5 Science-Proven Ways to Maximize Your Workouts

Anyone wanting to improve and maximize their workouts should pay attention to what the science community has to say. After all, it was science that proved that protein is essential for muscle building, and that doing interval training helped to shed fat like crazy.

Some tips may seem a little wacky or "out there," but there is a lot of evidence to support each suggestion as fact. If you want to lose more weight, develop more muscle, and feel physically better overall, follow these next five science-proven methods for workout maximization.

1. Work Out First Thing in the Morning

At the beginning of the day, humans operate at their peak performance levels, physically and mentally. After a good stretch and a balanced meal, your body will benefit most from getting right into your workout routine.

Science has shown again and again that the brain operates optimally during early morning workouts. So, if you are looking to get into shape, then you should be starting your day with fitness in mind.

2. Consume Protein During Workouts to Help with Muscle Growth and Repair

Having a healthy, energy boosting snack or meal before a workout can help with endurance. Likewise, a nice, protein-rich meal after exercise is great for recovery.

However, science has shown that drinking a protein drink or eating a handful of nuts between sets is an even better way to boost your workouts. Try nibbling on protein rich foods as you work out to maximize results, and keep the hand sanitizer on hand for quick clean-up.

3. Exercise on an Empty Stomach

Preparing to get on the treadmill for an hour when your stomach has already begun to growl generally takes a lot of determination. When there is nothing in your body left to digest, the body gets to devote more of its energy to your workout sessions.

Realize that digestion is a critical function that you can't see in action, but do know that it takes a lot of work to put all of those nutrients to use. People who exercise on an empty stomach are scientifically proven to achieve better outcomes.

4. Do More Cardio to Boost Your Metabolism 

When you work out, you have the option of doing any form of exercise that is safe and not too strenuous. Of course, beginners are encouraged to walk from 30 to 45 minutes a day to start, progressing to jogging, and then finally running.

Adding weights doesn't hurt, but cardio is still the best way to go. Start your workout the right way by doing the correct types of stretches and warm-ups. Those looking to add more cardio into their routines will need to keep their muscles loose and their minds sharp, for fitness purposes.

5. Give Yourself a Pep Talk

When you aren't feeling up for a workout, what do you do to get yourself in the mood? Chances are, you probably hype yourself up and repeat all the reasons why you should exercise, even if you don't feel like it.

Believe it or not, but a lot of people actually give themselves pep talks without even realizing what they're doing. Yet another fact that science has proven is that workout pep talks actually work wonders.

Rather than investing money in bulky exercise equipment or pre-prepared meal kits, do some background research on more scientifically proven workout solutions. Learning which proteins are best for digestion, or which stretches are good for preventing injuries will make you feel more knowledgeable and confident.

If you know the science behind what you are doing, you'll never second guess your plans. Be prepared to add exercise to your regular schedule by looking to science to teach you all of the basics.

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