the chances of you becoming pregnant look like. You'll feel less out of control with your body and more in sync with it.

Natural Ways to Balance Your Hormones

Hormone imbalances can be to blame for your infertility. Making sure that you're eating a diet rich in healthy fats, getting adequate amounts of sleep, and dealing with stress positively helps. You may be able to create a perfect fertile environment for having a child by changing your lifestyle habits and routines.

Visit Your OBGYN for Advice on How to Become More Fertile

Now that you know the sources of infertility for many women, you're able to do what your OBGYN recommends to increase fertility. That way, when you're ready to conceive, you can try to do so naturally. If you cannot get pregnant despite following your doctor's advice, there are other options available for you to consider when it comes to having children.

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