5 Fitness Goals for Women and Moms

Keeping fit means looking and feeling great, but for moms and many other women it can be hard to keep up a routine. With a new baby in the house you have a lot of time taken up, and for working women there are added pressures on time. The trick is to set yourself goals you want to achieve in your fitness regime.

The bigger trick is to set realistic goals, those that you can actually reach. For example, there’s no point in aiming at looking like your favourite model film star as they have a wealth of resources and keeping fit is their life. Instead, sit down and make a list of what you want to achieve. Here are a few goals you might want to include on your list.

1: Start With Your Balance

Balance is an important part of fitness, but it may be something you have not worked on in any real form. This is why it’s a great addition to your achievable aims list! Why is balance so important?

The control when exercising comes from the core, and to achieve perfect control you need adequate balance. The best way to improve balance is with regular practice. Here’s something to try: stand firm, bend forward slightly, lift a leg and perform a single-leg squat. It’s hard at first, but you’ll get there when you start doing a few at a time.

2: Improve Your Sleep

Many people forget how important sleep is in achieving key fitness. It’s easy to wake up tired and decide not to do the exercises you were going to do, or not to go to the gym or for a walk as planned. 

Get to sleep earlier, sleep a little longer, and make sure you’re fresh and ready for day ahead. It will enhance positivity and eagerness to work out.

3: Keep Note Of Your Achievements

Here’s a tip: once you have a routine planned, start lightly and every couple of days, up the intensity or regularity. Then once you have done your routine, make a note in a diary or calendar as to what you have achieved.

It helps you realise what you are achieving rather than thinking it’s simply not going anywhere. At the end of each week, consider how and where you have improved, and note that down too.

You can find more advice at a very useful blog called Fit Healthy Momma that we recommend you have a look at.

4: Push Yourself – But Not Too Hard

Once you are into a regular routine and are working out or exercising as you are happy with, start to push the boundaries a little. Don’t overdo it – after all, we’re talking about things being achievable here – but do try and go that bit further than you had intended.

Step up your goals every week, for example, and remember to note down how you get on as above. It pays to push past a boundary you have set, but do it sensibly.

5: Take The Challenging Route

If you go for a walk, take the route with the most challenges, such as hills. If you have a choice of elevator or stairs, take the stairs. If you are going to hop in the car and pop to the shop, walk or cycle. Taking exercise where you would normally avoid it will soon become something you don’t think about, so start now!

The above are just a few of the things you can do to set achievable and workable goals that you can and will reach, so settle back and make your own list, and start when you’re ready.

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